Experiences with the dog headed man demon?

Sorry. Did it anyways. I ended up remote viewing him and he fought against me out of fear. I absorbed him


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Talk about great service in the forum!
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Tell me if he ends up being alive still. He shouldn’t be, I tried to reincarnate him

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If you’re not familiar with banishing, shielding and warding you might want to take a look into some of that and develop a practice to keep you safe going forward.

You could also try out the servitor I made for this, she’s been really helpful for a lot of our members and myself. I personally get lazy and don’t banish as often as I should. She’s a good place to start and a good back up, until you get into the grove of things on your own. :stuck_out_tongue:


I usually protect myself when I feel there is a need for it, which is very often. Tried to make a servitor of my own using Damon Brands method, but it does not really work. But maybe the threat was too strong for it (not dog head, a person).
I would love to take a look at yours!

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Here you go :slight_smile:

I think they can be challenging at first, until you figure out method that works for you. I’ve read Brand’s book but it was early in my journey and I ended up taking a slightly different creation approach, that works really well for me, I did write a tutorial on it, but and I know a few people were going to attempt it, but I don’t think I’ve seen any one reply about how it worked out in the long term for them.


Have you tried talking to the entity? it could have also been benevolant, your thoughts alone isn’t something to base the entity off of. My guides show up when I have shitty thoughts simply to see if I’m okay.

That’s why it’s not advised to just run up in people’s space and attack stuff based off no information, also to note absorbing something and reincarnating something are two different things lol, absorbing a parasite (if it was one) would just mean you absorbed it, it wont reincarnate through that, and reincarnating something especially if you’re not a actual psychopomp means you’d have to take it to an actual psychopomp to send it off.

Psychopomp work is more you find the dead, guide them to the big psychopomp boi/gorl thanatos, Azrael, Morrigan, Odin, Dagda etc and they reincarnate them because various reincarnations work with various frameworks, by frameworks I mean the tree of Yggdrasil is one framework that allows the soul to reincarnate through the tree to any of the 9 worlds…but ye

maybe get a divination reading to be sure.


Sorry, forgot to mention before. A powerful and super psychic healer I knew said this being was from the lower astral realms and is only attracted to you when you have very dark, murderous thoughts, and I have this tormentor of old…

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oof when people use lower astral my first thought it they follow that cringy “lower=bad and higher= good” mumbo xD


I was attacked, Velenos. I really don’t appreciate you assuming the most inept of me, and I am asking you to stop, please.

He attacked ME, and I tried to absorb him. Always a trace amount left after the fact, because he comes back with attention. So I incarnated him into a new form.

Please refrain from doing this in the future. I don’t appreciate having to defend myself every time you assume I don’t know what I’m doing, and it’s becoming very hard to even speak around you.


I mean you don’t exactly have to speak to me, you’re a big boy because my point still stands based on your earlier statements:

means you got involved lol without gathering information


meaning he attacked you for

lol I’m sorry if you feel attacked, but my statement is not really showing any lack of fact in the matter, I don’t know how you expect to be on an open forum if you feel attacked by the smallest input.

maybe step away for a little and do your retrograde thing because nothing I said was an assumption but rather a collection of information of what you stated prior to me commenting but go off sis. I literally said that’s why you dont run up in people’s spaces and yes remote viewing is being in someone’s space still and it was scared, I wonder why.

I’m pretty sure that’s a common thing unless you’re just saying it was scared of you simply because you’re presence instilled it with terror.

However, if this healer is accurate than my statement to the OP is no longer required.


Thank you for being non violent about this.

Now, I just wanna say; He understood what I understood, and I understood his intentions and energies. He was scared at first because I intimidated him, as he was trying to silently push me off by threatening me with darker, sort of… I cant descibe the enegy, but it wasn’t friendly, and it was definitely what I would call parasitic. I knew he was doing it. I knew it. I ended up telling him off of me, saying I wasn;t going to tolerate him takign even a little bit of my energy. I observed him, he didn’t like it and tried to intimidate me, because I understood what he was doing, and didn’t like it.

He was, though. And I wasn’t going to let him keep it. I knew he took it, and I stole it back. He says, “I’m not going to let anyone take MY energy!”

YOu basically know what happened from there.

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:+1: lol okay


I’m grateful we could come to some sort of peace.

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If you’re going to post things online, people are going to question. They should. It’s healthy for the forum. No one’s immune to that.


Aside from that I still would suggest @anon97554939 servitor because the entire thread itself is frontload. Her servitor can aid if it’s legit a parasite or not since servitors aren’t exactly within the confines of being frontloaded by being given information prior to helping.

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That completely misses the context of him constantly challenging me and then ending off with this kind of toxicity

I have every right to reject this discussion.

There’s no way I can say any of this without inciting chaos. But leave me alone unless you’re going to be constructive rather that oppository when I’m helping people.

I’m done taking this thread off topic.

I don’t have the impression that @anon48079295 is unconstructive or only replies to “challenge you”. His response is related to the topic and therefore you have no right to ask him to stop.

Because you invaded their space, unasked.


I didn’t want to start trouble, and I got carried away. Misunderstood a few things. Sorry. Tried to be reasonable but looking back I seriously wasn’t being reasonable.

I took a lot of what Velenos said as a personal attack due to prior events, and I just feel uncomfortable. When he said

I thought he said I was freaking out because of mars retrograde. But he was actually talking about my project, and I’m starting to see some very, very negative patterns in how I talk to people. So I’m just apologizing rn and I’m going to go fix it. If anyone has advice to me on how to be sure I fix it, please DM me. Thank you, Helena. Sorry for being so blunt headed, Velenos.