Rufus Opus book Modern Angelic Grimoire didn't work for me

I did the ritual from the book. Tried to summon an angel into a crystal ball.

DId the conjuration and the angel didn’t show up in the quartz crystal ball.

What do I do?

How do you know the angel didn’t show up? Do you have the eyes to see?

Scrying is not like watching a television. You don’t just call the angel and poof! there they are. You have to have developed your astral vision.

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I couldn’t see no angel and Well rufus never mentioned anything about developing astral vision.

I have the book, and you are correct, he doesn’t mention anything about developing the vision. However, he assumes anyone reading the book already has the skill because the book is a translation and reworking of an older, traditional grimoire (and those always assume the basics are already covered).

He talks about the imagination, and mentions that he himself rarely sees the angels in the crystal. He mainly sees them in his mind.

I think your issue is that you are expecting the crystal to be a television screen where as in actuality, it is the passive receptivity of your mind that is necessary. The crystal is mainly a focus point. The angel is in the room with you. All you are doing is using the crystal ball to view it.

To scry, you relax yourself down into an altered state, you structure a form (visualise) and project it upon the surface of whatever medium you are using.

Edit to add: Remember, Opus is a Christian, and the grimoire is Christian, and the entire operation is meant to have a sacred, and religious feel to it. Everything, from the opening prayers to the drawing of the circle, to the blessing of the tools, is all designed to get you into the appropriate state of mind before you summon the angel.


I edited the title to reflect it didn’t work for you.

Can you see spirits in general? If not, try this to begin with:

That will help you to form images in your mind’s eye.

Then try this, only use an image of an angel, and the crystal ball instead of a corner:

Add to that any necessary conjurations and items described in the book.


I know I’m not gonna see it like a television set. Rufus explain it comes in the mind as visions or something. But that didn’t happen to me either.

Do you have your astral senses open?

I have developed my magical imagination, yes. I generally scry into a bowl of water, but I’ve done fire too.

Can you let me know how did you do that please?

EA’s Mastering Divination program and lots of practice.

so you used a ouija board then?

It is required to try your hand at a Ouiji board in the program, but that has nothing to do with scrying.

Here, try this technique to help develop your skills: