Tutorial: Developing Astral Senses via The Meditation Fruit!

A common struggle for those who are new to working with spirits is not being able to perceive them (such as feeling, seeing, hearing, etc). This can be extremely frustrating for those seeking the experience, especially if they put a considerable about of hard work into their ritual. Developing the ability to use our “normal” senses beyond their usual physical functions is a task that varies on the individual. It could take weeks or years. Some may get it fairly “easily” while others may have to take the long road to get there. It is not something to be rushed or get frustrated about, as all things take their time. To pharphase one of my favorite quotes “In trees and in men, struggle makes good timber”.

That being said, here is an exercise you can use to help. You will only need an orange (or any fruit really), some time, and patience. Take the piece of fruit and look at it. I mean really look at it as if it was a piece of art. See the changes of color, the pores, the shape, the stem, everything. Take the time to gather as much information as you can from the fruit. When you are satisfied, put it down and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths and begin to recreate the fruit in your mind.

Start with it’s shape, focusing solely on that. then slowly fill in the details as thoroughly as possible. Keep pushing the details into the shape as vividly as you can. the goal is to get as close to a replica as possible, until it is so strong in your mind that you could reach out and grab it. When you felt you are at your limit, focus back on your breathing, allowing it to disappear. Take notes on how far you got and where you fell short so you know where you ended up at for future practice as the next goal to surpass.

You can then repeat this with the other senses. To practice feeling, take the time to examine how smooth the fruit feels, any lumps, temperature, its weight, etc. Recreate the experience through mediation by visualizing it’s basic shape in your hand and building the physical sensations as vividly as possible just like with the sight exercise. Record just as before.

For hearing, repeat this exercise by slowly peeling the fruit by your ear, really paying attention to the sound and then recreating it as vividly in your mind through the mediation of peeling the fruit. For smell and taste, slowly smell and taste the fruit, really getting all the information you can, so you can recreate the experience.

When you have mastered the fruit in time, move onto a larger object. Keep going and eventually, you will be able to recreate entire rooms in your mind, including atmosphere. This will help you to better pay attention to shifts, which will in turn will help you notice and perceive spirits when they appear. I hope this is interesting and a bit helpful for anyone needing a bit of a tip.

One final parting note:
“Success is failure turned inside out,
The silver tint of clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It could be near when it seems afar.
So stick to fight when you’re hardest hit
It’s when things seem worst
That you mustn’t quit.” -John Greenleaf


Mind if I add mine to it?


Not at all. I wrote this for those who are new so feel free to add whatever you would find helpful. Multiple perspectives can be extremely beneficial to help different individuals. That permission goes with all my posts in the future as well my friend :slight_smile:


No major ritual required for senses although the lbrp has been known to be a helpful tool for the senses.

The easiest way to get any ability to improve is pay attention to it first. This is a slow method but extremely effective.

  1. start by getting a journal just for the senses witch can later be used for scrying or scanning. Then go for an easy walk somewhere. Don’t matter where or how long walk is. Just pick a sense (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) and record what you sense on the walk. The next day pick a different one. If you have concentration issues only do one sense at a time. When you can write a book about what you sense on a walk we get to the good stuff.

2.no longer need to sense walk. Now pick an object (preferably a simple one to start) like an apple. Don’t need a real object,going to be using imagination now. Use a sense to recreate the object in your mind. See the apple taste it hear it smell it feel it. Keep at this until you can hold a complex object with perfect detail with all senses for at least 15 minutes.

  1. Making the transition to psychic senses. Imagine a symbol of your choice that can be easily and quickly thought of to activate your psychic senses. Often people use curtains opening or something like that. Tell yourself out loud every time I picture this symbol I am activating my psychic senses. Then open up to receiving any information from them. Write down any results even if they seem silly like you made it up.

When i use my senses it reminds me of daydreaming if that helps any.

The lbrp method.
When finished with the circle take the time to use your psychic senses to experience the circle.
See the energy and the pentagrams. They are still there. Hear them. Smell them. Taste them feel them.

With enough time you will be using the psychic senses as easily as you use the physical ones.


How long does this take?

Its different for everyone. I said its slow more to keep anyone from rushing through it. On average it takes about a month. Some people may be fast at it others may be slow. It is more like you get out of it what you put into it.

This might be the best one yet might have to try


I also recommend that all beginners work on their intuition. Here is an exercise that you might find useful for intuition.

First i recommend getting a magiickal encyclopedia “The Magicians companion” by Bill Whitcomb is an example but any of them will do. These are books that are used for numerology charts, meaning of colors, planetary correspondences. These books and your notes that you will take later are very helpful for creating your own rituals later.

Next get some paper and pencil ready. Pick a chapter and meditate on the meaning of the subject. Write down anything that comes to you while meditating. Tip ( you can pause wile meditating to write then continue with meditation). The more you pay attention and listen to your intuition the stronger and louder it gets. ( a strong intuition will tell you more than anybody else can)


I couldn’t agree more and it often leads to powerful experiences


This is interesting


I think this visualization is a great idea. Working with any sensory form of a guided meditation in this way can be helpful. One thing that helped me was to create everything in the same way for my astral temple. I felt it necessary to have it fleshed out as much as possible down to the bricks in the walls because there are times when Magick is necessary but I might not be in a setting where I can bust out my magical devices. So I use my astral temple to do my on the fly evocations.

The best help I’ve had however are using some of the material as provided by the temple of ascending flame. These guided meditations are there to help the mind and self become accustomed to tuning itself for this kind of work. All the sensory parts really help. Also Lucifer advised me to slow down in one of my workings. He told me to breathe and focus and stop pushing and let the visions and feelings come. Once I relaxed they did come and I had a very successful invocation whereupon I took notes afterward. It helps to see where we can improve from one working to the next. Lucifer is the master at training ones sight especially with consideration to divinatory means. Exercising the sight as it were in these ways really helps to develop this visionary skill set. Hope this helps. I very much appreciated this topic. Thank you so much for expounding upon it @Tiberius😈
I will say one more thing on this topic. My husband has an advantage in this regard. Being that he has a physical disability he has always had keener senses than most. His unique experience allows him to perceive the sensory differences and shifts that are present because he has always physically been at a “disadvantage” and had to mentally ascertain what he physically could not. While I realize everyone learns at different rates and in differing ways, I thought it interesting to mention it here so that I could share yet another unique viewpoint. For anyone whom has ever thought the disabled are at a disadvantage, don’t be so sure! :blush: psychically they can make up for whatever physicality they “lack”. And if you ask me, differently abled people aren’t broken and don’t need to be “fixed.” :black_heart:


Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.


This meditation?

trick to seeing spirits with eyes closed within meditation is to visualize a space for that specific entity/spirit but don’t visualize them within that space, let that happen spontaneously. very similar to scrying with your eyes closed, visualize the scrying mirror but don’t visualize what your trying to manifest.

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Yes it is.

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Gonna do it daily my brothsr, thank you

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Now I don’t have to be half psychic anymore, I can be a full fledged psychic now!!!

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Thank you for the tips.

If this is a nefast entity, do you think we could see it in a triangle to help to contain it?