Ultimate Psychic Senses Guide / Ultimate Astral Senses Guide / Ultimate Spiritual Senses Guide

What are psychic senses, really?

(Some) psychic senses are spiritual counterparts of your physical senses, but you also have extra senses, and they’re all strongly linked to your living imagination.

What psychic senses are there?

Clairaudience - ability that will allow you to hear spirits

Clairvoyance - ability that will allow you to see spirits

Clairgustance - ability that will allow you to taste spirits (why would you want to do this even, weirdo…)

Clairsentience - ability that will allow you to feel spirits and their energy

Claircognizance - ability that will allow you to tap into your omniscience (very good for divination)

Clairscent - ability that will allow you to smell spirits and energy

Clairtangency - ability to receive information via touch

How does one “open” their psychic senses?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t “open” your psychic senses. You learn how to use them. Just like babies learn how to see, you have to learn how to use these senses, and over time they’ll develop into a great complexity which can detect more complex stimuli. You might say, “Well that’s just semantics.” No, trust me, this false belief can actually kill your development. So many people their psychic senses are blocked or something, and so they’ll keep creating this blockage and make their progress harder. It’s a self-imposed limitation.

Remember: all of your psychic senses are open, they’re just rudimentary because you don’t use them often. The more you stimulate them, the more they’ll be able to detect complex spiritual stimuli.

Okay, Einstein, how the fuck do I stimulate my psychic senses, then?!

There are possibly countless ways to do this. I’ll cover several practices that you can do daily in order to stimulate your senses.

There are ‘compound’ exercises which stimulate multiple psychic senses at once, just like you have compound lifts that hit multiple muscle groups. The compound exercises are:

Psychic vampirism - stimulates clairvoyance (because you’re visualizing tendrils and energy leaving the target and entering you), clairsentience (because you’re feeling the energy enter you and surge through your body), clairgustance in some cases (this is if you really want to focus on the taste of energy which I’ll cover later on).

Divination - stimulates clairvoyance (if scrying), claircognizance (if tarot, scrying or runes), clairaudience (if pendulum).

Important note: Pendulums are not bad like E.A. Koetting makes them out to be! You just have to practice to shut your mind off after you ask a question to the spirit. Also, you can enchant the pendulum so it only receives truthful answers from the spirits, and not allow your subconscious to interfere. Yes, this actually works. Try it. Practice. Pendlums are great for developing clairaudience which allows you to HEAR spirits! Why does pendlum stimulate clairaudience? Because pendulum gives yes/no answers, the spirit will often clarify (unless it’s not needed or if it’s being lazy) after they influenced the pendulum; them speaking to you will stimulate your clairaudience.

Remote Viewing & Place re-creation - stimulates clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience

Place re-creation is a method of closing your eyes and recreating your environment in as much detail as you possibly can in your mind, but don’t make it an exact copy. Rather, as you’re maintaining the image, try to also recreate sounds, allow your living imagination to fill in the gaps. Take note of what you see around you, how different it is from reality, what sounds do you hear, etc?

The key here is to let your living imagination take over! Don’t forcefully imagine stuff (aside from holding the image of a place in your head). Just relax, and see what happens, and take note of everything.

Isolation Exercises:

Visualization - stimulates clairvoyance

Structuring - stimulates clairvoyance

How to structure: extend your right hand, and visualize an object outside of yourself in front of you; take notice of a faint form revealing itself before you. Note: this is an exercises that requires forceful imagination, but it’s not counterproductive because the more you do it, the more your mental image will overlap with your physical perception. By doing this exercise, you’re allowing your psychic perception to merge with your physical perception.

Daydreaming of an emotionally packed event - stimulates clairsentience

Here you’ll have to immerse yourself in your daydream until your living imagination takes over. You’ll have to learn how to take a backseat and allow the event to unravel in your mind. Simply observe and take notice of the feelings you’re experience.

Daydreaming of somebody’s voice - stimulates clairaudience

Same stuff. Immerse yourself in the daydream of someone speaking, allow your living imagination to take over. Take note of the person’s intonation, depth of the voice, and so on.

Premature response to possible criticism:

Some of you may say, “well you’re just imagining shit! It’s just mental masturbation! I automatically detect spirits, I don’t have to imagine them!”

Yeah, YOU don’t, who already developed his/her psychic senses. Those who have rudimentary psychic senses need to stimulate them, because they can’t automatically detect spiritual phenomenon. Thus, they have to forcefully imagine things, and then take a backseat as their living imagination takes over. The more they practice, the less they’ll have to forcefully imagine things. It will come to a point where their psychic senses and physical perception become one, so you automatically detect spirits.

