After all this time, still nothing

Hi all, so the last several months or year even, I’ve dedicated to meditation/invocation at least a few times a week. Now there may have been one or two times where I felt like maybe I was getting somewhere, but for the large part I feel nothing.

I’ve felt pretty blocked for a while. Maybe I don’t possess the ability to contact entities or to open my mind. I grant offers, carry sigils with me, even sometimes sleep with one under my pillow (which has given me a couple nightmares, but that’s about it.)

Any suggestions? Part of me also doesn’t know what I should expect. I try my best to quiet my mind but the only thoughts are mine. A lot of people on here mention seeing or working with entities on the astral plane. Is my inability to astral project another major roadblock?

I haven’t given up yet.

Have you tried active structuring of the spirit?

I give a walk-through here for this kind of visualisation, and describe an evocation method for which this is the key element, here;


Your request is somewhat unclear, and I think that is illustrative of your problem. You may benefit from slowing down your practice and expectations.

I have not had the successes with invocations that others on this board describe, but I have had some interesting results. My advice is to start being more reflective of what happens around you, daily, and keeping a journal of your practice/research really helps with this. Also, I have gone back and started working on some very basic practices, like breath control and meditation, which has helped me better develop the more skillful practices you read about on here or wherever. It takes a lot of time and work to develop these sorts of skills, and you have to start with the fundamentals.