Succubus & Incubus Sigils: Working with ubis for your ascent, not your climax


I am sharing two sigils; one for an incubus and one for a succubus. These sigils have not been channeled but constructed. @anon39079500 has scanned them and used them to evoke both entities; he has confirmed that they are ubi’s and not thoughtforms.

Preliminary FAQ

Why am I sharing these sigils?

I am sharing these sigils because these spirits have helped me as a newbie, and can thus help other practitioners with varying abilities. I am comfortable sharing them and they have been vetted by an experienced practitioner.

I want to encourage practitioners to connect with ubi’s for more than sexual gratification. I hope that this post will facilitate this in a way that is informative, relatively safe, and beginner-friendly.

This post is also an offering in the form of a display of deep appreciation for Lilith and her children. I am not a demonolatress, but I am very grateful to them.

Are these spirits dangerous?

Any spirit can be dangerous, depending on how you interreact with it. Equally present is the danger of the practitioner obsessing over and even fetishizing the spirit. This can be an easy trap to fall into, but should obviously be avoided. Grounding and taking breaks can help combat this.

Ubi’s are demons, and they are more or less vampiric in nature. These two ubi’s have helped me, but they are not just “love and light”. The incubus in particular does not fuck around; more on that below. If you summon them and obsess over them, I imagine they would enjoy the free meal and they might even exploit it. I can’t say that they wouldn’t, or that I would blame them.

Not all practitioners are comfortable with Lilith or her children and consider them parasitic entities. This is contrary to my experiences, but please inform yourself and draw your own conclusions if you are thinking of using these sigils:

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How can I use these sigils to evoke/invoke ubi's?

These sigils can be used the same way goetic sigils or any other sigils are used in evocation/invocation. I do not have enns for them. For beginner-friendly guides to demonic evocation and ritual in general, please refer to:

Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide
Subjective Synthesis - Laying the Foundation for Successful Magick

If you are interested in sigil use and creation in general, please refer to:

Designing Talismans, Sigils, and Seals

Please take the time to learn how to ground/shield/banish before summoning spirits. Relevant posts:

I Am's Solar Grounding & Banishing Ritual
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What are your best wards, shields, centering and grounding techniques?

If you are at the point in your praxis where you are summoning spirits, I hope that you are informing yourself with more than BALG posts. I say this as someone who did not do this at first and regretted it. If you have access and a safe space, please consider picking up some published literature on magickal practice.

Can I summon these spirits for sex?

Personally, I find this an incredible waste of what could be an empowering experience. These spirits can really help you develop as a person and as a magician. If you are just looking for orgasms or fantasy partners, I imagine they’d be happy to feed off of you. But they have so much more potential and are so much more than spiritual sex toys. I strongly encourage you to work with them for your ascent, not just your climax.

That being said, ubi’s are sexual, and sex might happen. In case of sex with an ubi, please refer to the following posts:

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If you are solely interested in manifesting your sexual fantasies, consider creating a servitor/thoughtform instead. This would allow you to exercise your personal power and magickal abilities, to control every detail of your artificial fantasy lover, and to circumvent the risk of offending a spirit- or worse, being exploited by one.

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I disagree with something you posted; can we talk about it?

Your gnosis may vary. I am very open to rational discussions about different perspectives and experiences; these conversations can benefit both parties (and observers) and can be fascinating in their own right.

If, however, you rage post or emotionally dump defensive/aggressive comments, I will not respond. Period.

Can I PM you with questions?

My profile is private and I can not be contacted via PM. This is not going to change. If you have reasonable questions that have not already be addressed in this FAQ, feel free to drop them in the comments. I am not very active on this forum and may not respond; others might.

So! About the ubis themselves and their sigils. I asked Lilith to guide both ubi’s to me using the letter of intent method:

I do not have names for them. I have never needed names for them, and am not under the impression that they have names the way that people have names. If you ask for names, they will possibly give you names, depending on your ability to communicate with spirits.


I simply think of him as “Son of Lilith”. He is the first ubi I asked Lilith to guide to me. I asked to be connected with an incubus who could help me develop my clairs and prepare my energy body for soul travel. She delivered. If he has other specialties, I am not aware of them. Evoke him and find out :smiley:


-clair development
-energy body work
-liaising in the underworld

Personal experiences

Son of Lilith came to me immediately after I burned the letter of intent to Lilith. He was very physical in the way of touching my face, lightly tugging on my energy body at night, and attaching to my crown chakra. He helped me prepare for my first OBE’s, and was gentle about it.

Once I started actually having OBE’s, he was around. The first time I fell into the underworld and couldn’t see anything but shadows and panicked, he picked me up and put me back in my body.

The second time I went to the underworld via OBE, he stopped me and told me I wasn’t ready. I didn’t know it was him and tried to fight him. He fought back, and he won. I called to Archangel Michael, who pulled me out. I tried to go back; this time Son of Lilith just trapped me in my body. When I called to Michael again, he didn’t show up, but let Son of Lilith keep me in my body.

He has also dropped onto my stomach as a big black spider in the middle of sleep paralysis. But not in a scary way.

