Identifying source of servitor hex

I am still feeling like I have the spiritual Parasites (made a thread about this a bit ago), and I was doing well until I suddenly hit a deep depression and got to where I told my mom i wanted to kill myself because my life won’t have any meaning unless i have a baby but I’m so disgusting that nobody i could love would ever want that with me. Her bestie said that the parasites were back and she thought there was a portal they were coming through. I went on the Dreamscape to try and figure this all out, and basically they’re servitors, and I’m actively being hexed by someone. I know I should do a mirror spell, but I want to know if anyone has experience with determining the source. My Mentors said they had an idea but the servitors were generic. Like, if you see the off-brand snack cakes all you know is that they came from Wally World. Theres just a bunch of them, is the problem.

I just wanna know whose life I should fuck up back, because even people who hate me I can’t think of anyone who actually wants me dead.

They could just be poorly programmed.

But I would dissolve them, personally. Then you only have to deal with those once.

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Feeling? Or knowing?

Or, is it that you want that to be the case?
(I promise I’m not trying to be a dick. We have to examine all the angles here)

Which is this right here:

Imo, there was probably no need to make a new thread about this, though I can understand the desire to generate quicker attention with a new one.

That said, I read through that other one and believe a lot of the advice you received holds up.

In that other thread you mentioned that you have mental illnesses. You also mentioned ptsd.

So the question I must ask is whether or not this could be related to you mental health?

But heres the part I think is important:

That’s a lot to unpack.

Why do you need a baby for your life to have meaning?

Does a baby represent a form of validation to you?

Why do you feel that you’re disgusting? Do you really believe that? Or is it a symptom of your mental illness that makes you feel and believe these things?

Are you perhaps externalizing the problem and blaming it on “parasites”? (or rather, perhaps they’re thoughtforms being generated when you become stressed, etc.)

To me, that says they’re small fry. Barely more than thoughtforms probably. (Just my opinion, I’m hardly an expert by any means)

That said, if you had sufficient protections and wards in place they should be getting fizzled out like flies in a bug zapper I would think.

So then why choose to believe you’re the recipient of someone’s active hexing?

The thing that bothers me about this kind of thinking is it’s too convenient to assume someone decided they’ve got an axe to grind with you and are out to destroy you. (This also paints a victim narrative and operates from an assumption of being victimized)

Kind of like how superstitious folks might want to say “witches did this!

Step back and examine. How many active practitioners do you personally know that may even want to expend the effort on such a thing? And apparently can’t be bothered to make strong “servitors” but would rather send a bunch of measly ones like a hoard of flies?

All that said, have you tried @anon97554939’s Luna?

As far as finding your enemies:

Suhgurim of the necronomicon is for finding the enemies of the witch/magician.


Alright take a deep breath. Find a white candle. Use your thumb nail to scratch the word “Michael” on it.

On a piece of paper write down everything you told us in your post. Then in your paper ask for michael Archangel to DELIVER you from whatever’s bothering you.

This is an Arch Angelic petition. It WILL work even if you have no skill at magick.

Light the candle and ask for the presence of Archangel Michael to come to you and hear your prayer. He WILL come it’s his job and who he is and what he does.

Read your letter aloud to Michael and ask for deliverance from mental illness, unhealthy beliefs, a broken heart, and the malice of those here and in the spirit world.
Allow the candle to burn out completely and burn your letter to him after you’ve read it aloud.

If you can actually follow my instructions I assure you that you will have some measure of comfort and relief.


Thanks. My depression is actually fairly controlled right now, but when I’m having a depressive episode theres usually some warning. Like, I’ll lose interest in the things I usually love and it will be a slow decline. Not “in the car while I’m driving home from work”. With PTSD theres usually a trigger and there just wasn’t. It’s not like I was listening to anything related to miscarriage, infertility, babies, etc. I was listening to They Might be Giants.

I did a meditation/visualization exercise where I got a better idea of what was going on. Because this was very weird. It was literally I’m listening to my favorite band, things are going pretty well and it was like a switch went off. It’s not like anything I’ve experienced before and I have been dealing with ptsd since I got run over by a car in 2013.

I do put up protections and wards. I think someone is hexing me because I know of at least two people who can get around them. One is my former roommate who got chased out by things spontaneously catching fire around and/or on him. The other one is my ex-boyfriend who I would never raise guards against.

I made a new thread because I didnt want to necro post. I’m still relatively new to the forum so I apologize if I was wrong about the etiquette.

My former roommate goes into homicidal rages and did hard time and said that if he had to kill someone for a ritual for power he would. My ex boyfriend would definitely do something to hurt me if he was having a manic episode. There are reasons they’re not in my life. Being too kind and compassionate has definitely fucked me over.

If it’s your own thread and the subject matter is still relevant, I don’t think it’s a necropost if you “bump” it.

Now, I’m a “better safe than sorry” kinda guy.

If there’s the potential for real damage/mayhem (whether real or imagined) and I have the ability to mitigate it, then I’ll act accordingly.

“An ounce of prevention” and all that.

Worst case scenario, it was all nothing and I expended energy on preventing a non-issue (though there’s no waste in establishing protection).

Best case scenario, I prevent serious issue.

Have you been doing cleansings like salt baths?

Ill take seasalt and pour it into the tub before I run water. I’ll push energy into it and activate and command it to absorb negativity and toxicity, then run water, etc.

Yep, often. I am also wearing hematite (I already had one ring just sort of disintegrate on my hand), put up my magician’s circle, wear my talismans (which I didnt think did anything until I took them off for a few days), eat my leafy greens, take my medication, etc.

I never thought to call on Michael. Thank you!

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PLEASE do it without delay!

Well, I mean, I’m still at work. I’m the only employee here, but I should probably refrain from burning things in the office.

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Do it after you get home and take a relaxing shower.

I’m not sure I felt much, but I feel a lot better. My little gray ball of hate woke me up at 3 this morning to get snuggles.

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Heres my little beast