Game Changing/Ground Breaking New Way to Contact Tribal Ancestors, Guides, Gods and Deities/ FREE Servitor!

can i ask her to just put me in contact with a god for a specific porpoise? Like, i’ve the porpoise… don’t know what god i should call that be better suited for me specifically.
Like… “hey stormy in your travels through the many realms, if u come about a god that can help with X and would be willing to help ME (implying the god would take in consideration all my ignorances a lack of self-development and still be willing to help me), can you send him my way?”.

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I don’t know. Her purpose is to connect people with their tribal ancestors, guides, gods, and deities of that nature. It’s possible that if you’ve had contact with a god that could help in a past life, that she could, but I don’t know if they re not a tribal god of some sort. Many people have connected with primitive tribes and gods through stormy, likely because they don’t have the ancestry this life time, and experience Tholom shared, is a different than I expected, but still aligns somewhat do to they were taken to beings from their first incarnation.

You could ask her and see what happens :slight_smile:

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Ok, initial experiences with Stormy and my ancestral guides.

Stormy came pretty fast from me calling out and staring at the picture. The first sign was the clopping of hooves which reached my ears quickly. Stormy began whinnying (dont know how to spell that) and making motions with her head and body that told me to follow her.

She turns around, and her pace which was a gallop to reach me was now a slow walk so I could keep pace. I gain the idea to ride her back, and upon climbing up for a few seconds it feels like our minds are one and I melt away.

The vision returns to me. Im zoomed in close to a pool of water, watching a single droplet that has fallen in and sent ripples, except it is playing in reverse. So the ripples are called, and expell a water droplet upwards from the center where their peaks and troughs meet.

It zooms out some and I am in a cave deep underground. There is a person their who shouts out to me in a manner that conveyed “what are you doing here?”. As if my presence was confusing but not alarming. It felt like he thought I had no idea what I was doing (which was correct but perhaps to a higher degree than he knows). I step into the shadows so I can observe from a position out of peoples way.

A fire is now lit all along the walls of the cave, and where the calm water of the pool/lake seemed to illuminate the darkness some, the newfound fire made everything somehow darker. Now the walls are hugging the pool much closer, it is barely the size of a pond right now, though I can tell ineffably deep.

Something large pops up from the water, and this is where my vision gets a bit too confusing for me to follow. It was all white, pure white, and it seemed to have the form of both an old man and a fish. It was large too, probably around 3x my height, and that was just what was above water.

My vision starts to calm and I can tell whats happening again. I see a single metal fishing hook attached to a line, sinking slowly into the deep and increasingly dark depths of the water.

All in all a positive and interesting experience. I think Stormy was able to bring me to where I needed to be so quick because I had already made a weaker connection to her a few days prior to actually deciding I wanted to meet my guides. I will continue to update here if people think thats OK, so long as the information doesn’t get too private.

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That is definitely interesting, all of the regulars who tested her the first day had real crazy experiences not like this, but like this lol.

Please do keep us updated, as long as you comfortable doing so :slight_smile:

Things like this will help others decide if stormy is right for them.

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If I cant post publicly Ill share what I can through pm so any useful information about her will be known to you still.

The person that addressed me in the vision really didnt seem to care that I was there at all which surprised me some. Idk if the fish man was called for me or what. The man seemed like he was in the middle of something when I showed up so he could have been preparing it already.

I think the hook in the water was for me. One hook dropped down from the gods to me. I guess when it finds me, or vice versa, I will be reeled in.

Oh and edit: the fish man seemed like it held literally 0 emotion positive or negative towards me. I think I remember it reaching for me from out of the water for a split second, it was like a weird gelatinous slime or goo in that moment.

Im so curious as to who they are. Will they even want to work with me? They didn’t feel cold just… ambivalent. Which now that im typing that its funny because ambivalent is in my username (His or Hers High and Holy Grand Lord Ambivalence IV)

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Just a few things. I cant even remember when this happened, perhaps while I was falling asleep, but they were telling me about something to do with Mayan architecture, specifically some structure or ground that exists beneath what they built.

I also had a vision today of a large toad (bigger than a basketball) sitting on a podium in the wilderness. When it saw me it started like shaking or vibrating and making some noise that would pull me towards it.

Im first hesitant of traps, as it feels like I have magnets attached to me drawing me the direction of the toad. I resist and observe a bit and it seems to want me to touch it, and not that it wants to harm me.

