Magic Conversations with Satanist

I had a conversation with someone who really called himself a satanist.

Said the demons are the demon djinn.

And I told him a situation when I asked which is the best demon for this and he said why would these beings help people?

I threw him the link above and said can I use this, The room said yes but it’s evocation, Said the soul will come by force and even risk killing you.

He says demons will never work with humans and even if they do, they’ll turn the situation around, Do you think you are right.

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Obviously, just a converted muslim with little to no experience on evocation/travelling.

Well, there is always a risk but if you are smart, it is minor.

Again, just a reverse muslim. Stop thinking about ‘this said, that said’, evoke and see for yourself.


He never admits that he is a Muslim, claims to be a satanist, and even said that even angels who are summoned will rule people’s I tried to tell him something from damon brand’s book 72 angel magick but he didn’t believe it.

And the demon says the seal shouldn’t be burned after being summoned…

And where did Satanism spawn from actually? Anyways my point still stands, see for yourself.


He doesn’t sound as experienced as he claims to be


Yep…a waste of conversation IMO.

Lack of experience and knowledge, did he even actually explain where his perspective/opinions came from or provide links?

Honestly if it’s a path you want to follow then do the research, there are those on here that have the experience, knowledge and have credibility behind them.

Then try it yourself.


Was this his experience? I feel bad for him if so… he couldn’t learn how to do it right…

Also an advice for you. Dont listen to him and stay away from his “reality” so his way of thinking doesn’t affect yours…


I also said that demons give people what they want and even make friends with them, but he doesn’t believe, I then showed him this forum as proof, he said this is the community for schizophrenics, He’s really ignorant, Maybe the demons that he thought were djinns deceived him and taught him useless knowledge.

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At the end of the day whatever he thinks isn’t really your problem.

Why expend energy trying to show him otherwise?

It’s not your job to change his mind.

Focus on yourself. Walk your path, whatever that may be.


Whats the point of being a satanist if you can’t command anything lol


I guess he got what he wanted?


He’s missing out on all the good stuff, he needs to snuggle up to a fluffy unicorn in my opinion.


I guess he’s getting Joy of satan as a source

Have you done an introduction? Kinda forum rules🤔

Thanks for reminding me :+1:

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Dude, are you also a Turk?


Can you send me a private message.

There is very little real satanist,even satanism isnt that much about spirituality its more about material things. Kind Luciferianism is more spiritual, btw satanist who belive in christian bullshit is not satanist and know nothing about. Everyone who really worked with Lucifer and demons know diferent. Each one of humans have in self print of light or darkness. Btw how will control creatures if cant control self? Even this spiritual satanism new way its like new age satanism. Its many things corrupted demonized from christianity

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