Note: Has a tendency to keep you from leaving your body if he thinks its for your own good. He has done this to me at least 3x. Yes, this flies in the face of self-sovereignty, and no, I’m not pleased about it.




I refer to her as “Daughter of Lilith”. She is the second ubi I asked Lilith to guide to me. I asked specifically to be put in contact with a succubus who could assist me in contacting her and travelling to her realm, with ritual work in general, with dream magick and OBE’s (including shapeshifting), and necromancy. Daughter of Lilith has ticked about half of these boxes, for me personally.


-assistance with ritual work, esp. with Lilith
-dream magick
-dream visits
-lucid dream evocation
-energy work
-shadow work (as in unfucking your psyche, not some form of shadow magick)

Personal experiences

Daughter of Lilith has not been so physical with me. There has been no face touching, etc. She has been much more present in dreams, including lucid. She has helped me with evocations of humans in lucid dreams for therapeutic reasons, has warned me about many things in dream, has accompanied me in dream, and has visited three other people in dream at my request (one to bring nightmares). The nightmare bringing I have only confirmed via divination, as I do not speak with this person.

I have seen her twice in sleep paralysis; both of these also involved applying flying ointment and taking CBD before bed. This has not been the case when I have seen Son of Lilith (as in, no drugs were involved). The first time I saw her as a human male and could physically feel her. The second time I saw her as a demoness hovering above me; she would change shape into fire, then into wood, and then back into a demoness, over and over.

I have felt her hovering over me and sending strong energy currents through my body; one time she did this in a lucid dream. We were both “kicked out” of somewhere in a dream once (something about dead people); when I woke up I had the brief feeling of her sitting on my chest.

OBE wise, I have not really seen her, despite several attempts. I think I saw her the first time I shapeshifted via OBE. I am not sure it was her, and am not sure if she was involved with the shapeshifting. I think the shapeshifting was more of an Ancestor thing.

I have not yet asked for her help with necromancy/ancestor work, so I am not sure if this is her thing.

Note: I HIGHLY recommend Duke/Duchess Bune for ancestor work, especially via dream practice.



Hail Lilith


This is awesome.

Definitely felt something off the succubus’ sigil.

This might actually be the answer to something for me.


I love this, far too many times ubis are called on for sex/fantasy/relationships only but not for the abilities they may have or the knowledge they may have.

:clap:t4: :clap:t4:


Awesome post. :+1:


All of these entities have names given to you upon request when they have seen if they can do such thing depending where your at with them. Trust plays such a large role from my experiences. A few of ladies I’ve met along working with Lilith have given me such unique names that I have kept with each sigil neatly placed under my Lilith altar and related items from her. These entities have always been so much more than the absolute ridiculous claims others have placed them in regarding the sexual categories. They practically aided into opening up my Clairsentience and now currenlty working on my Clairaudience with them along with Lilith herself anytime I’m looking for other assistance. Great post :+1:


hello, i hope you can answer this!

i been looking to befriend an incubus(to put it simply) due to just personal feelings and sexual needs(read until the end pls lol). i stumbled upon this post and read through it and i was completely amazed about how they can help you spiritually as well. i have been trying to connect to the spiritual world recently but i just don’t know how to get started. i even got myself a moldavite( it’s very small) i try to fill it with positive energy only. i was thinking he might be able to help me. (i’m a complete beginner). i figured i could kill two birds with one stone or however the saying goes lol. i wanted to ask for advice and ask if you think it would be okay of me to call upon one? i know i’m not being very detailed about my intent but i’m not good with words, i just don’t want to end calling someone that could be of greater help for someone that actually needs it.

i do want to add about my personal feelings, i have been having suicidal thoughts for a year and when i heard that incubus can kill you i thought that maybe this was the best way since i’d rather die while feeling pleasure haha(a joke but not completely lol) i did get a moldavite and put positive energy to try and see if some things changed but i don’t feel as spiritually connected as i thought i’d be so maybe this is the best option for me( i’m pretty sure this incubus won’t kill me since you’ve had one before and seem to be doing fine, im hoping he can help me out and connect to my higher self along with not thinking this way anymore) either way if it harms me it’s okay, since i’m not scared of death at all, only the pain lol

also my sexual needs, i haven’t had action for 3 years, but i do masturbate and feel pleasure but i can’t seem to reach that life changing orgasm that girls seem to describe and i’d like to experience it. i have a high sex drive and not being to pleasure myself like that really disappoints me. i’ve tried many times to explore myself but i can never reach climax like that. i had heard the incubus know how to pleasure well so that’s what my first thoughts went to.

lastly, i promise i don’t only have sexual thoughts about them after reading your post. i’m completely amazed about how they can help you in those spiritual ways as well! now i’m more interested in that, the rest is just a plus now lol! i also really like the summoning ritual you shared. very simple and just my type of thing, i love writing letters! although i do have a few questions to ask, but of course only after you shared your advice about what i asked in the first paragraph:)

thank you and take care:)

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I wanna try this out, but how do I make sure they won’t turn against me? What would you suggest I use as an insurance of sorts?