Shielding Forms Help

how does one go about shielding on paper? i mostly do energy work and i feel it can be the strongest. i do get lazy and want to try other methods but drawing feels like it would work better and low effort but effective.

the goal is to shield my house from unknown visitors but i’m wanting to try it without using energy. sometims all the other methods don’t feel strong at all. how can i ensure a simple sigil is effective enough? sometimes what i write doesn’t feel enough if i’m using it for a ward.

i’d use words like “protects me from negative forces, ill intents, and ill wishes from all negative and opposing forces” or even “ ward, protection, keep out imposters, tricksters, liers, malevolent spirits/entities, negative entities/energies, things not invited into my space, things not of authenticity”


Have you seen Luna? She can help you figure out how to take this to the level you want to go if it’s doable, or give ideas on things that might work better if it’s not.

Otherwise I don’t know of anyway of doing it without some form of energy, but if there is a way I’m sure Luna can help you figure it out.

I use all different sorts and kinds of energies to build shields around things, but I don’t know of anyway to anchor it into being in this world without energy to support it. Thusly my recommendation!

Good luck and let us know how you make out on this one, or if I misunderstand the quest altogether:)


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i want my own instead of Luna. i have tried her but i’ll have sus moments of tricksters around.


i’m aware it requires energy but like what’s a good method to do sigil that fours your energy but effortlessly or anything


I guess I either don’t understand the question, the terms, don’t know how to help or something.

I don’t find that it takes much effort to keep a shield up, it either needs an energy source to be constant, dissipates over time, or can be reenergized as needed.

I have an alert system if something manages to get by, but honestly I’m afraid I an either not comprehending your need or haven’t reached the point in my journey that I have the skills to answer.

I’m sorry :disappointed:, I hope you figure out something that works exactly the way you want it to :slight_smile:


how can i set up an alarm system? my question is shrieking with physical things rather more energetic clairvoyance.


Servitors like Luna are what I use. I don’t follow what you mean on the rest.


Actually did you mean shielding here? I just realized it was probably a typo, making it make a little more sense.

If you mean literal physical things, or at least that we perceive as physical, isn’t that what the lock on the door is for? Or a fence?

^I am just demonstrating I don’t understand conceptually, I am sure trying but I’m feeling pretty dumb around here atm!

You could use a mundane action like video gaming or phone screen taps, every time you say a certain word or do a certain action to feed a shield, if you mean physical actions to do the energetic.

I find I need to remind myself at first when setting these up to ensure the intentions stick, least I forget and send the energy elsewhere cuz I’m human and forget quickly. :rofl:

I usually just remind myself at the start of the task where I’m intending the energy of the entire task to go for things like this, then I know my intentions are clear and the energy goes where I want it to.

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yes typo. you explained perfectly. i no longer need help. you also validated an exact thing i said 2 days ago with your last sentence. thank you.

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Awesome, I apologize for taking so long to understand what you meant! I was really starting think I was too lost to help you! :rofl:

Shielding is fun and easy. Most of my practice was inspired by this video.

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