How do I contact with Bune

I wrote in the search: Bune!

@Lady_Eva is busy with magick work!!! Dont bother her, logg out of this forum for the next 4 months and stop asking. DO!!!
Leave the forum alone enough


I died at this. Are you fasting again?


I think that once I write the name, I will get anything related to it :slightly_smiling_face:

Just quoting, so OP reads it twice.

Btw, how did your English got improved so fast, sadangel?

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By practicing

I am making a lot of effort and nobody knows this

Just to show you how easy it is, and how we know you are lying when you say you searched…

Evocation guide:

Information on Bune (found by simply typing “Bune” into the search bar):

Time: Approximately 5 minutes of searching.


She didn’t tell me she was busy with it, And if I asked her to teach me, she would do so for every joy. Simply because it is the best and the greatest. I respect her, love her, appreciate her, and listen to her

I am not lying because I really did. I did the research

Anyway, thank you :heart: :heart:

I just did a search for Bune and came back with a lot. What were you looking for? I found a wonderful post with sigil info and such.


I found the topic I was looking for, Thank you very much, madam :heart:

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You are so welcome. Definitely read the on the sigil of Bune.

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Thank you, Madam! All respect and appreciation to you, Madam. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I linked you the evocation guide before.
I think you were given every useful link of this forum by now.


Yes, you did, Thank you.

No no no no stop hiding behind the polite guy mask, are you a troll, my dude? Why do you keep coming back with same shit but in varying colors everyday?

I swear if you would do the work instead of thanking you would be proggressing already.


Okay, last time I waste my time with this…

Bune is a VERY popular spirit around here. She had been mentioned a million times.

What you need is: Eva’s evocation tutorial (or any tutorial on evocation, for that matter) DarkestKnight trance tutorial, Bune’s enn and sigil (google it!).


Go and do that. Also, evocation is not the only way to contact her, I like visionary magick for example. The book Goetic Pathworking will be useful for that and Bune is one of the 72 demons you can contact using that book. SO GET THE DAMN BOOK AS I TOLD YOU YESTERDAY!!! Yes, she is also in The Magick of Angels and Demons, you know, that book I told you to read yesterday.


Okay but I’m also a busy housewife and have other responsibilities, as members have said, so please check these:

Do this next with your favourite actress of model: how to use magickal structiring - a beginner-friendly walk-through.

Then do this evocation, imagine the demon exactly as given to begin with, Buné will show you over time if a different form is needed but this is respectful enough:

Reply here after you have done these, to let us know what actually happened. :+1: