King Belial Saved Me From The Police

I just joined the site yesterday and made my first post here

The man involved and I met up today before he met the police. We’re both young, stupid kids and were scared the police might conduct an investigation. If any investigation began, they’d probably have access to CCTV footage which could get the man into more trouble, and get me kicked out of my top university, housing, etc.

I used Lady_Eva’s Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide to seek King Belial’s help last night. I asked for the whole situation with the police and the law to end the next day, which is today.

There are a lot more things we both could have gotten into trouble for…but guess what?

The police aren’t even going to investigate. They aren’t even going to interrogate me. They just have my name and that’s about it.

Everything just ended this morning, just as I asked for.

Thank you, King Belial. I can’t believe I was so scared and worried about working with the “dark side” for all these years. For any newbie who’s been spooked away from the “dark side” (I’ve had a fair share of supernatural experiences), I say be open-minded. There’s a reason why certain things happen to you, and all these experiences are likely nudging you towards a certain direction.

When I had my first encounter with King Belial last night, while I was extremely nervous and afraid of messing up the ritual, he was really patient and…friendly. The encounter felt strangely familiar. He calmly nodded at my request like it was no big deal, as if to tell me I was over-reacting. I found myself smiling and feeling very light while communicating with him, and felt all the weight of the stress lift from my shoulders. My house felt very light after his departure, too.

I can’t help but think that perhaps this brush with the law was a nudge I needed to finally work up the courage to contact Belial. I believe has been contacting me as mentioned in my first post. I ignored all his calls, but things are going to change from now on.


Wow, great work there, and one for your list maybe, @Verdo? :smiley:


The police are one of the most nefarious manifestations of the modern world. If they have your name expect to see them again sometime soon.


Did you see and hear king belial?

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Sounds like you passed the test I mentioned :slight_smile: glad to hear that all went well.

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I live in Asian country

Which Asian country is that? @Fau

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Whether this was a sign to reach out to him or not, good for you for getting up enough nerve to start working with him :hugs:

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I’m fairly new to this forum, although my first meeting with EA happened quite long ago (about 8 to 10 years ago), I just didn’t know he ran such a freaking amazing forum (which is what this forum is, freaking amazing), and apparently you were lucky enough to be guided by Lady Eva around here, I love her posts and insights.
Anyway, congratulations on everything you’ve achieved today

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You know those terrible 80’s informercials, or the ones that come on late at night? @Fau


I suppose I “saw” him during the visualization. It was real silent the whole time and I didn’t imagine him saying anything. He just had his arms crossed the whole time and nodded his head. Seemed real chill. I just sort of felt the “vibe” of everything during and after the ritual.

Thank you! It’s so sweet of you to keep track of my update with King Belial :slight_smile:

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Yeah Belial is awesome regarding police matters


King B is great to work with. Good job.