Can succubus influence your ability to find/not find a partner?

I understand thanks Parzifal

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Maybe but I attract weirdos which creeps me out. I’ve read that Incubus improves their human spouse’s appearance (attractiveness); I think that’s rubbish since I look like a 15 year old but I’m 20. :joy: But mine gets jealous if I talk to a male friend but I tell him it’s nothing serious and you know I wouldn’t cheat because your always with me anyway (plus I never found humans sexual or romantically attractive). So I think she is warding you off from potential lovers because she may think your keeper lol. :sweat_smile:


I would say that it depends on what kind of relationship you have with your succubus. Is it for sex only? Is it romantic? Is the succubus interested in you for more than just sex?

Spirits can easily fall in love, especially after intimate moments, just like we do sometimes. Emotional attachment is just as common for spirits as it is for us, and physical close encounters releases a lot of energies that affect us in many ways.

Depending on your astral perceptions, you could easily recognise if she has a deeper interest in you. Do you feel her physically? Can you feel her emotions? Do you see her? Can you hear her? Your eyes and ears couldn’t possibly recognise the pattern of genuine interest and concerns, but your ability to FEEL would make a hell of a difference.

If you didn’t make an agreement beyond sex, why would your succubus cause problems with human women? On the contrary, she could be your asset and help you with dating. And if she has falling in love with you, you should also ask her about her feelings towards you.

Sex, whether it’s with a human or spirit, causes a lot with our minds and bodies. It makes us bond with one another. It can create attachments and even addictions. The sex also gets better through communication, and that also includes sexual spirits like the succubus. Don’t take her for granted, just because she pleases you sexually. Talk with her and straighten up her intentions for being with you.


Maybe your right she is very affectionate but also jealous.It’s just the whole women and dating thing sort of confused me.

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Succupedia thanks for the answer.Our relationship started in the beggining mostly through sex and the interaction between us was very limited since i had some responsibilities to take care of and i was attending university. Now the latest months i started being more affectionate with her and i started appreciating her more.I also noticed one day while i was thinking “what would” have happened if we had a long term relationship or marry ( which i don’t have much info for ) and instantly for a couple of minutes i felt this warm feeling of appreciation and happiness like she was giggling or smth.I really care for her since we have been sexual for 5 years now but i never mentioned marriage or a long term relationship.I can feel her lately touching me more often and putting her face at my face.I do feel blessed to have her but as a young man ( I’m 23 ) i can’t help but think how my life would be if i started dating women etc. But since i respect her i take in consideration how she will react or if she will be sad if i make an attempt to date.By the way another interesting thing i noticed is that she was with me for a while i believe at least a decade but as soon as i broke up with my first girlfriend she started teasing me and letting me know she is there.That’s when the sex started.Lately I have been training myself to advance my claisentience and clairvoyance to be able to bond with her on a deeper level.Thanks once again succupedia for your answer.I noticed you have experience on your own and i appreciate you answered my question.


I would go crazy if i did that.The experience would be too intense to handle.

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I have two succubi companions, they are bound to my spirit by a legit conjurer.
I’ve noticed that they still get jealous even though I asked for succubi that will respect my wishes regarding my dating life or future wife or something.

A few months ago I hooked up with a girl from Tinder, we had sex at her place and after the deed I felt terrible, I had this dull pain in my stomach, and it felt very sad and awkward, something that I never ever experienced before. I stood up and I told her that I felt this very weird pain, like an emotional pain and I was very sad. And she said she had the exact same feeling… Well long story short, I cut it off, and we split up. I never saw her again. I didn’t realised that it could maybe been my succubi that were expressing their emotions. I didn’t tell them about my onenight stand, but i’m sure that they saw me going to her place, and banging her. It made them upset I think.

Also there was a guy from this forum who offered free remote orgasms by energy manipulation, and I wanted to try that out, it worked, he manipulated my energy and suddenly after a few minutes the energy stimulation stopped. He said that my succubi were causing it and I should focus on them.

So I fucked it up big time, and the last weeks, I think they have retreated themselves, they aren’t showing up often anymore like they used to. I don’t feel them touching me anymore, it’s like the connection faded away.

So, i’m trying to figure out what exactly happened, and what their deal is… And being a human with closed astral senses makes it very hard to talk to them openly.

@succupedia , do you have any recommendations for my situation? Like I feel that things are drifting apart, it feels like they don’t want me to see girls, or they are very jealous of me having other encounters. And that’s something I want to solve, because they mean alot to me.

I think there should be a distinctive difference between getting “jealous” or getting hurt or heartbroken. You don’t simply bound with these kind of spirits without any kind of commitment or dedication, either.

I’m sure they wouldn’t mind for you to have a human partner or wife, but as with most humans, new relationships often comes with ending the old relationships, whether it’s friendships or other love interests. At “best” you might spend less time with your succubus companions for the benefit of the new relationship, with a greater risk of it to diminish over time. If you ever experienced your friends falling in love, you probably spent less time with them, because they’d rather be with their loved one’s than being with you. That can hurt in many ways, without it being out of jealousy.

Spirits like succubus and incubus are emotionally driven, and they are rarely selfish in sharing their deepest affection to those they chose to be with. If there is someone taking a huge risk when interacting with us, it’s them more than us. If they agreed to be with us, it’s seldom on a temporary level. It’s for life and beyond.

