My #1 pact recommendation to start/advance powerfully in all Magick+Why

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

This might be long, but, it will be absolutely worth your while, whether you are a beginner wanting to go pro or a pro wanting to go next-level pro (if this applies),
This goes next-level in your overall arsenal of magick - regardless of what path you walk or wish to walk - especially if you like superhero action (it involves setting you on track to unfold your ability for shape-shifting and much more pro-stuff - and there’s more -this is ‘a’ kick-ass shortcut to all magick in my opinion.

Many of you might have been in that position - how do I get ahead -

*Where do I even start with allll this magick…
*How do I get to know if path x or y are really for me…?
*I wish I could hear what that spirit/entity tells me, I’m stuck not knowing what choices to make in life due to a lack of information, …

*I’d like to start with all the content on this site (or another) or wish my discernment could be better in what I hear and read online, or elsewhere
I wish I had more clarity in my life altogether and everything that is going on in my or around me…;

You name it… While one may have sooo many questions, acquiring right Information for yourself is key to go ahead in right directions without wasting time figuring things out, life’s too precious for that in my opinion-and you’ll get to understand why something works, and consequently why other things don’t, still, eventually, as you’ll just ‘see it’.

About pathworkings, and spirituality in general
Whether you wish to walk the left or right hand path,
My idea is that you might wish to start from a ‘central’ or ‘neutral’ position.

So my idea is to work with a (familiar) spirit. (which beside the divine heart of all things/aka the ‘christ’) indeed exemplifies that position. One that can help you with some of the most essential skills: Acquiring information, at the very least.

Now I made a pact with a Spirit called SaStaN. (more on this spirit below)

*Why a pact? Working with tons of beings, for those who do+your own mental stuff and outside input can form quite a lot of ‘delay’ and ‘noise’ or so many different energy streams to go up in, so much that you maybe don’t even know what part of your intuition to follow, since the god-mind is limitless, and focused work with one being at the time is not always easy or possible + not fully understanding what any of these beings have to share or wish to help you see…can indeed have some delay, and when you want something fast, or have difficulties with discernment, of course, it’s … :thinking:

What does a pact do?
*It unifies you with that being in a sped up way.
*It prioritises your connection (so no other beings can come inbetween)
(for example if you have a pact with an entity, even an angel, unless from your end (like raziel for example) can break that pact). As being into Cosmic Magick myself, I have been pissed quite a number of times by being stopped dead in my tracks because some lightworker or lightbeings wanted to stop me from doing what I was wanting to do with demons for myself, for example- that sucks, when you want to do your own thing, regardless of what others think about it- that you once called upon.

*Prioritising also means that it’s a main thing you’ll feel guided/supported and empowered by.

*A pact can be forever, or at least life-long, and can instantly get you quite far ahead in ‘the cosmic game’ - and it’s between you and that being.

*It can help you get exactly what you want without too much other distractions within yourself.

*It gives clarity.

That being said: A life-long, if not eternal pact, is quite something.
(note that you can make temporary pacts too, as a try-out for any of your pacts)
It means you really have to make an in depth really smart move when it comes to it.
In my opinion, the smartest moves to start out with are what enables you to play the game and be great at it, regardless where YOUR OWN SENSE OF FREEDOM-wishes to take you from one moment to another. You could be allied with just one category of spirits, but sooner or later you might want to try working with another series of spirits- doing pathworkings - I mean it’s fun, it’s exciting, you learn new skills, new tools, and it’s made to be awesome, ultimately. You and the God-Mind are One -it’s been made to experience yourself and have fun! it’s YOUR adventure.

Now let’s see:
Who is Sastan and what does he do?

"Sastan is a Spirit that will guide the magician in developing his
Higher faculties. He will first appear in the form of a large
salamander, which the Sorcerer must promptly command to
take on a human shape. This being done, Sastan will
assume the appearance of a large man with darkly tanned
skin and long white hair.
Sastan will guide the magician in developing and
perfecting clairvoyance, clairaudience and many other
forms of Seership. He also claims to know the secrets of
shapeshifting, and will share these with one who is ready.

(A1).What I did+ (B1).the effects

A1. I went into nature, the best place in my opinion to perfectly distinguish exactly what forces do.
I sat down on my solomonic circle and wrote the pact.

I did re-create the sigil from this image,

A.1.1: optionally you can just print it and write the text around it or wherever you like.
Why adding the sigil? Because I wanted to make absolutely sure I got the right entity.

A.1.2.: Drawing it yourself is most powerful, it’s like opening a gateway through your own consciousness.

You might want to have the satisfaction to know you’re doing it right as perfectly as you can, so, here’s what you can do: You can take your printed sigil paper and draw in pencil - a perfect rectangle around the printed sigil with measurements marks at every inch, cm, …and you make squares of it through the horizontal and vertical lines meeting eachother.
What you then do is re-copy the square in pencil on a regular paper - the paper of your pact -
and re-create the sigil, drawing perfect lines - I did it in black, using the perfect measurements of your printed paper’s sigil. (I will provide the original image that is from E.A.'s work- the text with the explanation about the spirit is as well, only slightly adapted but basically the same).

