Safe Servitor for beginners, banishing, protection, shielding and warding

Alright so here is the first of two servitors I am creating for anyone to use. She’s designed to banish and ward the area you summon into, or send her into. She’s pretty simple in the grand scheme things, and yes the sketch I created is essentially a throw back, from My little Pony. I chose this image for two reasons, one I recently started creating one for someone (and I thought her male pony was adorable), and made a similar image and for two, the biggest request I get when creating servitors, is that it NEVER appear scary in any way.

This servitor is designed to be used by the most beginner of beginners in order to keep it safe and offer another way to banish and protect, as we seem to have a lot of parasite issues around here, a lot of people wanting to work with spirits and having no idea really, how to do so. Throwing a servitor at them that is user and beginner friendly will give them a way to protect themselves and work with a safe spirit.

You will note that she cannot be reprogrammed by anyone but myself, as my only concern was- well not everyone who comes or our forums or lurks, has the best of intentions. By maintaining technical ownership and programming her so that she can’t be reprogrammed, I hope to minimize any protentional issues with this, or with her becoming corrupted.

I’m offering her to anyone who would like to use her, and if you have a moment to tell us about your experience with Luna, myself and others would likely greatly appreciate your feedback.

She is designed to not interfere with any work you are doing, so if you summon her and allow her to stay in your home, she will continue to banish and ward your space as necessary, but she will not banish anything you summon intentionally, unless it is not what you intended to summon. If she immediately chases away, attacks or kills what you summon, that is a clear heads up- that you did not make contact with the entity that you were trying to reach. After you have completed your work, if you wish for Luna to banish the energies left over from your summoning, you may find that you need to direct her to do so, as I have already stated, she will not interfere with anything you invite into your home with intention.

She will never banish wanted entities such as Ubi’s, familiars and the like, however if you feel uncertain, it is quite alright when you summon her, to be specific and say something to the effect of I wish you to banish everything except: abc, xyz

Just like working with any other type of spirit, multiple people can summon and work with Luna at the same time. If 100 of us sat down to call Belial for a project we were working on, we would likely all get similar, but personalized images, impressions and feelings of him. The clue that someone was either not getting the right being, or making things up- would only be if the images was drastically different from the core. Essentially everyone gets their own little personal slice of the pie, it’s very similar to everyone else’s but it’s unique to you none the less.

If you summon Luna and get anything but a cute little pony, that is a clue you have the wrong being. It seems to me like this will be much less likely than it would be with others spirits who might take any form they choose, but Luna is programed to only show up as a pony and will not take any other appearance. In testing, her colors have varied slightly however and her form solidifies the longer she is around you, or the more often you summon her.

I personally got impressions of a midnight blue pony, with a purple mane and tale that had streaks of light blue mixed in. Another forum regular has seen her as a white pony, with a purple mane and tail. If you allow her to stay in your home, you mind find that she patrols areas where you’re more likely to get invasions of parasites-such as mirrors, windows and doorways which can be used as portals unwittingly to the home owner.

Luna is safe to use on a daily basis, to summon her before you summon anything else to ensure you get the correct entities, or to summon her afterwards to banish the remaining energy as well. Her only task is to be a cheerful little companion and to banish and ward either the space you call her into, or one in which you send her to do this in.

Luna is programmed to adjust to the mind and mentality as well as the conversation level of the summoner. This is a passive programming I have been incorporating into my servitors as, I feel it does us no good to summon something that talks either so above our mentality level that we can’t comprehend them, or so far below us that we can only rate them as a dumb fck.

Essentially the more often you work with Luna, the more she will become real to you and adjust to your needs, as long as they fall within the purview of her programming.

If I forgot anything, please feel free to point it out or ask questions, I was going to wait until I had heard back from a few more regular members to share Luna publicly, but it seems every other post I read today and last night, was something I would link to this if I could have and testing so far as indicated that Luna is up and operational as programmed and expected.

If you have any questions about how I created Luna, you can find most of the answers in this tutorial that I wrote about the subject:

If you’re wondering how I named this servitor and notice that I chose the name of my recently belated kitten, it’s because I struggled to choose a name, then realized if I had been warding my home-I would likely still have my little kitten, as she was lost to cursing that warding could have prevented from entering my home. It seems only fitting, to name this servitor in her honor.

