Unofficial Tutorials: Developing Astral / Psychic Senses Collection

This thread collects together the various discussions, opinions and tutorials for opening the 3rd eye aka developing, building or attaining psychic senses aka astral travel, doing vision work developing clairsenses like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience or “clairs”.

I do hope this is useful! :slight_smile:
If you think of any other relevant threads, videos, books or other resources (please, no adverts or commercial links) that you liked or helped you, please feel free to add to this collection!

There are many methods, and practicing any of them help… the key to all of these, is practice until it starts working, add more practice so it gets clearer and stronger, and more practice until you start getting intuitive feedback all day. The more you do this the better your rituals become, and your whole life improves because you are deeply connected your subconscious, you understand yourself and are getting messages that directly help you navigate life more easily.

Gazing meditation:

How trance helps you in ritual:

Develop Astral Senses tutorial:

Pendulum work is also training your connection to your intuition:

How to meditate:

Guided meditation and mindfulness techniques in relation to CE5 (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind, which in our terms is basically shamanic journeying to speak with ETs much as we’d speak with entities)


DarkestKnight’s Trancework Tutorial,how to get into Theta/Gamma Sync.


Suggestions for people having trouble evoking


Psychic Senses Guide


List of entities that can help with magickal and psychic development:

From: How to develope proper psychic abilities? - #2 by Veil


Another entity recommendation for building astral / psychic senses: Sastan, with instructions and reasoning for a pact level engagement even for beginners.


Identifying and recognising messages from spirits or entities:


Belial’s Gateways Symbols to help open psychic senses.

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Dude you’re the best,thank you!


Michael Raduga’s 3 Day seminar on youtube teaching an audience to astral travel during the half awake half asleep state, based on his book The Phase.


That sounds really interesting,Will have to check his work! Thank you :heart:

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The info on here is amazing… I wish I had of joined earlier. Picking up heaps…:call_me_hand:


A discussion around working with the gateway Experience from The Monroe Institute.
(The Monroe Institute also has a youtube where you can sample these meditations for free)

Remote Viewing training

Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV), developed by Dr. Courtney Brown at Farsight has free training at their website and on youtube as well. They also film their sessions also so you can see the RVer talking you through what they are doing at the time.

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