Who to Invoke for Luck

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I’ve done a little work with invoking demons previously over the past few years and have had very positive experiences with Sallos and Bune.
Would anyone be kind enough to suggest who to invoke for guidance with my current situation? I’m about to complete purchase on my dream home and have come across issues selling my old flat that are making the developer get cold feet (all related to the current leasehold/fleecehold scandals here in the uk). I’m desperate for some luck as it’s been frankly a horrendous three years since leaving my abusive husband, living in a squalid tiny flat because he wouldn’t move out of our home, and eventually I divorced him quickly and took virtually nothing just so I could cut ties with him. I’ve worked so hard to get this house and to give my children a beautiful home, I’m desperate for some luck and I’m all out of options now :confused: If anyone has any ideas who is best to envoke, and also HOW, which methods etc, I would really appreciate it. Thank you xxx


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Honestly, I would use the search function for something like “real estate” (and similar) to find what’s worked for people in the past. Concerning the evocation, if invocation has worked (these terms have different meanings in different circles), maybe that’s the way to go?

Note - Connelly demonolatry changed the terms from the generally accepted definitions. Here evocation is generally considered to be done with respect and we make the difference between Solomonic methods (fear-based, coercive means, etc…) or general methods (respect, even when authoritative). Here, we generally consider invocation to be internal, as opposed to the Connelly definition (which is roughly general evocation here).

There is the simple evocation ritual Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide - New Magician Help & Introductions - Become A Living God

You can also go the petition route, which is found in the tutorials. Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! :+1: - General Discussion - Become A Living God

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Archangel Michael for guidance, archangel tzadkiel for luck, archangel raziel will find solutions when all hope seems lost

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Hi, @DarkHS. If luck is what you’re looking for, try evoking Valac.

Thanks everyone . I appreciate your replies and support, and it’s always interesting to get another point of view, other sets of eyes on a situation often help to see a bigger picture :slightly_smiling_face:

My best expierence personally with increasing my luck was with Angel Siteal!! I used Raziels pathworking method & it worked FLAWLESSLY I hope this helps!! Best of luck to you!! :slight_smile::slight_smile:

:+1: Now I’m onn my way
to contact Bishamonten :sweat_smile:

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I have found Hades and Asmodeus to be good at making people lucky.

Well ,i put tis in honor of a witch guy from San Diego, he say wen pwopls not want to rent u gwt a stone any from the place u want use dragons blood, oil and 1 or 3 drops of u nlod say u wish when mixit it. And latsr bury syone in tat place u want, it work 4 me fast, and others, cheap fast. Great results