Astral Projection With Wim Hof Method

This is a guide on how to perform astral projection with the aid of breathing techniques such as the Wim Hof method that I have found to be very useful for this along with tactile exercises to induce the proper state.

The requirements for this are much the same as other projection practices there are also preliminary exercises you should work on to maximize you chances of success and should continue daily not just as an aid to astral projection but magical work in general.

I have this broken down into sections but if you want to get right to it skip to the bolded section that fits your interest.

Meditation and Banishing
The first of these are daily banishings and meditation. Banishings are important for all magical work to keep the area clear and set the initial atmosphere for workings and projection and meditation is needed to get into the state to project out. There are numerous banishings out there so choose your own, I prefer the LBRP myself. The same goes for meditation choose your own but stick with it. A few prescribed ones that will be necessary is thought control and what I call depth control.

Thought control meditation is the first you will have to master. In this meditation you focus on controlling your thoughts in two stages.

Stage 1:
You take note of incoming thoughts, acknowledge and then dismiss them keeping your focus on a single thought or concept.

Stage 2:
You keep your mind clear of all thoughts except the chosen focus or thought stream. No outside thoughts come into your awareness and the only thing that exists is your own consciousness and what you choose to focus upon if anything at all. You should be able to do this with no focal thought or object.

Both of these you should be able to retain for half an hour at least.

The next is depth control. This is where you lower your state of consciousness as deep as possible without losing yourself and bring yourself back out in a controlled fashion. The goal here is to come as close to sleep as possible while remaining conscious enough to remember the experience and ascend out of it. Again there are many ways to do this and the goal is to lower your brainwaves and this takes practice to do and still remain aware.

There are meditations using color as a focus to lower you into alpha and then theta state and further from there. You can also focus on specific sensations, mental sounds, images, etc. Pick a method that works for you and practice it. The goal is to come as close to sleep as possible and slowly bring yourself back. Do not instantly snap back into awareness, this is not your standard projection type so if you do this kind of snapping while projecting it will hurt and leave you very disoriented.
If you want to experience something like this give a friend the key to your house and tell them to pick a random night while you are asleep to come in, throw a bucket of ice water on your and blast an air horn in your face. Perhaps a tad of an exaggeration but it is remarkably similar in my opinion.

This is also where the Wim Hof method of breathing comes in as the sensations this can induce and the rapid relaxation is perfect for rapidly altering your consciousness and for the energetic focus you will use a later stage so practice this method of breathing as well in conjunction to depth meditations. Use the first three rounds of breathing to relax the body and bring the new mental state and then fall into a more natural or chosen breathing pattern that you feel appropriate.

The breathing technique as such is this, take thirty quick, deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. I find the best way is to fill your lungs in two seconds, hold for one, and exhale for two. You should try to attain a pattern where you feel like there is a rotating sphere of air in your chest so adjust until you find that pattern that works. Then exhale and hold your breath out as long as you can then breathe deep and hold your breath for fifteen seconds before releasing and going again. You will want to be able to do this three times in a row if not more.

Tactile and Motor Exercises
The next form of preparation are exercises to focus specifically on how it feels to move your body. Lie down in a preferable position with no strain on any part of your body and able to move freely. Begin to meditate until your body feels heavy and the first stages of paralysis set in. You will be familiar with this from depth control meditations.

Now move your finger and focus on the sensation of it. Do not move your finger by the muscles but will the muscles to move. Experiment and you will find soon enough that there is a drastic difference in sensation from this. Work your way through each of your fingers and then your hand and progress from there until you are moving your whole body in that state of awareness through that method of command. Memorize the sensations of movement and commanding your body to move like this. Try to attain this state throughout your day with a wide variety of activities. Focus very clearly on the sensations especially on the movement of energy.

In time you should feel two distinct set of movements each time you command a limb to move. A physical movement and an energetic movement. Focus on the energetic movement and follow that until you can differentiate an entire limb from your physical one. This will be your astral body. Now move your physical body by commanding and moving your astral body the same way you did physically. At this stage it will feel glued to your body and you will physically follow the movements. You may also just pop out at this point as well.

Separation Exercises
At this point you should be able to differentiate between your physical and astral bodies. You will now work on separating first a finger from your physical shell and work your way from there to your entire arm.

This is real simple but also very difficult at the same time.

Lay down and begin to meditate bringing yourself as close to sleep as you can and still remain in control for extended periods. The goal here is to trigger sleep paralysis and immobilize your body. Keep your hands curled in fists at your side. Now just like in the previous exercises try to extend your index finger but this time without moving physically only astrally. Do this extremely slowly even to the point of picturing your astral finger separating molecule by molecule if you must. Keep at this until you have extended your astral finger but your physical one has not moved at all. There should be no tensing or movement of physical muscles beyond those needed to sustain life.

