TGS Frustration

@Aprentiz okay a couple of questions.

  1. What part of the flame do I look at
  2. After I master all of these steps will it allow me to visually see and hear spirits after entering the tgs
  3. If yes, how long will it take me before I am able to see those spirits
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I sent you this link for a deeper understanding of the mind and eye correlations, it also offered some alternate suggestions to try and offered some exercises to try, all of which you seemed to miss.

Why are you in such a rush to see and hear spirits :slight_smile: some people do right away and some people never do.

I think your doing all the physical steps right you just need to temper your chatty subconscious I think thats getting in the way.


There are also the various stages i.e. staying in Theta leads to Gamma, pushing it causes the Rapture state, and finally it’s in the Crossroad that the magician meets the spirits. Astral senses (mainly Ajina and Vishuddha chakras for clairvoyance and cairaudience) and/or incense, scrying mirror help in this.

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No I’ve been doing similar if not the same exercieses from that which were in the article you sent me. I’m not exactly in a rush to see them I’m just frustrated from practicing and not getting anywhere. I do think you are right about silencing my subconscious. I will try to meditate more.

@fapa79 thank you for explaining that to me I will look into it more in depth. Out of curiosity, when you say astral senses, do those only help when you’re in the astral plane (i.e. astral/soul travel) or can you use it when in tgs or everyday life?

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Awakened clairvoyance and clairaudience function also in TGS, but I don’t know about an individual who stays in the ordinary consciousness (then again, perhaps one may suddenly slip in trance and see/hear “things”).


TGS is only the first step.

Contrary to some opinions, it DOES NOT automatically lead to being able to see or hear spirits.


@DarkestKnight so is it a combination of chakras, tgs, and meditation? If not, what else?

You have to maintain the trance.

Once you have a stable trance, you have to deepen it to the point of what EA calls The Rapture.

That is step one.

You also have to learn to expand your senses past their normal limits. The “astral senses” aren’t a different set of senses, but a natural expansion of the physical ones we all take for granted. Your mind already perceives the input from non physical sources, but your conscious mind filters them out because they are deemed unnecessary. What needs to be done is to bring them into conscious awareness.

Meditate and focus on the sounds in your body. Then move outward and learn to focus on the sounds in the room. Then move out further and learn to focus on the sounds in the next room. Keep pushing your hearing outward, becoming aware of all the sounds in your home. Then move into becoming aware of the sounds outside. Push even further until you begin to perceive sounds that seem to have no source. When you reach that level, you have expanded into the astral and you can then begin to withdraw your hearing, keeping your focus on these elusive sounds, ignoring all the others. With practice, you will be able to focus your awareness only on the astral sounds within your current environment.

Working with the chakras can be helpful but it is not necessary nor mandatory. What is mandatory is learning to separate the subtle input from the gross physical input, and that requires learning to ficus.

Konstantinos has some excellent exercises for the senses in his book Summoning Spirits. Another book that has some great meditations for learning to expand the senses is Path Notes of An American Ninja Master by Glenn Morris (the author of that book went through the Kundalini using the practice of Qi Gong, which permanently opened up his perceptions).

Something that might be helpful is to program your mind alongside any exercises. Every morning upon awakening, and every evening before sleep, get into Alpha, and repeat affirmations to yourself like “I easily see and hear spirits,” and “my mind easily perceives spirits,” and “My psychic senses are fully open.”


@DarkestKnight This is very helpful, would the sight be the same as hearing? Or for sight (to eventually see spirits) would you just maintain the tgs as you said?

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For sight, I recommend learning to “sink” into your environment, like EA teaches.

Get into trance, and try to see through the air in front of you. Perception happens in the brain, so your physical eyes can be open or closed, though it might be easier to have them closed in the beginning and work up to having them open.

Try to see the particles of air in the room. Once you can perceive them, expand your vision outward, but keep your focus on the particles of air floating about you. You should be able to fill the entire room with your awareness with a small bit of practice.

Once you can fill the room with your awareness, just sit in silence with it, and eventually you will notice shapes and movement. Once you do, bring your focus to bear on them, and your mind will start to pick up impressions of whatever wandering spirits happen to present. Ask yourself, “How tall is the spirit?” and your mind will zoom in on it. Ask, “what is the spirit wearing?” and your mind will bring its clothing into focus. Keep asking yourself such questions, and your mind will learn to fill in the whole picture. You can even ask yourself, “what is the spirit saying?” to bring your hearing into play.

This is a slight variation to the first exercise in EA’s book Evoking Eternity. You can practice this exercise along with scrying into a bowl of water. Simply fill a dark bowl with water, get into trance, and gaze into the water in the same way you would a seal/sigil, and let any impressions to flow into your mind.

If you can practice scrying once a day, and this awareness exercise at least once a day, you should be well on your way to seeing spirits.


Thank you very much

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This maybe a stupid question is there a way to bring the entity to you other than a sigil or chanting?

Yes. The larger concept of “evocation” is basically that, by any means.

There is " simple english guide" to do so without any tools, here in this forum.


Generally, no, at least, not in modern times. Spirit seals have been around for roughly about five hundred years or so, but before that, spirit contact required pretty arduous techniques like isolation, fasting, asphyxiation, and the like, and initial contact was made only when the spirit wanted to make itself known. Part of the path of the shaman, for example, was to go out and let the spirits look them over, and decide if they were worthy or not. Only then, would they introduce themselves to the shaman, and work with them.

Think of a seal like calling a friend. In order to get your friend’s attention, you have to make a connection to them. A spirit’s seal acts the same way as a phone number, so when you want to get a hold of your friend, you would dial that number. Now, if they are in the same vicinity as you are, then just calling their name will usually suffice, but in essence, you still need to form a connection to them in some way first.

Now, you can also do what is called a blind, or blank, evocation. Basically, a blank evocation is done when you don’t have a specific number, ie a seal, for a spirit, but you’re looking for someone to do a specific job. You put out an invitation for anyone who thinks they can help you to contact you. It’s like placing an ad on Craig’s List, looking for a plumber, when you’re new in town and don’t know anyone.


I know this was long to time ago … but I really liked it. Its really effective and informative specially for those beginners

ok i just read that Azazel can be called with Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel

i dont know how i missed that so chanting is necessary.

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It’s not “necessary.” Like everything, It’s simply a tool to help.

Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel is what Azazel’s called his song, and it was given to EA Koetting during the Lake of Fire ritualm as described in the Book of Azazel.


And what about sigils tattooed on your body??
I was told that could work better, because it draws that demon closer to you. It’s a pact because tattoos draw blood and blood on a sigil is powerful.

I have Asmodeus’s and Belial’s sigils tattooed on my left upper arm. I do plan on getting Lucifer’s, Azazel’s and Marbas’s sigil tattooed on my body to.

Is it bad to have multiple sigils tattooed on your body??

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You would have to discuss it with the spirits in question. Generally, demons get along with each other, but not always.