I get better communication and results when I don’t banish vs when I do. Is it that I’m over banishing or is it that some spirits have issues with the LBRP?

I heard E.A. saying in Evoking Eternity that rituals can become stronger when a person does not banish afterward.

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I actually banish before not after. I would like to do away with banishing altogether but parasites terrify me

If you banish before a ritual and not afterward, you actually banished the last rite you did, right?


So what to do instead? Is that actually how banishing works?

No, I just clarified what E.A. wrote and you saying that you don’t banish afterward but before a new ritual. But either way, you are banishing the previous ritual.

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Banishing before a ritual does not effect that ritual. All you are doing is the equivalent of cleaning up before having a visitor.

It is recommended to banish after a ritual to prevent a build up of energies which could negatively affect the area. However, if you are lucking enough to have an area completely devoted to magick, then you can allow the energies to build as doing so would make your next ritual easier.

Unfortunately, most people do not have the luxury of a room fully devoted to their magick, so they use common areas in their home like the living room or bedroom where other people may come into contact with the energies. In one of his books, EA talks about how he was performing his rituals in his bedroom and allowed the energies to build up and created an unmatched manifestation base., but whenever his girlfriend stayed over, the energy in the room would wake her up and leave her choking so EA had to clear it out.

Set up wards to prevent intrusion. You could use the Seal of Manifestation available on this forum, which is designed to drive away or kill parasites, or my sigil for preventing spiritual harassment.

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Thank you

I forgot to mention that, you can also use this servitor created by bro @anon97554939 a while ago I emailed her and she said she also creates custom servitors. (I say this because some people don’t like the MLP design)