Meditation Is Far More Than Just Sitting Still And Clearing Your Mind!

Meditation Is Far More Than Just Sitting Still And Clearing Your Mind!.. Many “Teachers” Have Forgotten The Versatility Of This Art!.. Meditation Is The Gate To The Minds Temple!!!

For much of my earlier years in spirituality and the occult, meditation was pushed upon me harder than any other practice. Many of my mentors would constantly remind me to meditate, clear my mind. Never was I given a reason why, never was I given a goal to achieve through this practice other than having a calm mind. It seemed meditation was important for some reason and, yet nobody wanted to give me an honest answer. Meditation is no doubt valuable and important, and yet many “teachers” have this notion that mediation is only about stilling the mind. This often gives the student the impression meditation means to clear the mind of all thought.

If you google the definition of meditation it will be defined simply as “the action or practice of meditating”. However, the interesting thing with this is that if you look at the synonyms for meditation you will find terms such as, “contemplation, thought, thinking, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, prayer”. Interesting that while many teach meditation as a way to clear the mind its synonyms seem to suggest that thought is exactly the point of meditation. This is something I tend to agree with. Meditation is not so much about clearing the mind of thought but rather being able to enter the temple of the mind and look more directly upon your own thoughts.

Few meditations are aimed at clearing the mind. In fact, most meditations are aimed at fine tuning certain mind sets, and facing thoughts on a much more focused and direct fashion. Its hard to get in your head space when you’re in a state of constant distraction. Meditation is the art of mental gardening if you will. Tending to the garden of the mind… thank you Mr Rodgers. Let’s look at some of the misconceptions and make a more solid foundation for meditation; outside of romanticized wizard looking appeal.

All meditation should have a purpose and a goal. Clearing the mind might be the goal but it doesn’t define the purpose. Why should I clear my mind? What for? What circumstance? Many “teachers” are quick to hound their students to meditate but rarely give them an actual reason to do it. Meditating for the sake of meditating is pointless. You have to give it a purpose and by understanding that purpose you can choose the right kind of meditation. Let’s look at some examples:

You have a job interview for an important position. You are very nervous, and you feel it might affect your performance in the interview. A meditation to calm the nerves and reassure your mental state can help greatly to keep a natural state throughout the interview. To calm the self and your nerves. Next example: You plan to do a ritual to work with a new entity. You use meditation to help form an idea of how you will perform the ritual and then you use another meditation to start of the trance process. Last example: You have issues with intense emotions and its causing strife in your life. You use meditate as a way to ease your emotional intensity that prevents you from becoming emotional impulsive and making bad decisions.

As you can see with these examples each meditation has a very direct purpose. To many spiritualists are meditating for hours a day (apparently) and they don’t even know why. Without a purpose the only thing it accomplishes, is time wasting.

The Wise Monk On The Mountain Is A Good Fantasy But A Terrible Reality!.. Meditation Is Mundane!!!

So many people want to be the wise monk on the mountain. Everyone wants to be the wise wizard. Yet this goal to replicate that idea provides nothing for our actual lives. Meditation is a mundane act. Using the moment, we are in to interact with our mindset to best suit our situation or desires. Meditation isn’t always sitting cross legged on the floor. Sitting at the window having a cigarette while you write down five things you want to accomplish that day is a meditation. Taking the time to assert and affirm your position before making a decision is a meditation. Going for a walk outside with the dog to the park is a meditation. It doesn’t have to be this complicated thing, nor does it have to be romanticised to the point of fantasy.

Meditation is a versatile tool meant to aid you in bettering your mundane life. To aid in making tangible differences in your life. It needs a purpose, it needs a reason. Tailor the meditation around the purpose. Sometimes we need to clear our heads, sometimes we need to dissect thought, reassure ourselves. Perhaps we have to sit and be overwhelmed in our own emotional state. Purpose is everything. Ask yourself why? And ask yourself, what difference will this actual make in my day to day life or circumstance? Don’t let romanticism take away from the real-life benefit that exists out there for you to take. Meditation is a tool, and tools all have a purpose…

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

Asbjorn Torvol


That was refreshing, thank you Asbjörn

Thank you for that. I’ve been working on my meditation. I’d like to focus on unblocking my Chakras and starting up my kundalini. Do you have any suggestions for the type of meditation I should do to achieve this goal?


Finally, someone stated the obvious. Wisdom is stupid!, and not in the foolhardiness kind of sense, but that actually the idea of the wise man meditating for no reason is actually kind of dumb and pointless.

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