Attachment! what am I dealing with?

I hope somebody can help me out here. My situation is the following. Last year I was attacked by a few people out of nowhere. Besides being stalked and attacked Astraly there were also a lot of illusion and manipulation. The Attacks stopped but there is still an attachment wich I can sense 24/7. It is not a spirit.
It feels like all my rituals, meditations and prayers are blocked. As soon as I do something I can feel my energy body shutting off and I can’t reach out or receive anything.
After searching here in the forum I found a few topics wich describe the same experience so I am assuming there is a solution to this problem. Anyone here who had successfully dealt with a situation like this.

Find someone who can or is able to take off the blockages.

Do you have any contact with demons the goetia one ?

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Please don’t try to promote those who offer magical services on this forum. I have edited your post to remove the links.

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A useful first port of call is to deploy our four legged friend, Luna. She is cute but formidable.

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