New magician

My name is Nwosu Michael AKA livinglight. I’m from Nigeria and I’m interested in becoming a magician.

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Hi there livinglight,

Welcome to BALG. Here is some useful beginner guides:

and of course my own journal that has a lot of information that its useful to have:


Thank you very much in west Africa Nigeria. Most of the items you mentioned will be very difficult for me to find. Please give me a simple method or mantral I will use to awaken my magical powers within me. I always have the hunger to be awaken but I’m finding it difficult to even dream or fill anything around. Please tell me what to do

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One of the most simple method to awaken your spiritual senses it’s to open your third eye you can do this with meditation techniques

Thanks brother please give me a meditation technique that can help me meanwhile, I have read books and videos about meditation both the ones with headphones, visualization and affirmation, I have tried my best to meditate, I do sit down to meditate for about 30 minutes but all this while I feel like I’m sitting down just for nothing because I don’t feel anything just hearing my own slow deep breathing. I have stopped myself in consuming animal and go on only on fruits and vegetables, sometimes I eat once a day still I feel nothing even when I started chanting AUM I open feel movement on the middle of my head is for about 6 months now. I’m tired now. Is it that there’s something I’m not getting or I need an external activation to ignite the fire in me. Please Help because I don’t want to continue living like an ordinary human being. I want to ascend to my Godlike nature, to be an awaken one for the benefits of people around me and myself. Please you can help publish my request to many for immediate assistance.

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That it’s a first step if you feel movement by your third eye .it means that you are on the right track . The best methode to activate it faster it’s to think I am on a path to godhood different spirits can help you the infernal can help you with magick on the demon side and the celestial can help you with the lighter side if you want to practice grey magick gods and goddess like Hecate, Pan,Lugh and many more can help you with that.hopefully this will help you. feel free to ask if you want to know more :slight_smile:

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Yes I’m overwhelmed please I want to know more. Go ahead and tell me what or how to

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How I learned which goetia wanted to work with me I draw there name on a paper and used a pendelum i was 14 at that time and it worked good for me maybe it works by you contact a god or goddess you first have to do some research like what it’s there nature like
one tip don’t go for chaos, war or death gods because there energy it’s very intense

Thanks for your reply. Please what’s pendelum and how can I make or get one. Please give me names of Gods to work with, I Know only Lucifer and Azazel and please tell me more tips on what to do after I finish doing my research about the God to work with
Thanks I appreciate

Hello. Do you have access to the online store, Amazon? I started by buying a book from the Gallery of Magick. I then simply used that book for a new months. Hope this helps.

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Yes thanks I’m grateful

There are some good resources amongst which there is this one, for example:

Be careful of impatience. Impatience means you are in the wrong place. Instead make it hinger to learn. Curiosity to see. that way you will enjoy all the journey