My successful evocation of Lord Satan


So yesterday I evoked Lord Satan, also just to mention I am a Satanist so I pray to him normally, but for some reason I evoked him yesterday following this guide. And the most amazing thing happened to me, just after I evoked, the candle went off automatically, I could see black wings on my window, and a face with horns, I knew it had to be Lord Satan. After completing the ritual, I did not banish Lord Satan as it says in the ritual, since I wanted him to stay with me as my guarding angel, and just today when I was out with a friend I saw his goat horns, in the night sky 3-4 times. I know he is watching over me and guiding me fulfill the desires of my heart. I truly believe that Lord Satan is my true God and he is like a father to me. ALL HAIL LORD SATAN.


That is awesome congratulations!!! :sunglasses::metal:t2:

When people invoke Satan what I think really happens is that they tape into their own shadow self. To me, Satan is the symbolic projection of the ego which I as a Satanist holds sacred.

For me, Lord Satan is representation of immense beauty, intelligence and passion, three qualities which are of immense importance to be me.

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Congrats :wink: Hail Satan!!


This is not the case. The Ahamkar has little to do with satan bar the alchemical transformation of it.

Hello, are you a theistic Satanist too?

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I am a devoted Luciferian and Satanist.
Theistic satanism and “ego” worship is a young tradition based around the teachings of Anton LaVey mostly.

In the older way “Ego” - the “I” - is to be reinforced through the fires of hell, and have various holes poked through it (symbolism of this is the Akephalos - the Headless Ego, the Stigmatas, and Sancte Qayin’s skeletal form) to allow the thoughtless light of true self to shine through. This is the kind of ego we worship. Strengthened ego.

Satan represents the process of transforming the ego through acausal fire.

I hope you understand where I am coming from here. The other person I replied to is in no way entirely incorrect to say he has a role in ego - just not in the typical fashion that everyone has in mind.

Think more of Rudra Bhairav in the vedic tradition.

This will be my final comment regarding this. Your experience with him was real and very beautifying.

He will bless you with this very same transformation through your devotion. Hail yourself, and become better through this.

-Lotan Vovin

That’s great to hear, in my opinion ego is a source of power, and there is nothing wrong in having it, if it strengthens and empowers your soul. I always related with Lord Satan, hence the reason of my conversion to Satanism, and with time, I have realized that he is one true source of immense power, wisdom and confidence.

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When ego is a problem for someone - who can only think with an exterior mindset and never strengthen their ego by the knowledge of a higher purpose, this is when a problem is created.

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I feel both are good points honestly. Some people don’t listen to their ego and either have my problem and become a door mat because they grew up with ego=bad concept or some listens to much and wound up with a person that has those issues. Then there are those that kill off their ego because they found it limiting and are completely ok and there are those that tried but wound up going crazy.

But it shows really the diversity of us working with this energy but differently. I find it absolutely beautiful. I know right now I am being taught to work with his energy in a different way. Where as I normally work with him as a person now I am being guided to use his energy more so as a tool now. To help me with my challenges that I am going through right now. It’s hard, but it is beautiful.

To me in my opinion I see him as a person. But he can be worked with as energy or a example of what we could accomplish. Even this moment I can not begin to say exactly my beliefs because it’s so deep and honestly something I hold dear. Plus don’t want to take up space.

But I am happy to see another person that is a student . :slight_smile:

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This is why he symbolises only transformation. Not one side or the other. He can help with either. He is all. Transformation is the power that transcends both.