I have a malevolent entity binded to me

You could call on Kali to remove the entity


So I am going to bring the perspective of authority.

You have the divine right to be free from evil attachments. Invoke the right to control over your own body and demand the creature leave, because it has no right to be there, even if you did make a mistake. It’s claim to a right is a lie.

Now, after doing that take the Sigil and threaten to denigrate it before it’s peers. Parasitic entities are fabulously vainglorious and would rather look good in the eyes of their peers than be humiliated. Threaten public humiliation and act upon that humiliation, burning the Sigil and scattering the ashes and posting public photos of it. Then do classic white light shielding and banishing and thrown in an Lbrp and you should be good.

You have to realize that fighting parasites is just as much psychological as psychic warfare. They want to shape you into themselves and get glory for it. Kick them right in the teeth by doing the opposite and despise them and denigrate them as the pathetic weaklings they are. Even if you see shadows and telekinetic manifestations, mock them and command them to leave in the name of your right to be free.


I think there are some good solutions there for more serious cases too. Like calling on Murmur and asking him to help and remove it completely could also work. Unfortunately I’m not experienced enough to do the unbinding myself but let’s hope someone more experienced will come around. If not, you can still try these methods.

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Focalor is also said to break curses

Damn i love you guys! Wouldn’t be able to do anything without your help BALG. I sincerely am grateful.


Luna may also be able to help, she was created specifically to help combat parasites intentionally embedded or sent by magicians under the premise of being helpful.

She’s had lots of other uses for parasites and attacks, but the whole doing wrong to others while saying we were doing goods is what lead to her creation directly- I didn’t feel like it was healthy for me to always be fighting other peoples battles but recognized we had a need around here for something to help fight them.


Yeah I would caution, before you spend a lot of effort, that you verify what information is real enough for you to spend effort working with before wasting time on the wrong solution. I’m feeling very leery about all this one person UPG that’s all conflicting.

For this I suggest you, (YOU, not random other people), do a divination and start trusting yourself to get the right info for your energy and system. Tarot is good, the Quariea deck is better, a pendulum would do.

Did you though? If there was any fucking up maybe it was trusting all this random UPG without getting any verification or checking up on it yourself. How do you know any of it isn’t these people’s imagination? Did you actually get an entity and how do you know?

There’s really zero guarantee that any of these people did what they said or are correct, at all. You really want UPG verified by your own intuition and ideally another independent person. What you have right now is the first binding left unverified and your information is scattered and a mess.

This is the important part. What your friend said is irrelevant, to be honest, it’s just UPG: tell us more about these bad vibes that you feel, and what else is going on with you.

There may be no parasite at all, it may be that the original working was a dud and you’re winding yourself up after a rough day. Don’t go off half cocked if you don’t really have any major symptoms to resolve.

Banish and cleanse as a matter of course, and follow @Post_lux_tenebrae’s advice: simply stand in your sovereignty and demand that you have power over your own mind and body. Then take a good look at your aura in your minds eye and instruct your subconscious to show you any unwanted attachments. If you see some pluck them off, banish and cleans and refuse to be a victim.

As a general rule, believe nothing you hear and only half you see. Never believe what you didn’t experience for yourself.


That’s it! Refuse to play the victim!!! That’s what they feed on!


Thank you very much for all the advice and help. I appreciate it very much.


If you have any kind of a relationship with Lilith you could ask her to deal with the aforementioned entity and protect you. She protects her children.


Bath on salt grain ,first ,then go to dollar store and purify mirrors and put 3 in front you.meditate, it will let you know if it’s a parasite or a illusion not saying you are crazy, mirrors will either move, break or simply not but the vibes au tell you something.purify you house,has a print of whatever deity you trust above you bed.and every corner of you house,if in 3 days dnt see results come here again


That last statement about her is like totally ironic given the agendas she energizes. Lol.

Use Damon brand book, magickal protection it has a master protection ritual that banishes anything negative from curses to negative spirits but at the same time it protect you from it.

Also it has ritual to remove parasitic beings, attached entities etc.

Also Ben woodcraft book angelic protection has the ritual to remove attached entities and protect you at the same time.

Both books are great.


Feel for you and learned a lot reading this thread. I just have a feeling things will turn for the best for you. Please keep us posted with how you are feeling. Sending love and protection to you and your family :pray::black_heart::sparkles:

It may be ironic, but it is true.

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I hope so!

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