Tutorial: How to identify messages from the spirits

How do I know if the Spirit heard me? Here’s how.

The most “popular” questions posted here are "I called on Spirit X…
“Can someone tell me if it was there?”
“Did it hear me?”
“Did it accept my request?”
“Is my spell working?”
“Do I need to call on a different spirit?”
“It’s been 8 minutes since I called Sitri and Becky still won’t sleep with me, which other Spirit can help?”

Sound familiar? That’s because all of us have been through this. I know I have. I also know how utterly frustrating this can be.

When this happens, the best option sometimes for a magickian may seem to just drop everything, say fuck it and leave magick.

But you’re here for magick and so am I. @Mike_Bee and I decided to work on this joint tutorial so all of you may benefit and we don’t lose another able magickian only because their senses aren’t developed.

Belial once told me to not depend on others for answers. Find out on your own.

It is my hope that this tutorial will help tide you over till you’re able to have a Dialogue with your Spirit of choice.

Just because your senses are in the shitter (as were mine for a long time) doesn’t mean you cannot perform successful magick. I did so for YEARS and this is how you can too.

If your senses aren’t fully opened you can do what I’ve done over a long time to get answers.

Warning: Once you get good at identifying the signs, you may get complacent and slack off on your practice for opening senses. There is no substitute for a good solid two-way communication with Spirits. It’s best to work towards that goal.

  1. The Spirits know our abilities and where we are at in our magickal practice. Most will communicate with you accordingly. I would refrain from contacting spirits such as Andras, Focalor or Glasya Labolas. Know the history of a spirit before calling them. It’s important. Some spirits, just like people are impatient.

  2. In ritual tell the Spirit that your senses are not open and you are open to communication through any means that bear fruit.

  3. Do a good and solid preparatory immersion. It can sometimes really put you in touch with a spirit straight up. Here is my Preparatory Immersion Tutorial that several have benefited from.

  4. All of us are capable of speaking to spirits. It’s our divine right. You may feel like your senses are blocked but they’re not, you just need practice and need to align. If I can do it, so can you. Trust me.

  5. When you are in ritual, it’s important to calm down and relax. Do not be afraid of the Spirit, that in my personal experience is what they dislike the most.

  6. Once you’re calm and relaxed you are more conducive to communication. You become a good conductor, just like copper.

  7. When you call, the Spirit will Always come. They may chose to be silent, but they WILL come. Believe that, for it’s true.

  8. Once you are calm and have reached some sort of trance, the thoughts and emotions and visions you experience are most likely from the Spirit. Believe this and verify with real world events.

  9. The spirit will also announce its entry at times. King Paimon who is knows to arrive with a lot of fanfare, drums, trumpets and cymbals does this often with me. When I called him today, upon completion of my calling out to him. I immediately hear a small child outside my window blowing a toy trumpet. It’s easy to ignore that as happenstance. But it’s not. It was timed perfectly.

  10. In the absence of fully functional Astral Senses the Spirit will most likely communicate thorough these methods:
    a. Thoughts
    b. Physical events around you
    c. Songs
    d. People saying things to you
    e. Dreams (trickiest of all forms)

  11. Thoughts - If you are able to remain calm (at some level) you will have random thoughts come to you. When you observe/realise this, step back and let them come. More often than not it’s the spirit talking to you. Make notes of this.

“But Kindraathe, I am an overthinker, I’m barely ever calm. This is never going to happen to me”

But it will. I am (or used to be) a chronic overthinker too. But even we have calm moments. Moments we don’t plan out. While driving, showering, watching TV and zoning out, scrolling on Instagram etc etc. You may have noticed thoughts and answers coming to you. A Eureka moment. That’s the spirit communicating with you.

  1. Physical events - This one is my favourite. Because there is at times no room for doubt.

This one time I wanted two of the Goetic Kings to be working on my project. I was a little doubtful if they would work on my project together. I was walking and zoned out. At some point I have a thought wondering “If both the kings are working together”

I look up and I immediately see a car with a sticker on the back window that shows two K’s under a single Crown. This is a positive sign from the spirit.

  1. Songs - This is a very common one, so I won’t elaborate. You’ll be driving and spaced out. The radio will throw up a song or you will think about changing the station and the song will give you the answer that you’re looking for.

  2. People - This is very similar to songs. You’ve got your request out to the Spirit and you’re wondering what’s going on. You will hear someone say something to you or you’ll overhear a random conversation that has the answer you’re looking for.

  3. Dreams - This is the trickiest of them all, because dreams have bleed over from our conscious and subconscious mind. Dreams are many times manifestations of our fears and desires. I would not take dreams at face value. I.e. if i have a dream about me traveling in my personal Jet, that does not necessarily mean the spirits will ensure I have a private jet (it could) it could most likely mean that I will get the 10% pay hike i asked for help with from the spirit. For more details on dreams check out @Mike_Bee piece he’s written below in ITALICS.


I’d like to make it a point to my readers that while Dreams may be fertile ground for meeting with spirits the first thing you need to do is discipline yourself to remember your dreams.

Fact: you will forget 90-100% of dream content within the first 2-5 minutes on awakening.

You need a dream journal.
This is a chapter from my free ebook on working with spirits and magick

Here is the Dream Journal Tutorial

So you start journaling your dreams now what. If you think a spirit is reaching out to you pay attention to your dreams content for call signs and symbols of the spirit.

Do not simply have a dream where your wish comes true and believe it’s the truth. Dreams don’t work that way unless they’re prophetic dreams which is another can of worms.

