Safe Servitor for beginners, banishing, protection, shielding and warding

The other thing is regular banishing does help all on it’s own with developing your senses, as when the energy is reset to 0, it’s easier to notice a 1 than it is if the energy as at 5 all the time, and then it becomes a 6.

Basically a good banishment practices not only help you to be safe and teach you how to handle attacks, it also makes it more likely that you will notice the subtle energetic changes that indicate spiritual presence.


Servitors in general are not new to me. Servitors of this kind are what’s new to me. It’s a matter of concept of just random hiccups that block my usual sensing more or less. Spirit energies are around, but the level of identification at times gets blocked up, not out of lack of development but more of senses being clouded up.

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Then yes, I would say implementing her into your practice should help, particularly if you direct her at where you know the energy build up is, that is causing the issue.

Being as, I am once again assuming, you’ve intentionally invited these beings into your space, you may need to indicate to her that you wish her to clear them. Just direct her to clear the energy, and not necessarily the spirits and it should make a difference imop, but you can word it however you feel is correct

As far as servitors of this kind go, lol I’ve been making out of the box ones it seems, but they seem to function really well for their owners. I discovered they could do amazing things with energy, when I created one for each of my children, to transmute energies that I didn’t want to linger around them.

I’m sure others use them this way, I just don’t often come across it :slight_smile:


One thing I gotta say and I find this fairly interesting. This setup is fairly reminiscent of something that Faustus Crow came up with in his books. Maybe not exactly, but fairly similar. In other words, great minds think alike.

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I will have to google this, that’s not a name I am familiar with lol.

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Amazon is blasted with stock of his works. Granted, he usually works along the succubus lines mostly. But him incorporating concepts from movies like Star Wars and other angles is what makes this fairly familiar with each other.

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Ah I see. Lol I wouldn’t have made the association then for sure.

He does have quite a few titles I see, when I click this, but I’m not familiar with any of them.

Looks like there’s a few in Kindle Unlimited though, so I guess I have some reading to do!

I just operate on the assumption that if magic or spirits can do it, a servitor can be programmed to do it as well. They may need a few practice runs to learn the operations fully, but they seems to be quite capable of learning, as all of us are.


Well, just as the spirit is expected to advance in their sphere of influence, so it is expected for the magician to aid in their advancement. Whether it is approaching the ritual from different angles or whether it is rearranging an aspect of the ritual to give the spirit room to learn and advance.

Even I’m overdue for some various reading, lol. So I know how you feel on that end.

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Yeah I can’t read the new or old information as fast as it comes out lmao :sweat_smile: :rofl:

I could spend years in any one topic and still not master it.

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Whenever you doubt your level of mastery, remember that experts built the Titanic…when have you ever heard of an amateur level raft hitting an iceberg and sinking? Lmao :joy:


It was very nice of you to do this. Much appreciated!

I created my first servitors with those intentions and it really worked out. Many members will benefit greatly from this.


Thank you. I certainly hope so :slight_smile:

Hopefully the people that really could use this, will find it and be willing to use it, rather than be stubborn and get stuck with attachments, that they have no idea how to get rid of.


Eeee even just casual gazing got me all warm and fuzzy, like all the little negatives in the lil nooks and crannies of my husk heart getting powerwashed. I love this! haha will make use should I need this aid! :ok_hand::raised_hands:


:slight_smile: Sounds good!

I really try not to let anyone become food! But sometimes they want to be food!


Awww a cute pony yasss so happy now thank you for this. ^^ this is the kind of stuff that is totally meant for me as i love cuteness and girly things.


What an awesome idea, thank you so much :hugs:

I’d like to use Luna to help me develop my senses, but how do I summon her properly? Do I need to redraw the sigil, print it out, or is it ok to use it on the computer screen? Do I always need to talk to her aloud?

I tried it last night and meditated right afterwards. Didn’t get any weird sensations other than the usual, except that the air around my head felt cooler than normal. I don’t know if I accomplished anything or not.


Her strongest link is to the sketch I drew of her, people who have issues with sigils or calling out to beings with a name alone, usually find that due to the amount of time I spend on the sketch, she’s very strongly linked to it.

It’s not necessary to print or draw anything, but you can if it makes you feel more connected to her. You could even print the sketch and color it in with colored pencils or crayons or whatever made you happy, if it helped establish a link between you and her.

Senses take time, and while the majority of people do report feeling something in regards to servitors, it can be very subtle, such as a change in the room temperature, the hair on your arms stands up, you hear a weird noise that has no explanation or even feeling as if you are no longer in the room alone.

The more often you try to call Luna, the sooner you will begin to feel and notice her, if you’re able to say something to the effect of, I am just going to pretend, that no matter what does or doesn’t happen, Luna will come to me when I gaze at her sketch or call her name, it often can help too, as the logical mind often tries to dismiss the early signs of spiritual connection.

It’s never necessary to call her name out loud or speak to her out loud, even if you cannot sense her, operate on the assumption that if you spent several minutes, 5, 10 or more trying to connect with her, that she can hear you, even if you can’t sense her. I like to say a one way call is still a call, and her communication is good, even if yours isn’t good yet.

You can even ask her to visit your dreams, she’s programmed to do so on request, though this even, takes time, when you are new with things.

@Angelb1083 summoned her from the sketch, on her phone screen. She described it to me, as it appeared as if Luna leapt right out of her phone and took the form of the sketch. The longer Luna was in her home, the more solid Luna became to her. Now this member has their senses open, so while it’s a great validating experience, it’s not something the newer members can expect, the more subtle signs, such as feeling like your mood is lifted, the air is cleared, someone is with you, those sorts of things are the ones I would watch for. Even feeling safer, particularly if something has you spooked would be a positive sign, that Luna has indeed entered your space.

My advice is to keep trying as she will help you with the senses, despite that not being her job, because the more you summon the more sensitive you become, and she is a safe place to start, as she will ensure nothing else comes to harm you.

Edit: Another note, is that as you wish to work on your senses-I would use the dismissal statement given in Luna’s stat sheet, after every attempt to summon. I say this, because while she’s safe to leave roaming in your home, you’ll get used to her energy, rather than noticing when it enters your space.


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She is so amazing to have to be honest. I did realize I had so much that came and went from the cemeteries until I got a malicious one.

I am not sure if this is because I can talk to animals anyway but for me she can talk telepathy or even like how horses will with nods and such if it ask her something.


That’s great, she’s programmed to use telepathy, Dreams, visions as well as be visually seen and audibly heard but, it’s going to depend on the individuals strengths what they get.

She should essentially hone in on what you can communicate with, if you have any open sense and work with your skills, above the others.

I know some do the telepathy best with spirits, while others only experience beings in dreams and such, so I tried to make her to somewhat tailor to the needs of the summoner.

I am really glad that she’s made such a positive difference for you, I’d been worried for a few days, but that one experience was over the top scary.