It will last long if you want it to, so you might want to do it right, imo - it’s also a gift to yourself.

So I said,

Dear Sastan,
Spirit related to Clairvoyance, clairaudience, shape-shifting and many other forms of seership,


I wish to make a pact with you, if you please, where you guide, me, empower me, assist me, in fully mastering clairvoyance, clairaudience, all forms of seership you have to offer, shape-shifting (including physically), any and other abilities you may have to offer and your wisdom related to these - enabling me to have these abilities forever.

(-- Underneath I wrote)
-Blood Pact-
Made a circle and got one drop of blood on it, smeared it out a little to get a spot.

Why Blood - Blood holds your personal multidimensional signature, it’s even more powerful than any other blood of any other being. It thus seals the most personal agreement between you and a spirit and indeed, no-one can come inbetween it)

(How I did the blood part: - Personally, I don’t like to hurt myself on purpose, I feel very defensive when it comes to my own blood and body or own life as it’s so linked to my sense of survival… ever since mosquito’s tried to steal my blood against my will as a kid, and other things in the line of survival)

So, having a wound that keeps stinging or damaging my body in any way, well I think it just sucks and goes the opposite way of self-preservation, for me. So I decided to acquire a medical lancet - as recommended by some magicians here on balg - (which normally is for sale in a package with lots of lancets in a medical store - my idea is that it’s pretty universal)…- you barely touch these things to check if it’s really sharp and you might instantly bleed, before you know it - it’s sharper than quite any regular, even extremely small needle and it doesn’t hurt that much, actually I felt a little something, but it was absolutely ok, nothing too serious you can’t handle + if you got a little tool to shoot it back and forth in you chances are you won’t feel anything at all, it’s even easier I put my finger on the paper and that was it, sucked my finger for a minute and it didn’t continue to bleed, it didn’t even hurt ether - no problemo. Once you got that part down, you may feel like you’ve just accomplished quite something. :slight_smile:


Eitherway, here’s what you can potentially expect from a neutral stand-point (how I experienced it) :
You stand up, walk around…may start feeling like something is slightly different as you
----allow yourself to have your mental structure be stimulated-
Being outside in contrast to inside is directly stimulating your subconscious and thus your relation to the Omega, the Cosmic Mother.
Being in nature might stimulate you to willingly open up your senses even more,
in a natural way in contrast to being in the city, at least for that first initial opening.

What I felt was an insight in the potential effects of my ritual being brought to the foreground of my attention, from deep within.

I felt starting to feel very peaceful, my senses being cleansed, my consciousness merging with this archetype of the God-Mind.

Happiness starting to flow, to come in, pure original feelings,
Childhood feelings coming up…
How it opens up to infinite possibilities, towards infinite freedom…
I started to feel like a legit superhero… :slight_smile: for all the right reasons…
No more closed off from the rest of the all, veils getting thinner…

The realization that I could start making informed choices around everything.
Even acquire the right lottery numbers, or manifest me winning it, potentially.
Being able to heart and see spirits got me so excited.

Being in nature, also I walked around, and instantly noticed very specific things on the ground, personally related, lying on the ground which are so immensely small they wouldn’t get noticed easily at all. I also wondered where to find a sharp stick to dig a small hole in the ground, found it instantly, looking at it the second I wondered about where to find one. Numbers, solutions, answers coming in my mind, on many things - it’s amazing! :slight_smile: and it keeps coming!

I was getting centered in myself by the spirit, and started to feel that
all my own thoughts, even in my deep subconscious were being placed in perspective,
from an even deeper position of clarify that the spirit/archetype of the god-mind was positioning me into , like being more of the observer of the content of your thoughts etc, from a peaceful neutral standpoint, self-empowered, centered… really a fine experience…totally worth it.

So one can really ‘Feel’ in in an all-around way how the spirit is with you as an extension to yourself, a support- or even like a Tool you activated in you - where you experience yourself as an ‘enhanced you’. So now, I am aware it is ‘me’.

The idea of actually being able to shape-shift physically gave me the answer to the desire to have more tattoo’s, to be able to have a perfect physical body in every detail, like for example I have a scar here and there on my body, nothing much but having a solution for anything is cool…)
It means you gain mastery over vibrations, which means you could potentially enter other parallel dimensions consciously, or even go from place to place in this dimension easily, since all is one unified field - be it on the astral/physical alone- But I’ll have to report on that, I’ll let you know how this all evolved).

What I felt is that all of my questions and things I wonder about started to get addressed, while me still being centered in that peaceful part of myself - so it was start to deploy in a very relevant and orderly manner, the awakening, in a most personal way, infinity-wards, ultimately, it seems, until I am fully fully open, that’s the idea.

