Lucifer all you need to know if you want to start working with him

Hello everyone, I’m new to this and I would like to connect with Lucifer. I have a few questions (maybe more than a few as I gain more information)!

  1. Does it matter what hour I choose to connect with him? I know the day doesn’t matter.
  2. I’ve read that it would help to write what you want to discuss with Lucifer, is it okay to do that and slip that under my pillow as well as his sigil?
  3. I read that some people may fall ill if they use Lucifer’s sigil for protection without his consent. I’m not necessarily using his sigil for protection, just to communicate with him, so am I safe to draw his sigil?

Thank you!!

no problem with the sigil (idk who told you that i’ve never saw this anywhere) & hour
to connect with Lucifer the best thing to do is meditation but you can try your pillow thing, for me he wasn’t very present in my dreams when i started so i don’t recomand dreams to connect with him ! also reading about him can help.
Something that really worked for me (+ meditation) was to offer him a necklace (you can take any jewel i started with a ring, before the necklace) and wear it almost everyday


Thank you for your response!

My following question doesn’t have to be answered by you alone:
So I really want to try sleeping with his sigil under my pillow but I’m generally worried that I’m going to do something incorrect? I know all I’m doing is going to sleep with his sigil, but I feel that there’s more I need to have/do to approach him. I don’t have anything to offer him as of yet, besides my time, and I really want to learn about him and learn from him about various topics.

I guess my question is, is this way of communicating with Lucifer, as a true beginner (someone who has zero experience with magick), good enough to contact him? Am I jumping over steps or is sigil magick a fine first step for a newbie like me? I want to make sure I do things right :face_with_monocle:

I know that he is great for beginners to work with, but I’m not sure if that entails beginners who have at least a little bit of magick experience.

Can you, or someone, give me advice about this? I can’t tell you how much I want to do this, but I fear that I’m going about things incorrectly. Thank you so much!

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Ah please disregard my previous question, I’ve read more beginner forum posts and have obtained an answer to my question(s) and feel more at ease :relaxed:

Feel free to post your answers for the rest of the class.

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Haha of course, I’d love to share with the class :laughing:

So it is absolutely safe to use this form of connecting with Lucifer if you wish to do so, but beware nightmares and/or sleepless nights as I’ve read some forum members have experienced those. I have read that nightmares could symbolize Lucifer challenging you or trying to understand your character (I’m not 100% sure of this though), but you may remove his sigil from underneath your pillow if you encounter this after multiple attempts. You try again another night once you’re ready, or use a different way of reaching him (i.e., evocation). I’m not sure if the nightmares stop after you’ve reached him, but I think they would since I have not read anyone experiencing nightmares once the connection has been established. After you’ve reached him, you do not have to sleep with his sigil underneath your pillow again as the connection has been established and his sigil will remain open.

For those who are using this way of communicating/connecting with Lucifer for the first time, you may slip his sigil under your pillow before you sleep, or you may open his sigil (i.e., meditating with his sigil until it is open or gazing at his sigil until it is open) and slip his sigil underneath your pillow and go to bed. Lucifer is very patient and kind, and will love to answer any questions you have if he is your spirit of choice. If you do not have anything to offer him, I have read that he will still work with you as long as you offer your time to truly learn from him and connect with him.

If you are still feeling hesitant, I have found a servitor that is SAFE to work with if you would like to increase your clairvoyant skills before connecting with a demon. You can find that forum topic below this message.

Luna is a great start for absolute beginners like myself, who have very little to no experience in magick; and her creator is extremely kind and will answer any questions you may have (just be sure to read the entire forum post as many of your questions may be answered there). I’ve been practicing summoning Luna for a couple days, and I will continue practicing until I feel ready to contact Lucifer, the majestic entity, himself :slight_smile: I haven’t been able to sense anything yet, but I will keep practicing and have high hopes!

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

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Wow! Exciting stuff. I don’t want to rush you, but I can’t wait to hear about your first encounter with Lucifer.

What is your paradigm? Is Lucifer the Roman God of Light, is he The Farther Creator? Is he a fallen angel?

What or Who is he to you?

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I honestly just read on a post that had a list of demons to connect with for beginners, and thought it would be a good idea to start there.

As for right now I see him as a mentor, I know others describe him in various roles (e.g., a father, brother, a god, protector). I don’t know if that’ll change once I connect with him, but I feel my perception of him will grow along the way.

I’ve initially heard of him as a fallen angel, and of course one of the most powerful rulers of hell. But for now, I see and respect him as a lord/king and mentor/guide.

I also don’t know when or if I’ll even post my experience with Lucifer, so don’t hold wait up for that haha.

