Question on Demonic Attacks

Hey guys.

So I have a pretty serious problem on my hands. I am constantly getting attacked by entities/spirits. The spirit is strong, it can harm my physical body, like send pain up my hands, etc. It has clung to me for months and months, and it won’t go away. It delivers some bad messages, and it seems to have the intention of staying forever. I don’t know how I attracted this in my life.

I am trying to hold it off with some Angelic communication, but they think it can last a long time, and the spirit isn’t easy to deal with. It has been helpful, but it won’t’ work all the way.

I have also visited a couple priests and hired an energy worker before, but he couldn’t solve the problem. The priests turn to religion and stay close to God, but their advice isn’t particularly effective.

I am wondering if there was an expert with these types of matters that I could get some help from. Can any of the forum experts here solve this issue permanently? Thanks.

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Have you tried things like, a changing salt bath, and doing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram? Have you talked to the entity to identify it’s motivation or type?

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Call upon leviathan to banish it from your house. Sounds like a parasyte & the infernal divine dont really wish harm to those practicing magick.

LBRP could work too. Id do LBRP to get it out of the home, then evoke leviathan to KEEP it out.

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I just introduced myself. Thanks.


Hey Mulberry. Like I said I have tried out the basics, banshing, etc. and I have done all the stuff I know over the past couple months. I didn’t have any luck with these techniques. Only working with angels had a little success for me, but like I said it’s not nearly enough to get rid of this entity.

Motivation - It doesn’t reveal itself, but it wants to stick around forever and attack. It wants to keep following me around, it doesn’t know where it came from. He says if you used some reasoning like, “This entity doesn’t exist”, it can work out for you. Though I wonder if he’s lying about the whole thing.

@Paolucci - I suppose I can try that as well. Leviathan.

I always recommend Damon Brand book, Magickal Protection, the 33 day ritual works really well. When you work with both Master Protection ritual and Cancel a curse you will get better results. No matter how stubborn the spirit is, even if it wont leave you but his power over you will be reduced to great extent.

Another book is angelic protection by Ben Woodcraft his rituals too are quite good. You may also try angelic trance magick, by the same author it has an angel for protection, counteract evil, healing et

Apart from religious stuff, angelic magick is quite good for stubborn spirits.
Good luck


Magickal Protection by Damon Brand

Banishing ritual
Master Protection Ritual
ritual to Cancel a Curse

I would do as the book suggests - banish after you wake up, banish as you are going to bed, and then you can also banish when you do a ritual. Do the Master Protection Ritual along with the banishing. If you have the time and really feel the need, you can do the ritual to cancel curses at the same time, but I would do the Master Protection Ritual first, as it is possible if not likely that you are doing this to yourself, and this ritual will help you to see that.


The Luna servitor can help too.

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What caused the spirit/entity to become attached to you in the first place?

How do you know it isn’t a human attacking you?

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