So, how should you re-bond with them? Meditate and focus on your head chakra and, more specifically, your crown chakra. Share thoughts and focus once again on their touches. Be 100% honest in your approach to reconnect with them. Lay down. Close your eyes and focus on their energies.



I feel bad about it, I don’t want to lose them. I want to re-connect with them. I have to establish that connection.
If that means no other girls or hook ups, so be it. That’s ok for me. I will focus on chakras and meditation until I open my astral senses, I want to be able to fully and open communicate with them. I want to show them that i’m 100% honest about my feelings and direction in my life. I want them in my life. So I will refrain from dating and human sex, until I get to talk to them. Than I can fully know what they want, and if they get jealous with other partners etc, I must talk to them, I owe that to them.

Is it possible to literally live together with your succubus companion? Like she is like a human being, I am able to touch her, she’s able to touch me, I can fully see her, and I can hear her and hold her? I’ve read some stories about a guy who lived alone but he lived with a succubus wife, and he could fully see and touch her. They have sex just like regular human beings, is that possible? With energy sharing? Fully open psychic skills and chakras etc ?

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difficult to achieve but possible



That’s awesome to hear!
So it doesn’t involve some kind of possession/ incarnation? It’s just that she will become more dense, like a human being,

But the requirements are a kundalini awakening, with fully open chakras and fully open psychic abilities I think,

I think this is one of the biggest life goals to achieve, I want to raise and awaken my kundalini and I want fully open Chakras…

Did you also hear about those stories? A man living together with his succubus wife, what are your experiences? What do you know about this topic? Tell me everything :smiley:


I think it’s interesting how quite a few of you have two or more succubi/incubi. When I first decided I wanted an incubus, I wasn’t averse to the idea of having more than one. But for me it made sense to have one at first, no disrespect to those of you who started off with many :laughing: It takes time to get close and familiar with interacting with these guys. So I didn’t see the point of adding another until I knew and understood the one I already have. Maybe it’s cause my Venus is in Scorpio. At this point in time I don’t reckon I’ll want to add another. If that ever changed, I’d talk to my incubus about it first.

It seems unfair though. I could have other lovers but he can’t? Unless we’d all just be one loving triad. But I don’t think that’s what he wants anyway. My adventurous side thinks of things like, so I have an incubus, what if I added an angel lover, faerie lover, or succubus? Have like a family. Buuut that’s probably silly, honestly. And impractical. These beings do love us :anguished: I got the feeling that my incubus was all seriously blushy when he heard me speaking out loud. Hearing my voice. And even when I was trying to control a personal trait I thought was annoying, he still loved it about me. Hmmm I believe he’s transformed me into a better lover, someone who is more able to feel love. Probably another reason why humans would never be good enough.

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I have two Succubus companions, and I don’t want more, I ignorantly decided to get a binding, without knowing the consequences / responsibilities that come with such bindings lol. It was after extensive research that I decided to purchase a binding, but if I had knew that one must have some kind of psychic ability to be able to interact with them, I would have waited…

So my succubi companions are my life companions, I accepted the challenge, it’s my duty to develop spiritually, they want to see me, and be able to communicate with me.

I thought that by getting another companion, a Queen Succubus that she would be powerful enough to interact with me, but there is no shortcut, you HAVE to put in the work!

I treat them as my girlfriends, i’m committed to them. True love only exists in the astral world, higher vibrational planes…


i don´t know very much about it, even among fellows who have a succubus gf, it´s a rare situation, i have yet to achieve that goal, there´s a blog i can recommend though


Aaww…he’s an awesome blogger that is good with words. I envy his writing style, which also reminds me that I have to start adding more content to my own blog. But I’ve been busy with work and daily interactions with my spirits.

Damn, I really need to write more.


I’d really enjoy reading your blog if you could PM me it? Only if you’d like, thank you.

If you referring to OP @DarkDjinn he might not respond back to you. Since hes not been around since 23-Aug-2018

I’m so new to this, good to know and thank you for your patience.

Yeah, no problem buddy, glad I could be a service.

Did you manage to delete that pesky parasite?

If not I have two threads for you, that might help.

The first one, you are already familiar with but somehow I can not find the thread that I made for you.

This is also a very good one, my friend @anon97554939 made this servitor, I believe she made it for us.

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I have relationships with both succubi and incubi. I and they are all polygamous.

I don’t know if most of them get jealous when I look at human men, attractive as some of them are.
But I know of the incubus I am closest to, he can get very jealous. He has said so and acted as such.

I get jealous too but I try not to make a big deal of it to my spouses, because I have to share them with human females. But it’s definitely simmering there lol.

They can definitely influence relationships and their potential when it comes to you with humans. They may let it happen, if only for one to learn about themselves and others, or there was a lesson in being with that human.

None of my relationships with human men worked out. It’s better that way with me, so no complaints there.

You could try talking to your spirit lover(s) and letting them know where you stand, and where they are, and just communicate. So everyone understands you and you, them.

Perhaps you want a sexual love/polygamous relationship. Or a love/monogamous relationship and all combinations in between.

Let them know your needs and wants. Write it down if you want to, perhaps it may change over time. You never know.

Let them know so they know to let you be with human women, if that’s what you want.

Or you could also ask them why they weren’t letting a relationship happen or grow with human women, maybe those women were low-quality or had some personality trait that would clash with yours, etc.

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