A student tried to make a blood offering to Prince Orobas. That night he had a dream he was in a desert with rotting animal carcasses that stank of decay in the desert heat.

Interpret that…was the offering accepted. No clearly not.

A trick you can do is put a glass of water by your headboard to strengthen a spirits ability to communicate with you. Another idea is a slice of lemon under your bed.

Another approach is being mindful during day to life. Be aware of call signs and symbols of a spirit and synchronicity.


Confirmation Bias - This is important. It’s important to not be out looking for signs. Signs and synchronicity come when you LEAST expect them. If you’re looking for a yellow car, you’ll spot a yellow car. It’s important to be in Detached Anticipation.

Signs and synchronicity will seem real to YOU, others may not understand them because they are meant for you. If you think it’s a sign, it is. No one can dissect it for you. With time you’ll be able to discern this for yourself.

Goodluck and Devilspeed


Good job, guys.

So many times I found myself with this damn question over and over (and over and over) again.

Don’t tell them Becky was busy with me


Fantastic job both of you! I added to the official link.


Thank you for this. I’ll keep this bookmarked for sure.


Hey @Mike_Bee and @Kindraathe thanks for the info , been reading you guys for a long time and everytime i get to learn something new
Thanks again for the info

Well i have a question ( you haven’t mentioned this here so i will be asking it here )

From last month yeah its almost 2 months now i keep seeing numbers like

3:33 , 2:22 , 3:13 , 1:11 etc everytime i see clock i rarely see a number which is not repetitive

The frequency is crazy , i see these number around 6-8 times a day , YEAH A DAY
and i am still seeing it

Sometimes i have something in mind and i think that the numbers are the hint or a sign from the spirits
But sometimes even though i have nothing in my mind i still see those numbers

I dont know which particular spirts is trying to get my attention or its just my Guides or Ancestors saying they are there

Would love to hear your thoughts on it !

Thanks :v:


Idk about you but everytime I hear Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall pt2 come on the radio I automatically think of King Paimon. Theres just something about that beat/guitar rift. :joy:


Amazing post !!! Good job guys


Amazing tutorial!


Here is mine lol definitely a sign


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I hope this comes up when that exact question is asked!

Yay! This is so important. It takes us all time and practice.

I support this 10000003%. No one wants to go to someone’s house to be treated like a monster.

They love to start talking when I’m supposed to be doing mindless activities. If I’ve just done a ritual and they feel the need to add something, or something becomes relevant soon after.

Woah! @Mike_Bee I never stop learning from you!

Awesome tutorial! Packed with wonderful advice for all of us! Thanks for writing this out and sharing!


Thanks for the motivation i was thinking about this problem yesterday.


my favorite combo @Mike_Bee and @Kindraathe
Thank you🙏


Both of you are Rockstar!


Because my astral senses are still weak, I noticed that Astaroth likes to communicate with me using my strongest skill which would be premonition (I am pretty good getting certain vibes, telling how things will turn out, etc.). As a result she places images about future/present in my head, strong feelings about different situations or weird dreams. She seems to like using this method more and any alternatives (like pendulum/cards).
Very good informative post! Thank you for it.


I just remembered one of the greatest moments I had when I knew it was a sign that I was talking to a spirit. I had one experience where I thought I was talking to Asmodeous. He was discussing things to me about pizza because well I was depressed at the time. As soon as we ended the conversation Orlee had a video about Asmodeous’s book that she was helping with. It literally popped up on my notifications and honestly I laughed extremely hard and not just because of timing but because one of the things she talk about was how he was like a poet on pleasures of life. He just spent time talking about why he loved pizza. :joy:


I thought about the repeating numbers and i completely forgot to add it. Thanks for asking. I’ll address it right away.

Recurring numbers and their corresponding Angel definitions are a very “Love and Light” kind of concept IMO.

I see these ALL the time too. What I make of that is that I’m aligned in that moment. I.e. my mind is not crowded with useless thoughts and I’m as “present” as possible. That’s all I take it as and don’t read too much into it.

These maybe important if you’re into numerology.

OR if you associate a certain number sequence with a certain Spirit. Or you have given a certain meaning to the number sequence then the Spirits may use it to communicate with you. But that is personal to YOU.


Could anyone explain what the cup of water near the headboard or lemon slice under the bed does? As in, what signs do they allow us to look out for? What constitutes a positive or negative(or simply no) response using the two? Thank you for this amazing addition- I’ve often not been the greatest at divination as a form of spiritual communication, so I hope to employ the techniques provided here!

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A cup of water by the bed allows a spirit trying to manifest in your dreamscapes an extra source of energy. Also there are three gateways to the world of spirit. Blood, fire and water.

Lemon is associated with the moon and a slice of it under the bed can assist in have more clear and lucid dream contact with spirits.


So like I was wondering what to make of this I was doing something and thought of Lucifer and clear as day the number 4 flashed into my minds eye so clear it was like it was right there in front of me. As if I was looking at it dark-ish background and the 4 sorta like glowing on it (think grey construction paper or something and like a white 4 on it that would be similar to the image that flashed in my minds eye. That would be a close approximation color wise,).

Add: so I guess I’m asking what a 4 would mean if it flashes in your mind when thinking of a spirit. Any ideas? (Like was it an I approve it? I disapprove disapprove or a suggestion to do something I’d kind of what I’m wondering).


Thank you both so much, Kindraathe and Mike B.