This is a wiki post, so if any of you regulars spot typos I missed, or grammar errors-Please feel free to fix it for sake of our community. :stuck_out_tongue: I promise I won’t be offended if it’s a well meant correction.

Edit: I sketched her with the forlorn look, as she is sad if you are not properly banishing and protecting yourself, don’t expect a sad face, as her being feels rather cheery to me!

Edit: I should also note, that even those without open senses, have reported experiencing something upon summoning- the most common I’ve heard is feeling another presence in the room, but I’ve also had people say things like it felt like the air started vibrating around them and some other slightly weird but definite signs of the servitor showing up when called, so don’t let closed senses hold you back, if you’re going to summon without open senses, at least do it here, with a safe spirit to help you.


What if the entity I chose to summon wanted to bring along another entity?


Can I say “Luna” out loud to summon her?


As long as it’s the real entity, your intent, would be (I assume), is that would be fine, but if you’re in doubt you can specify to Luna what you need or what you wish to have as far as that goes. Granted if they bring something with the intents of harming you, she won’t allow it. She’s not designed to attack entities that are not harmful to your person, but she will banish their left over energies once you are done- but if she’s not clear you are done, you may need to let her know-some people like the energy of their summons and want it left too, so you just need to specify anything like that. Hope I make sense here.

You can absolutely, but her strongest link is the the sketch of her form, so if you have any trouble calling with her name or sigil alone, look at the image as you would a sigil. After the first time or two of calling on her, you should find that simply calling out her name- in your mind, will bring her.

Edit: the reason you may need to tell her to banish the left over energy, is she may assume it was summoned on purpose, and that you want it in your space.



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Yepper. Hope I cleared that up for you and made sense lmao.

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It did

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I will use her to banish unwanted negative energy in my room.


She should do that automatically if you call her up :slight_smile:

You can dismiss her with the statement, as outlined in her programming sheets, if you do not wish her to linger.

One of the regulars has let her stay, and she’s taken up actively keeping her wards in place and patrolling their home, but it’s not necessary. You can call her as needed and dismiss her or let her linger-either way works basically the same.


Can she cause poltergeist?

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She will only cause normal sensations of being around you, she’s designed to not do anything crazy weird or scary.

It would be normal to sense her, to hear her, to feel her and to see her. Beyond that and activating wards, you should not experience any weird phenomena unless it was caused by banishing something not so cool in your space.

I would assume something odd might happen if she had to attack a parasite or some other dangerous or unwanted entity, but beyond that no. Unless you asked for some sort of sign of presence, in which case she might do something odd. I’ve been known to say come and show me you are here with spirits. I have not with her, so I can’t say you what she might do if you said something to that effect, other than make it clear that she was indeed present.


I felt like someone was nearby and the temp around me raised.


That’s a normal reaction :slight_smile: Servitors are closer to our plane than some other types of spirits, so I tend to find their presence is stronger.


Does this also work with say…original beings(Asmodeus, Lilith, Azazel, etc)?


It will banish their energies and she will essentially polite dismiss them, if you ask her to, but she will not attack or harm them. If you invite them in, she will consider them safe. She’s essentially a back up to your normal banishing or an alternative if you don’t have a normal banishing. Many people don’t start with learning a method-even if they should, and some don’t like the methods they have tried.

The other thing as far as being able to sense her goes, is I’ve found that even people who don’t sense other spirits yet, will almost always sense something when they call a servitor


Some parasitic type of entities seem to resist a normal banishing for newbies too- Luna eliminates this, if it’s a harmful being, she’s designed to remove it, even if other things haven’t worked.

Idk if I make sense!


One more question, can different people summon the same servitor simultaneously?


Yes, same as with any other spirit you will essentially get your own aspect of Luna, even if we summon her at the exact same time.


What I’m talking about is in terms of if my senses aren’t open to seeing the being that I’m wanting to see at every given time. Will she be able to clear up any disconnects with spiritual energies to be able to connect easier?


If you have an energetic interference, she would clear that up, but if it’s simply lack of open senses- not exactly.

But as with other spirits, the more you call upon her, the more your senses will open, so she can be used as an aid in developing your senses (as she is a safe spirit to call upon and will ensure you are safe while summoning) but that is not a function programmed into her, simply something that happens when calling spirits.

A servitor can help here quite a bit, because often you’re more aware of them than other spirits but if the disconnect is simply you’re not developed enough, she’s not going to fix that as an issue.

If that makes sense.