Even E.A. Koetting talks about this in his videos and courses. Living imagination is the key to most aspects of magick! Society and certain subgroups (like the rational skeptic atheist community™) have drilled it into us that imagination is just fantasy bullshit that isn’t real. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Suppressing your imagination is a nice way to keep you powerless.

I’ll leave this topic with the quote:

“The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable” - Carl Jung

Things that can accelerate your psychic senses progress:

Demons! What demons, you ask? Here’s a list:


And more.

You don’t have to invoke them, necessarily. You can gaze at their sigil, state your request (to help you improve psychic senses), and then resume your practice. You can invoke too, if you’d like.

Demons will not help you unless you’re willing to put in some effort. Resume your exercises, and the demon will insure that your progress is much quicker than normal.

Final notes:

Do not beat yourself up if a particular psychic sense isn’t developing fast enough for you. Everyone is better at using some psychic sense. Don’t compare yourself to others! You might suck at hearing spirits, but you probably see and/or feel them good. Don’t sweat it, you’ll get the hang of it. Keep practicing!

That’s it. If I’ve left something out or if there are any mistakes, let me know.

I’m open to feedback.


Excellent, thank you!


You’re most welcome; enjoy!


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Adding to my daily list.


This is such a great guide! Wish I had this when I was a teen so I knew what was going on. I never lost the vivid imagination that they try to teach out of you as a child.

I don’t want to do this! Please tell me a practical use for this. Belial tastes like dirt and sweat BLEEECH! It’s really a turn off when your having sex and your mouth tastes like its full of dirt. Or Azazel and you taste goat hair.:tired_face:


Practiced clairvoyance, Clairaudience and claircognizance during a dot breathing meditation.


I laughed at your comment harder than I should have, lmao.


How did it go?


Very good, it sparked an idea in creating a physical diorama/model/playset of the astral temple built in tandem, perhaps even as a coffee table, so the least I need to do is meditate down in my coffee table or other model, and picture my interaction in it. Which typically was shooting lightning bolts or shouting incantations with woven hands out into the cosmos, like saromen on a death star bringing down ewok mountain or something.


The dot breathing exercise went well, actually got a good for or five minute solid meditation, with the dot assuming other symbols, it made sensing the environment in detail better, still have to do better with magnetism/psi energy color balls.
It actually has foundation for vampirism in what I described.


About to scry tattwas off some tarot cards.


awesome thank you…


raises claw

I’m definitely one of those weirdos who enjoys tasting demons and indulging all aspects of the experience. :stuck_out_tongue: Tasting/smelling dirt, sweat, blood, metal, and all. I’ve also tasted a battery acid, sulfur, and bleach mix, best way to describe it. Sometimes rotting flesh, or simply flesh.

The point being: it’s apart of the experience and is an interesting manifestation of their expression.


For how long should I do the visualization compound exercises ??

Daily 10 minutes? Or 20 minutes? What is effective?

More exercises = more results?
More put in time = more results? Or does it have a diminishing returns point?


What if you invoke a demon to open clairaudience

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All of these abilities are byproducts of hypnosis; they’re known as hypnotic phenomena.

These abilities manifest automatically at different trance levels, and can be developed to conscious use when you’re put in somnambulism.

I’m surprised more magicians don’t train these abilities with hypnosis. I’ve met three hypnotists who train these abilities in their subjects with hypnosis.

Here is a video of Ultra Depth hypnosis instructor Dong-Gyu Moon guiding a subject into profound somnambulism, In this state, Moon demonstrates that the subject can see through another human being.

You don’t have to scratch, scrape, and strain to gain these abilities. Using hypnosis, these mental faculties are automatically generated and can be trained for conscious use.

This doesn’t require any special skill on the hypnotist’s part. Any half-decent hypnotist can put you into somnambulism and generate these hypnotic phenomena. Bridging them from somnambulist use to conscious use is a matter of fractionation and setting trance triggers.


Thx for The information i will ask my Mother to book a meating with a person doing hypnosis. She did hypnosis on my Mother and my Mother saw her self and her Father walking togheter she was just a Child in the vision. I hope she will help me. :blush:

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If you can, get your hypnotist to do timelines (age regressions) to the birth level, and before you were born.

A proper hypnotic session that heals at the infancy and pre-birth level can not only uncross you from inherited blocks, that type of hypnotic work can do a lot to open your 3rd eye.

Then ask them to install trance triggers that drop you into open-eyed somnambulism, so you can conjure spirits at will. Make them test the trance trigger so you are really in state and can really see hallucinatory objects in front of you, or not see things you’re told not to see. They may have to fractionate you a dozen times or more to lock this trigger in, but once you have it, you have it.

With this skill, you will be able to evoke at will. It will also allow you to use hypnotic scripts to rewire your inner mind for anything you want. It’s very useful work.