You may not feel your physical finger at all and in fact feel as though your astral finger is your physical finger so use your other fingers to keep track of each other.

It helps to not focus on your finger but choose a chakra or your core to focus on while moving your astral body in the periphery of your perception. Keep practicing until you have success and then move onto two fingers and so on until you can separate your entire hand and then your arm.

Full Body Projection

Now it is time to fully project. This will happen in four stages as your progress.

Stage One:
You will be projecting very little of your astral body out and sensation will be split between your physical and astral body. It is mostly your mental essence and ambient energy and to many things on the astral you will be akin to what a ghost is here.

Stage Two:
You will be projecting much more of yourself and you will begin to lose physical sensation sometimes completely but it will still be split and full astral sensation may not be available yet.

Stage Three:
You will be almost fully projected and will have no sensation in any of your limbs but likely only your torso and head physically. Astrally you will have a great many more sensations and senses available and things will start getting really weird as you let go of physical senses.

Stage Four:
You are completely outside of your body. You will have an awareness of your body and around it but it will not interfere and there will be no physical sensations at all. You should have full astral sensation and sensory experiences now.

It can take a long time to reach stage four projection so keep practicing. It might take anywhere from days to months.

Now onto the full technique.

Lay down comfortably in a position you can remain in for an extended period of time and take a few minutes to relax and clear your thoughts completely. Start to lower yourself into a light trance and then begin the breathing technique. As you do visualize your energy and life force being sucked out of your limbs and drawn into your core wherever this is for you. With each breath it gets drawn tighter and tighter into a sphere leaving the rest of your body hollow. Do this for the first thirty breathes and focus on shifting your awareness to your astral body as you hold your breath and staying there.

Now starting your second set of breathing keep your awareness in your astral body and send the energy from your core flowing out into your astral body and not your physical body. Each exhale evenly distribute more energy. On holding your breath focus again on your astral body, now glowing bright and vibrant with your vital force transfered into it.

Now for the third set of breaths focus on your third eye and call forth a pinpoint of light and vibration while keeping your awareness on your astral body and while breathing focus on the point and vibration as it spreads throughout your breathing. On holding your breath feel your astral body vibrating out of phase with your physical body.

Now let your breathing fall into a natural rhythm for the deep trance and lower yourself as close to sleep as you can while staying in your astral body.

Separate first your fingers and work up to both arms. Reach them out of your body in front of you and form a bar of energy to grab like you are going to pull yourself up out of your body.

Now start working you legs out of your physical legs and loosening your torso and head by gently rotating your hips, chest, neck and head astrally.

When you feel you astral body is getting loose enough use the bar to slowly peel yourself out of your body as much as you can. Your core and head will only get partial separation at first and when you fully separate your core and head from your physical body you will be in Stage Four projection so that full separation might take a while.

Keep working until you can pull yourself up out of your body and float there. To move astrally use that motor awareness for your whole astral body and your will to propel yourself. You will likely feel a magnetic or elastic pull trying to drag you back into your body. Keep your first journey short and just try to move across the room before going back to your body and laying down in it taking the time to realign yourself properly and transfer the vital energy back into the physical flesh with will and imagination. As I said suddenly snapping back into your body can be a very shocking experience especially at later stages so whenever possible you want to realign and ease yourself back into the flesh.

Practice whenever you can and keep at it. If you don’t succeed at first don’t give up and keep trying and you will eventually succeed and in time attain the mythical stage four projection. As you get more experienced there will be solid indicators that it is real projection and not fantasy but I am not going to spoil that so you don’t bias yourself to try and force certain signs.

A few things to be aware of.
Always have a shield and barrier over your physical body. With most of your energy in your astral form your physical body is a lot more vulnerable to energetic shifts and roving clumps of negative energy and parasites can cause very real physical illness if they come in contact during this time. Likely no worse than the flu but still unpleasant. The most basic of shields well constructed will prevent this. This is also why you should banish before every projection and if you are using the LBRP you can use the elemental evocation in it to form gates that stand waiting for you so you can explore the elemental planes through them when you project.


synchronicity at its finest, thank you


Know anybody who attained astral projection within a Month ? It took E.A over 3 years to get his first out of body experience !!! Planning to take Robert Bruce’s ‘Astral projection within 90 days’ course. But thinking IT MAY NOT BE REALISTIC, and should keep than in mind or otherwise - DEPRESSION of failure FOLLOWS !!!


Awesome tut!


I would say his methods work but there is the problem of actually remembering it. You likely aren’t going to reach stage four in a month but stage one and two can be reasonable expectations if you practice each day possibly even stage three. It depends how easily you take to it but even the first stages will allow you some very interesting experiences.

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I have always struggled with astral projection. Thank you for this.


This is awesome, glad I found this.

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