New to the forums / need help with something

Hello! I’m new to the forums and I’d like to introduce myself before I start anything else

I’m a chill straight dude who has big dreams. I like weed and food a lot. I really like music too, specifically rap. Kanye and Playboi carti are my favorite rappers for sure. I enjoy having big debates about rap albums and if anyone here is into that too feel free to hit up my inbox.

But I joined because I need help with something.
I just got out of a toxic relationship that lasted a little over a year, and the last thing I’m looking for is love. I really don’t want to catch feelings and love anyone at the moment, however I really miss the Sex in my old relationship. I have a high sex strive, but I suck with sexual attraction, and I’ve been thinking about negotiating with a demon for just all the pussy in the world. Legit all I want in the world rn is sex and sexual activities with woman.

I have some friends who practice this kind of stuff , and they have told me about Beleth, Asmodeus, and Sallos, but I want to make sure I don’t mess up and make the wrong choice, I want to be really careful with what I do and I need your help for that. Who do you guys think would be the right king I could use to fulfil my desires, and how do I evoke or summon the king, and what can I offer in exchange?

Please tell me everything I need to know, thank you :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum. Any magickal experience at all.
It’s going to be hard to bake a cake if you don’t even know what ingredients to use or what an oven is.

I’m curious why you brought this to a forum when you have friends who could answer your questions and guide and help you. Lots of people don’t have that, your lucky.

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My bad, I worded it wrong

These friends are more like acquaintances and
They are usually always busy, so I decided to just go on the internet, because you really can find just about anything here


So you have absolutely no experience in magick?

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I know a tiny bit , but not enough. I came here to learn more.
Everyone has to start somewhere

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Like what? Before we can direct you to resources appropriate to your level, we need to know what that level is. The evocation of spirits isn’t something to try right out of the gate. It requires development of a few basic skills like visualisation, trance states, energy manipulation, and banishing.

Also, you don’t need demons to get laid. A simple Chaos Magick style sigil is all you need.

I had a chat with my nan, she says she’d like to see a photo and are you okay with going on top, because her back’s not been too good since the weather got cold.

She mentioned if she likes the photo, she’ll take her false teeth out first. :+1:

(Be careful what you ask for in magick, dude, some demons have EXACTLY this sense of humour! :smiling_imp:)


:joy::joy::joy: I may of been what you call “under the influence” when I wrote this so it looks pretty stupid lmao , but thank you

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Ahh okay. All I know right now is just who some of the demons are and what they can do, i also know basic spells like protection and stuff like that, just the basics. That’s really all i know


Try this:

Lots of other tutorials listed here:


If it’s just sex your after. You can be a porn star and get paid for it. =o) Or pay for sex from call girls. Those don’t involve love. That’s one route. quick and easy. Using magic for sex still require some human interaction socialization. Then there is tinder where some people just want hook ups.

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