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There isn’t much of a book club, the old one has had it’s day it seems. I think it would be ideal to start a new one. There is a book recommendations topic…

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That is great!. Welcome to the family. Are you connected to certain deities?

Hello Everyone,

This is Zahara, I am a theistic Satanist and mostly interested in darker side of the magic. I strongly believe that magic is based more on one’s personal intention, and there is no good/bad type of magic. I am recently looking into demonology, as I want to work with them in order to achieve some goals in my life. Also, I have always felt that I can feel they are calling me, the primary reason I became a Satanist was that I could feel Lord Satan calling me, and it was unavoidable, I started researching more about him and other goetic demons, and I knew this was my path.

Recently, I am struggling with evoking Lord Sallos, to get the love of man I so passionately desire. I have searched for articles where magicians have posted there success with him, but I don’t know where to start, how to evoke him, what to offer, or what ritual to follow. I am looking for someone who can give me a detailed guide on what they exactly did for a successful evocation.

Here is the photo of your fellow sorceress:


Welcome @LoveSallos

Where are you from?

How long have you been pracitcing?

Do you have any experience in systems or traditions outside of Satanism?

You can use any working system of evocation to evoke a Goetic demon. Please avail yourself of the forum’s search function, and type in “evocation guide.”

Where are you from?

I am from Virginia, USA

How long have you been pracitcing?

Formally, I recently converted to Satanism in June, but I always had a feeling before that Lord Satan was calling me. I have been like Lord Satan since my childhood, I come from a traditional Hindu family, which is like super-religious, but I always believed in knowing “why something is done” instead of following blindly. I had some Christian friends who like took me to one of the Easter events at their church where they discussed about Lord Satan as an “adversary”. I just couldn’t take everything at face value, all I knew was that Lord Satan is a fallen angel who rebelled against god, and he is intelligent, beautiful and a passionate deity. I wanted to know his story, and so I started researching more about him, and found that he is just being blamed for the faults that exist in human heart, just so we have someone, who we can force evil on. I believe good/evil lies within people themselves and no-one can force them/misguide them to commit wrong deeds against their will. Also, what is wrong/right is always subjective. For me Lord Satan is more of God of Justice, and a reasonable deity who is judges accurately. Hence, the reason for my conversion.

Do you have any experience in systems or traditions outside of Satanism?

Usually, I use Lord Satan as base deity and work with other demons under his guidance. I practice black magic as well as voodoo. I feel a strong connection with demons more than I feel connected to even fellow humans, I don’t know maybe that’s weird, but that’s how it has been for me.

Also, I am following this guide for evocation of Duke Sallos, Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide - #19 by Nyxifer, however, it says to start after sunset, whereas Duke Sallos is demon of day, is it okay if I start any time after 12 as that is when technically a new day starts? And Duke Sallos direction is west, so would that make any difference if I do this ritual facing west/south.

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I am kinda all over the place. I am probably more hoodoo than anything but I do some goetic magic.

I’m focused on healing magic right now.

I always wondered why certain people are attracted to those ancient guardian spirits knows as ‘Daimon’ or demons’.

I don’t know mostly about others, but I believe in someone who I can understand/relate to, and its wierd, but somehow I feel that they call me, to listen to thier story, with an unbiased opinion. And I feel I can do that, its just a spiritual bond that can be only felt but not explained.

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Same for me. In a sort of way, I have had contacts with hekate, I even tried on 2-3 times to summon Kali so we can talk.

Welcome @Cyber. Please tell us about yourself.

Where are you from?

How long have you practiced?

Do you have any experience in systems or traditions outside of hoodoo?

Hi. I’ve been living in London, UK for the lat 12 years and began my journey in magic with the Goetia shortly before that. Then I got caught up in Judeo-Christian mysticism, which was a mistake. My magic suffered to the point I stopped doing it for several years, and my life has fallen apart. Only so-called “demons” ever actually helped me, ever really cared about me, in life. And now I am working with them to start over afresh and rebuild it according to my will. Spiritually my views are a mix of Gnostic/Hermetic/Samkhya/Tantric ideas and I see Ea, whom I recognise as Enki/Lucifer/Shiva, call him what you will, as my Ishvara.

