Help with interpreting something

i wanted to ask for help regarding something that happened yesterday during an evocation. This a bit long to explain.

I was trying this method mentioned here to trying to hear spirits
i tried it with only one demon, i couldn’t get answers but by the first time in my life i could heard something besides sensing the demon fiscally around me. I could get my name and some whispers.

Then something really weird happened, i asked for help on my development, then i saw a flashing image of a hand that was emerging from a black figure (the demon i guess), and that hand was pointing to something behind me. I only could capture the word: “her”, and Lilith name suddenly appeared on my mind.

I should mention that before the evocation i banished and commanded that no entity more than the one i called could come, i also asked Luna (@keteriya servitor from this post ) to keep any entity that wasn’t the one i called for out of the ritual.

Considering that, i freaked out a bit so i asked Luna again to banish any other entity and i continued my evocation without getting anything else.

I’m a bit worried because, yes, i might have been lilith, but i stated that no other entity could get here, could it be that i was only getting parasites all the time since i started the evocation? I always try to test the entities but I’m not entirely good at that, that’s why i asked Luna for help, could it be that anyway I’m attracting parasites? could it be that it was really lilith surpassing my barrers? at this point i doesn’t even discard that i could’ve imagine all the stuff i experienced yesterday.

The other thing that let me blank about my experience is that Lilith was someone that i never resonated with, I’m not saying she’s not powerful enough or implying something disrespectful, but lilith is always associated to a more sexual aspect of humans (maybe I’m wrong), and that’s not exactly what I’m looking for, i prefer to work in general with the ones that are more related with knowledge, art, and love (more related to maintain good relationships with my loved ones and being able to help them, not lust).

I would be glad with any help that can be given about this.


Lilith isn’t only about lust, that seems to be a big focus (even here on the forum) however she can help with energy work, vampirism, and various other things. Love too, with others and lots of people have peitioned for a “loving” relationship with one of her daughters/sons. So MANY different reasons you could choose to work with her.

It’s your choice, if you don’t resonate with her then you don’t have to work with her. Even if an entity suggests that you do, your the one in charge - and you make the final decision.

Glad to hear you used Luna/protection!


Maybe the spirit is suggesting Lilith has your answer and the one to ask??

May not even be asking tbh just reading up on her might have some insight


Oooh so she could help me with my development too?
I’ve seen post about her sons and daughters but although sometimes it got my interest, it’s not my thing i guess, so i didn’t understand why she could help me. As you said, here there’s a focus on that kind aspect of her so that was all i could find about.

But the thing that worries me more is how could be possible that she appeared here too, that’s why I’m worried I’m being targeted by parasites :worried:

Luna is amazing btw, not only my room feels like a place more comfortable to be, but even my mood is better.

Oooh i see. I understood that more like: she, the one that’s behind you right now, that’s why i freaked out a bit, because that didn’t make sense after all banishing i made before :worried:

But that’s a really possible way to understand it

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If your interested, you could ask Lilith what she can help you with/offer you – or just inquire about whatever is currently on your mind (things you need help with/etc). Never hurts to ask.

Glad your using Luna/banishing. Keep doing that, even if you know your evoking/connecting to the right spirit – you should always practice spiritual “hygiene”. Aka cleansing, warding, banishing, etc.


If you did the banishing then I think it’s less likely something got through

But trust your own instincts over mine

I would myself have a read up about Lilith tho just to see if anything makes sense why you would be directed to turn round behind you at Lilith

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I see. Well at first i only could thought about parasites, but when i finished the work i realized that generally parasites left some signs behind them (as far as i know with my own experience with a parasite years ago and with my readings), like feeling drained, and i actually felt pretty well and awaken.

So maybe you’re right, i should try to contact her i guess, because now I’m pretty curious about her possible help

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Yes! That’s why i use Luna’s help, because there’s really helpful to feel more security when i perform a ritual while i develop my senses