I can’t use the incense associated with Lucifer as offering?
BTW inspiring with the semen offering. I’m thinking sympathetic magick now.

Thank you for this :blue_heart:

I’m curious to know when you have worked with the same spirits for years, does it feel like you are taking to an old friend when you contact them?

There’s something really hypnotic about Lucifers sigil.

I dunno what it is about it that draws me in but ever since seeing it and memorising all its lines and curves I feel strongly attracted to it , like a magnetic force.


Lucifer asked me to offer him white candles only. Don’t know why?

For Belial it is red as he recommended. Have gave his first sign on a red candle.

Thank you for this awesome thread and this info. Would you please share some light on the Lucifer - Shiva connection??

My background is Hindu and I’d love to know more.

Lucifer and Shiva are not the same. They are different energies and Shiva is an older god. The connection was in a book where Lucifer is seen as an archetype, the “destroyer” aspect (i.e, many people say Lucifer turned their lives upside down when they started working with him). Lucifer is called the lightbearer/bringer, while Shiva the Destroyer. Seeing things you’re not ready for will cause havoc (shedding light). I have not worked with Shiva yet, so I can’t say much but they are both different.


I just saw this topic and couldn’t help but shared a bit of my experience with him, something that people should also acknowledge but is usually ignored. But I’m sure a lot people can relate.
Lucifer can give a fuck sometimes to some people for no reason at all. I spent 7 years dealing with an impostor that was pretending be him, trying contact him all way while I doubted if I was dealing with the real one or not, begging him to show me the truth and nothing. I was told that he was there at first but than left when the impostor arrived and I started to fell for the impostor’s lies. So he left me alone to deal with an impostor.
So if you’re considering work with him, be aware of this side of him. He’s not all fatherly, friend, mentor to everyone, to some people, probably who he doesn’t consider worth of his time, he will give a shit about it, and leave you to fuck yourself as a “lesson”.

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I usually don’t comment on people’s experiences because I understand that everyone is different, but I do feel like asking how did you work with the impostor for 7 years without feeling any side effects?


I know spirits sometimes do not wish to work with some people, and I also know we shouldn’t push their boundaries if they have already said no. And yes, Lucifer can wish to not work with someone, but I’ve read in many places that he does not tolerate imposters. If he did leave you alone with one, ask him why. Was it a lesson for you to learn to fight for yourself because you were becoming too dependent? He leaves you alone at times when you do, he did it to me and I learned it the hard way that at the end of the day there are some things I must do myself. Michael left me with a shadow person, but that was also a lesson for me because I had become dependent.

I didn’t like being left like that, and I took it up with him.

I’m not invalidating your experience, nor am I invalidating your warning, because again, everyone should know that not all spirits will be willing to work with them.

I simply don’t understand if the experience you speak of is with the imposter or the real Lucifer.


I guess it depends what you consider side effects. I wasn’t drained of energy or anything. I posted about how the impostor acted, here:

Here I said what he did and why and how he was so convincing. But it was an impostor with not doubt.

I’d be okay if he had simple came to me and said “No, I don’t want to work with you for x and x reason” But leaving me with an impostor was a dick move. I guess I’m exception, someone who can make him tolerate impostor after all.

I can’t. Cause the experience with the impostor got me traumatized with summonings, with summoning him. For some many time I tried summon him, with the set mind that I was calling the real one and the impostor kept coming claiming be him and not sign of him that now only the thought of (try) call him make me sick. Honestly I’m not in mood to ask anyway, I understand people who worked with him and likes him when hear things like wanting to find a good reason, but to me he simple was indifferent and asshole, as human can be, also the entities can.

I don’t even know if I worked with him long enough to this happens before the impostor come and he take off. All I know is that I had no lesson at all, I spent 7 years with doubts, without learning anything, without progressing, suicidal, insane and depressed at times because of the doubts. My only lesson was that I thought he was a good guy and now I think he’s as bad as any god who don’t give a fuck about “his” children. And I pretty much don’t trust in anyone.

I understand this. Don’t worry.

Both in a way. I spent 7 years with an impostor cause Lucifer took off and didn’t bother in show me the truth.

Sorry if I sound bitter haha


Thank you for explaining

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Hey, I need to know if Lucifer reached out to me. I was chillin in my room, and I was thinking about him. All of a sudden, the room got really cold and windy, and a presence was in my closet. I was awestruck, and he pushed in my mind. He asked “Do you feel validated” and i answered. he also said “Your time to work with me has come” and the I told him he could stay and all that stuff, welcoming him into my room. I was then wondering if i could get him in my dream, and he said “Hush child. You will. Now rest.”
I really need to know if this was him
I need to know if that was him! I dont know.