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @Enkist

So roughly, have long have you actually been practicing?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

What areas of magick are you particularly interested in?

I’m from NJ.

I’ve practiced for about 5 years.

I do have experience outside of it but not as much. I’ve picked things up just never stuck with anything else as long. I’m open to trying new things.

Great, I would love to know more about your exp, as far as I know Hecate is a moon Goddess, and Goddess Kali is consort of Hindu God Shiva, mostly known for her immense strength and power. She blesses the worshipper with knowledge and power, and Indian women worship her to get the husband they desire mostly. She is also worshipped by Tantra which is another form of magic in which occasionally the magician offers sacrifice to appease the Goddess.

Hi everyone, my name is Levanah, I like to introduce myself. I hope my post is in the right place now. I’m from Germany and I’m interested in magic and spiritual topics since many years. I got to know someone who has a lot of occult books, so I also learned a lot by him. At the moment I’m reading Franz Bardon’s ‘The path of the true adept’. I also read the Goetia, and many other books, also some books by Crowley.
I’m still tyring to find my personal path in magic though. I didn’t really have ‘supernatural experiences’ until now. I was just reading books but I don’t have any practical experience. I hope to change this soon maybe, also to find like-minded people and to have interesting discussions here :slight_smile: I’m interested in working with spirits and demons, and in ceremonial magic.


Well, my experiences with hecate is so revealing, long and full of details that I would have to write a book. Lets just say it involves the modo called ‘‘Follow the white rabbit’’. She is a spiritual being that can help humans get ride or to get out of this matrix that enslaves us all. She is a very difficult being to follow or understand and at times, I was scared and unsure if I did the right thing to follow her teachings. It’s one hell of a ride and transformation. I always seek from time to time, people that has the ability to see and detect if I really was with Hecate or anther spirit who took her identity and acted as a succubus or something. Based on what I have gathered in my life about the symptoms, It really was her. I know now my spirit name, a strong incarnation based on old Norse giant nephilim soul. Hecate perhaps helped me to know those informations. Anyway I have posted a recent text here about my dream about Hecate (one of my dreams lol, because I had more than that). You may want to check it out in the forum list. Hecate is real dark for sure. She isn’t evil or bad or twisted though. She even said once that she is not part of any Fake-god system or from the Arcon system based hierarchy.

This link is showing: Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

My fevourite magical book is ofcourse Becoming a Living God.

Now I am reading on Kali Rituals and Shamhain Rituals.

I wish we have a book club here to share our monthly reading.


I hope this is in the right place :crossed_fingers:
I’m Jessica and I live in the uk, I’ve been interested in the occult for quite a while but never really dabbled until recently. I’ve always had some kind of weird feeling of presences or at times ended up in a hypnotic state with a mirror and although I’ve never seen anyone there I’ve felt a presence or things around me visually have changed, it’s hard to explain.

During a difficult time in my life I found myself here and I asked Amon for help to bring someone back in to my life as I found listening to his enn comforting so I’d play it often I played it in my car not long after asking him for help and a small white feather flew in my window when I was stationary falling on my lap, then on the drive I kept seeing feathers, even the best day I’d see them, Amon did bring the person back to me in a message a couple of weeks later but they were not ready to reconcile or have a friendship

I asked lucifer for help and guidance a few days ago and tonight when I was stationary in my car in the middle of a car park a white and grey feather landed on my lap. I’m not really sure what it means, if it’s him letting me know he’s there and heard me.

And so I ended up here to try and learn from you all, understand thing better and learn to be able to listen to the things around me

Welcome @Jessicabell

How long have you been practicing?

Are you following a specific system or tradition?