Now though I want to show them my strength for some reason, I really cant explain why though. I decide to get as close to it as I can without touching it, because the closer I am the stronger the pull. I put my face an inch from the toads. I ask it what it wants to tell me.

I think resisting was a bit of a mistake, I might have upset them some. That was a pretty obvious welcome that I sort of skated around. At this point the toad stops vibrating and attracting me, and it turns its back to me and prepares to hop away. Right as it push with its legs I grab it and hold it.

Nothing much else happened.

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Well, I think if you resisted because you’re not familiar with how they work, that it may take some time to show that, but they should understand in the long run, that caution is necessary sometimes when working with spirits.

Perhaps the toad only was leaving, because it finally got your attention. Maybe it’s a messenger of sorts from your ancestor spirits, I don’t know- but I wouldn’t be surprised if you see it again. It might even have been a test, if it was trying to attract you to it, to see what you would do, and if you were worthy of their time. Perhaps if you’d not resisted it would have showed them that you would allow them to use them.

Or perhaps you would have had a crazy experience. Some toads have psychedelics like substances on their skin don’t they? Perhaps it would have taken you to a far out place and the ancestors themselves. Once again I don’t know lol, but it’s very interesting none the less.

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Yeah I thought of the psychedelic frog thing too. I think its especially interesting as frogs/toads are my favorite animals. I felt like the Toad knew I was sort of playing with it, and I think it decided it would play with me too by making me think it tried to leave haha.

I agree its definitely some sort of messenger. I get the feeling these entities dont exactly know what to do with me. Theyre trying to figure me out like I am them. That or their magick reflection is better than anything ive come across yet.

And to be honest I dont know what happened to the toad. The vision ended with me just holding it I think. It felt like a statue after I took it. Only because it became totally still. I remember questioning if I should take it with me, but I felt like it belonged on the podium. For all I know it convinced me to allow it to stick around me.

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You know @DarkestKnight said something similar about his encounter. I think for one, that the ancestor spirits are ones that are one offs, like demons and even angels and djinn can be. I think they are valuable allies if you honor them, learn from them, but don’t worship them. I also think that it’s been a few years since most of our cultures truly honored our ancestors, and so they aren’t expecting us, and not sure if we are after long term relationships or to attempt to use them like we do modern day with the other types of spirits.

I think it’s different, because it is different, and I doubt I make sense.

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I also think they need to discern who we are, if we haven’t been working with them. We might have been several life times, since we last expressed interest, and if we haven’t been keeping up with them, whose to say they are keeping up with us.

I also think their methods of accepting us are a bit different, but it’s reflective of how they traditionally viewed outsiders. With caution, but once you make it to be their friend and ally, they will have your back, through thick and thin.

So I just wanted to mention, that I got a pm about Stormy works really well in conjunction with Luna, and that it’s really an ideal way for the newer or beginner members to work with Stormy.

Luna banishes and cleanses the area and the practitioner can have an easy mind knowing that while Stormy won’t bring them anything that is not real- that they don’t have any other spirits jumping in way or influencing the contact.

Luna can then banish all of the lingering energies afterwards, than can kinda ruffle a newbies feathers too, upon requests since sometimes new energies can leave us feeling out of whack.

I linked Luna in the initial post, but just in case someone missed it, Luna can be found here:


Bumping, just because it’s been a while and well it’s a new year and goodness knows what this year will bring for us, so there might be others out there looking for a new way to connect to their ancestors and tribal gods.


Good morning Balgers Bump! :slight_smile:


This may sound dumb but what’s the purpose of connecting to your ancestors? Just power?


I was trying to think of a short answer and failed, but this page talks about most of the reasons that I can think of off hand.

I was actually working with the black foot gods- because of someone else. Momma witch had it for me and all so I was working to win them over to my side of things and stop the attacks, by removing her aid and natural protections.

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Does this Servitor help with finding about your past life or is it just for connecting to your Ancestors? @anon97554939


Honestly, I’m not sure if she can help with that or not. I can’t see any reason why working with her couldn’t lead you to learning about past lives if that was your intention but my best guess is that she’d connect you with the spirits most likely to help you with it, rather than showing them to you or working with you on it directly.


Mm ok thx :slight_smile:


Feels like this needs a bump.

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Just bumping this because it’s been a while and seems I’m doing an awful lot of ancestor type works myself here lately :slight_smile: