Things are starting to drag. ..

Three times now I have had an experience where it felt like I was being dragged from my bed. The only thing in common with these is that they seem to be at or around the stage of sleep paralysis.

The first time (many months ago), it felt like there was a presence with me. I was dragged to the left side of my bed and felt like I could see like a green mist. Then, woke back up on my side in middle of bed.

The second time (a few months ago), I felt myself rotated from my side onto my back and slightly tilted forward to see a yellow/gold sign/writing at the end of my bed. Again, woke up on side in the middle.

This time, I felt myself quickly grabbed and pulled to the right side of my bed. Of course there was a second of panic, but quickly I remembered the other 2 times and tried to analyze it. I realized that though I thought I was being pulled from my bed that the pulling sensation was lasting way longer the the length of my bed, i.e. I should of been on the floor or half way to the neighbors house by now if it were literal. I asked if someone was there and it ended. I sat up and tried turning on my light, but it wouldn’t light up even after many clicks. Then I was again in the middle of my bed waking up.

I’ve been trying to figure out what this might be. I thought, at first, that this might be OBE or astral beginning phases, but thinking on it now it differs in one aspect. The 2 times of late that I have pulled off an OBE/astral experience (pulled off loosely used as they happened on their own without me trying) I had a strong feeling of pressure or a pulling feeling back towards my bed (my physical body). This makes the dragging experience different as it feels like I’m catapulting forward away from it with the force pushing rather than pulling.

Does anyone have any experience with this, know what it is, or have advice?

Try banishing before you sleep to see if you have the same sensations. You could be dealing with some lower level astral nasties that are noticing you as you near the out stage.

You might not be, but unless I was looking for help getting out specifically from entities or whatever was around me, I’d banish and make sure there’s nothing with mal-intent around, and if it still happened, I would try to figure out what was causing it.

I’ve experienced a floating sensation upon occasion just prior to getting out of body, but I’ve never had unrequested help, or anything try to get me out. I also don’t experience sleep paralysis however, the closest I’ve had was one time as I returned, and it’s never happened since.


I think it’s a good idea to recommend Luna here.

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I will do this and see what happens, though hard to tell the effectiveness since it’s only averaging like once every 3 months. I haven’t felt any mal-intent or suffered any issues because of it that I’ve noticed. Only really the shock of it happening for a few seconds during lol.

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I’ve never attempted a servitor before or had interactions with one that I know of. How would one go about bringing her in/process?
I saw the sigil in the picture. Is it the same as invoking (stare with intent until you feel/see change)?


Meditate on the sigil, call her name and command her to protect what you want. If you are an occult newbie like me, you probably will feel a raise in temperature around you and you should expect to see synchronicities involving her name, unicorns or horses. You’ll know once the synchronicities show up.


I hear ya. Had such an experience back in early 2015 when something nasty was hanging around my space.

Nine out of ten magicians recommend her

Personally I get a gentle, sort of light rocking/pulsing sense through my system and a very pleasant energy.
Also don’t forget to tell her that you love her, it helps feed her and she seems to like it


Another newb question. Once I have called her/it/them, do they remain until I send them away or do they need to be re-upped every few hours i.e. LBRP?

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Luna remains after you call her unless you command her to leave or, I think, sease feeding her with thanks. It’s best to thank her at least once a week.

@anon97554939, help me because I don’t know much about public servitors.


She will usually leave if her job is done and she’s not asked to stay, but if you expected to her to stay, she would pick up on that and do so.