Introducing AutoKat

My name is AutoKat, but you may also simply call me Katya.I don’t like to be called Kat, and I don’t like to be called Yekaterina. So don’t.

I am a Canadian woman in her late 20’s, grew up Catholic, and have been practicing/exploring the occult since I was 13, beginning with Wicca(moved passed that pretty quick) and various traditions of witchcraft, as well as divination and necromancy. My interest in speaking to the dead was frowned upon by the people who taught me magick, and I was subsequently banned from my coven for “practicing dark magick”.

I felt like what I had learned and what I was practicing was somehow watered down, whitewashed and superficial. My spiritual needs and goals were not being met. I have never been one for hierarchies and rules of other people.I would describe myself as highly independent and anti authoritarian.I’ll happily listen to advice and guidance , but it is I who makes the final choices. This did not vibe well with all those “love and light” witches I grew up with. They just didn’t fit my reality or needs and so we parted ways.

I wanted to find a practice that was better suited to me. Sometime more comprehensive, more honest, hell, even more fun.”Love and light” witchcraft just bores the pants off of me.

8 months ago, my husband and I moved to a place next to a cemetery. Life has been noisy. Woke one night to some dark, grinning thing (still don’t know who or what it was) hissing “chaos magick” at me. I have been reading about it ever since.

I have created several sigils and have been pleased with the result- one of them brought me here! I am currently working toward creating an egregore. I am excited to have found this space and I am grateful to be among other people who I believe will be better suited to my magical workings, needs and desire for community.

Subjects of magick I feel I am knowledgeable/ could be helpful with are necromancy and tarot reading.I also could provide help to anyone who works with Ishtar.

Areas of magick that I am curious/would like to know more about are demons. I am good at working with dead people, but have never summoned or communicated with a demon or non human entity, aside from whatever came into my room that one night.



Welcome to the forum.

Thank you, I’m happy to be here!

Welcome to the forum. I got the frowning attitude working with death deities and my ancestors in my earlier years so I can relate to what you went through. Never made sense to me, as honoring the dead has been one of the oldest practices in human history, next to shamanism. But some people are like that. in the end, you got to walk to the beat of your own drum.

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Thank you!
It seemed to me this prohibition on death work was coming from a place of fear and the “ew gross” sanitized, disconnected version of death we have in the Western World.
Growing up there was a fair amount of death around me. The street I grew up on had a high suicide rate, so there was always someone or something buzzing around.I never thought to be afraid of death or spirits, I just knew it was something that happened regularly.

When I told the people I practiced with at the time that I had summoned an old man from my childhood who had been exceedingly kind to me (Herbert) because I wanted to know if he was ok. (He’s all good)- It was like I had told them I slaughtered a dozen newborn kittens. I was really taken aback by their reaction to what I felt was a natural progression in my magick workings.That was years ago now. I still laugh to myself a bit when I think about it.


This shows one basic method of evocation you can use working with demonic beings:

Also, 99% of our forum rules are the same as any civilised forum, but we have a few things specific to the weirder topics we discuss here, so we ask all new members to please give them one read-through, then you’ll know all you need to know about your rights and responsibilities: BALG RULES - Please read them! Cheers! :+1:

Thank you for linking me to the demon summing ritual! Extremely helpful and I really appreciate it.

I’ve just re read the forum rules. They say not to discuss politics unless it’s in a private group message, and to tell you if I have experience with political magic. I do, I would be happy to be connected to other people of my political persuasion. I will put that in my profile. I think I correctly understand the rules of political discussions in this forum?