I believe I’ve had some success with Sallos

Last night I tried my first evocation using this guide to petition the Duke Sallos (for a situation I’ve found to be rather trite in these forums, haha).

Today, after work I decided to meditate while taking a bath. I lit a single, red tapered candle and placed Sallos’s sigil nearby to keep him in the forefront of my mind. I was not attempting to perform evocation again because I had already asked something of him last night. After I was able to calm down my mind from the day, I decided to speak in a whisper that ended up being directed toward Sallos, simply saying I wished to learn more about him and perhaps “have a glass of wine” with him sometime. I did not hear anything from him in the silence, but when I opened my eyes I found that I was looking down, directly at some small bubbles that formed into the shape of a crocodile; I was filled with glee from this because I wasn’t expecting anything at all when I opened my eyes (since this was only intended to be some meditation)! I thanked the Duke Sallos for his gift to me–the bubbles–then closed my eyes and decided it’d be a good idea to bid him a peaceful farewell as I’d learned in the evocation guide. When I opened them again, there was no longer any shapes formed from bubbles or even any bubbles at all.

Even better, once I dried off and put some clothes on, I grabbed my phone and found two messages, one a text and the other from a social media app, from the man in my petition to Sallos.

I am grateful!


That’s a great story! Thanks for sharing and good luck with this guy!

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Keep practicing and working hard .

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