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Are there ascended masters monitoring all things on earth or just individuals who are “gifted”

In my opinion, it’s just gifted individuals. If they have any organization that would be voluntary and grow organically if there’s enough of them and they’re able to find other and communicate and then make a plan and agree to the plan…

That’s a lot of "if"s, and given there’s no real feeling or evidence that monitoring is happening, maybe they’re aware, maybe some work with humans when they are called.

There’s esoteric astral-only orders on Earth made by living humans, maybe those persist and can be useful to people without bodies. [UPG alert] My current mentor is a spirit who invited me to join a “order of the Lotus Star” that is only astral, so this makes me think there is organization of some kind…


Interesting. What kind of vibe does the “order of the Lotus Star” give you. To me it seems archetypically connected to your interest in Asian centered magic and philosophy.

It had turn of the century Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ala Blavatsky/Crowley/Steiner vibes - from before half of them left out of philosophical differences and drama caused by gaylord Crowley.

The scene at which I was invited during astral travel was basically an upper-middle class Regency dinner party at a townhouse in “London”. I was seated opposite a beautiful older lady and has the impression my measure was being taken before I earned an invite - my mentor was presenting me as a candidate, essentially. My feeling is this is a group of humans from that time periods that continued their order in the astral. but many of them seem to harken to prior incarnations as my mentor does.

I staying ion my best behaviour in order not to let him down, but unfortunately that’s what’s putting me off putting a lot of time into it - I’m not a fan of “orders” or organized anything and this is a well established organization with a clear self concept, and it may have irl connections still. I’m certain there’s a lot I don’t understand though, and I’m more curious than not, so I will follow up and try to look past my prejudices.