I feel amazing, I feel like a superhero that’s on his way to awaken to something bigger.
I feel like the gap between me and infinite magick is suddenly getting breached.
I was like whow, and it was so easy…

I will be able to shape-shift in anything I wish, and I was starting to think well hey that means I can shape shift my clothes, my shoes, objects, even spaces if I wish to, having realized that my sphere of influence as a creator (which we all are), multidimensionally reaches beyond the physical body)

That means you can just spawn gold out of your hand or whatever you need, if you master the ability to change the appearance of molecules., at least turn a stone into gold, sell it, make legit money, be independent.

Shapeshifting, means you can always look young if you wish that.
You can be a kid again, you can be a bird and fly around freely, you can be a wolf and go through endless forests in the wild…(how I know that? Because we ultimately are the source and our soul is a creator.

It means you can change your eye color, your hair color and shape, make yourself look
the way you wish - if you wish to make yourself look like a superhero, why not.

All these realizations came in , though I knew them before…;
And I was like yes, there’s no turning back, I finally gonna get what I wanted all along… :slight_smile:
The sense of freedom that comes with it, is most powerful.

I was walking through the city , felt totally different,
Emotional mental and spiritual clarity, feeling self-empowered, believing in myself,
feeling like a legit superhero on the rise, based in a real legit deal.

I then was on the bus and looked at all these people, all looking depressed and thought to myself…
Gosh…I feel I have the solution , or a key to the solution to all these people’s issues…

‘…Magick…’ and with that pact I made I realized I would now get access to solutions even more clearly, and in more detailed ways, which felt like a BIG WIN, for all the right reasons…;

Secondly I thought, I help all these people one by one, or I can show how all these people can help themselves, so that they won’t be in a position that is not a sovereign position for themselves, as I learned that causing humanity to be depended on you, instead of themselves ultimately causes you to have less time for other things you’d like to do with your own newly gained freedom.
You should be in a position where you still have the luxury of that choice.
I’ve always thought about traveling throughout the cosmos, taking my body with me, come to earth sometimes whenever I feel like it, have fun in the Cosmos I am one with, have adventures, being able to instantly manifest and unmanifest a physical body (some awakened humans do that).

Now here’s the last part, I can share so far:
My dreams hold solutions to unlock myself even more… they are very vivid, and clear.
My spirit contacts with other spirits go much better because the data-flux or flow of information goes much better, clearer, faster (just like a computer), which means getting upgraded in logic, and energy goes much faster and better, as I have a better clearer ground (and it’s ever enhancing). I feel now that solutions come in faster, quicker, more directly, while I am in this fine, peaceful, centered position. I recommend also testing your interactions with other beings, consciously, and to keep going in nature to notice ‘how you function’ in your new updated modus to come to understand how things work, the cause and effect of the mechanisms within you- testing your new abilities’… I also recommend watching superhero movies as you will start channeling insights that will reveal to you, in a real way, how things are done.
Actually I’ve been doing that for years and got quite a huge level of insights on it, but now I feel it might come through in whole new ways…as a logical conclusion of all the other insights.

Ever moving to the ultimate, the absolute, the supreme, the Epic and to Infinity!
Because deep inside, I know that’s where real soothing and satisfaction happens as a soul! ^^
Exploring new ground, doing things you’ve never done before, going wild, going to the peak of your ultimate dreams… ^
^ ever to go beyond it! ^^ Like a Cosmic bucket-list, moving straight forward! ^^

P.S. if you have a girlfriend, and you want to take her on that journey with you… :slight_smile:
It may be a cool thing to share! :slight_smile:


Thanks for this

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P.s. : Alternatively ,
you can copy and save the sigil

(((( image from here on your pc/laptop, open it up in microsoft paint - ctrl+a to select the entire image ctrl+x to cut it – work out the *size of the sigil (ctrl+w) or (ctrl+e) for the paper size, or manually - repaste the image with ctrl+v, *resize it small enough so you can add your petition/text))))

and draw over it with a black marker (for example), it may work as well to open up the sigil multi-dimensionally.

(just tried that right now with another sigil- so that works too apparently… ow YeaH :smile::sunglasses:)

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You’re absolutely welcome! :smile:

Thank you for this read. It almost feels like your elation is bleeding out of your words. Made me smile. Quick question: do you absolutely need the solomonic circle if yes what does it do in the ritual?


is the offering of the blood to the spirit a must do? also if you make a pact with a particular entity, can you work with another entitities too?


Did you get the answer to this question? I would also like to know if we must use the Solomonic circle.

Hi, no i did not i think. I am currently not rly into the occult. Kind of drifted of when times got bad.

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Okay… thanks for the reply.

If you have a well developed psychic sense, Any course of actions you detect about me? - Thanks.