How to talk with a spirit?

I have been reading around the forum for a while and have read lots of people getting responses from spirits as if it were a casual interaction and I am confused as to how I could do that to.
Do I have to build my astral senses or something before evoking.
I would appreciate some responses in detail

Hearing spirits is caused by the clair ability named clairaudience. There are a bunch of different ways to develop that.
A google search will give tons of sites.

EA Koetting founder of this site, teaches in his mastering evocation course. A technique wherein the persos goes into TGS (theta gamma sync) scry’s at a sigil, and asked 5 questions. The student should write every first thing that comes to his mind.


You might like this tutorial:

We have some favourite other discussions and tutorials for developing astral senses here, but this is just a few and a search on “developing/building” and "senses"and “guide/tutorial/spirit” will get you some more.

Thanks for all the help :pray:

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