How to make woman become obsessed to me?

Hello, I really want this girl, i tried to date her, but she always rejected me. Already 4 years i love her, and still really want her.
Any demon can make her mine?

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Going against free will can be very tricky thing, its not a very wise thing to do. tred Vigilantly. But yes there are a few that are willing to help. All depends on wether you want to build a relationship with them of you would like them to do it for you. Building a relationship is just like any other but you will find that doing so they will go to lengths for you. Asking one to just go out and do it sometimes the price is high. Just be polite, respectful and honorable with them. Plus fulfill your part of the deal. Stay Vigilante my friend, blessed be on your journey into the depths the Elders playground…

Thank you my friend,
I want to build a relationship with demon, and still looking which the best demon for my problem.
Sitri or Zepar is a good choice?

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Would you be okay if some girl wanted to do this to you?

Just get a demon to up your charisma and appeal so girls come to you.

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Marquis Orias, Duke Dantalion, Prince Sitri, Duchess Gemory could all assist. There’s also Lord Sargatanas and Duke Anifel.

But if still a novice at spellcasting and mind control, it may be challenging, and more than just one aspect may need to be covered for an operation to be successful. The rule of thumb is to just cast and let it go, true, but in some cases, several spells to affect different situations may be needed.

I’d suggest going to any one of the spirits above for assistance and wait and see what happens. You can also make use of Law of Attraction and Law of Assumption techniques by visualizing the outcome on a regular basis and feeling it like it’s truly real,

This technique by @Keteriya may also help:

And this:

And just as a general reminder to all, these kind of requests are quite common, and we’re not to moralize such objectives on working threads (as opposed to debate threads).


thank you i will read it

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I tried to work with Lord Sallos and Duke Sitri it’s okay?
Lord Sallos for love and Duke Sitri for Lust and Passion