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Thank you, very kind :slight_smile:
Not yet, but it’s quite interesting and I would like to learn more about in future. I’m actually more into high magic. I mean, whatever suits you best, right?

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What does high magick encompass? I never knew.

It includes rituals for reaching your higher self, channeling energies, clearing your aura, and such. Crossing the abyss.

I can highly recommend Damien echols books and Youtube channel, he is a great teacher.

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What about you?

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I’ve been practicing for 9 years, I’ve worked with many spirits, had a kundalini awakening and many experiences

9 years wow!
How much practice took the kundalini awakening? How did that felt?

Are you experienced in the goetia?

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Welcome to the cool neat special happy-go-lucky fun time forum

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Thank you so kuch for the warm welcome, it’s already fun with you guys!

it was long and painful

i have called a couple goetics

Very interesting.
I’m interested in the lesser key of solomon.
Was it successful at first time?
Would you recommend it to a bloody beginner such as me? Do you have any recommendations?

you mean do I reccomend summoning the goetia? sure!

but uh…dont use the solomonic method to trap the spirits…it’s…disrespectful

just use their enn and sigil, start with Paimon

OK then I would need another ritual, right? How else can I do? Thank you btw for the explanation

no you can use the solomonic method, just dont trap or command them

here are a few of the resources i’ve found here that might help:


Thank you very much, very helpful :+1:

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Welcome :metal:t2:

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