Demon Lillith threatens to kill me

You might be right. I just inquired because it doesn’t seem to respond well to traditional banishment. You’re right though that doesn’t mean it’s a djinn. 🤷

Sorry I meant to come back to this sooner but this is exactly what I was about to say.

Mother doesn’t waste time like that.


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On the note of traditional banishments or banishments in general, it’s going to take work to remove it, because it’s clearly been an ongoing issue.

You see, when you’re trying to remove an energy that has remained in your life, that energy is only trying to do one thing: stay put.

This thing is ass deep in his life now and he’s going to have to get ass deep to free himself.

It’s not so much that it wouldn’t work, it’s moreso that he needs to keep it away once it’s out. @Samuel_Haus, have you considered working with Hekate?


OP do not call on Kali. She is know to not “like” men. She is depicted a lot holding a male’s head. She is used more for female/Feminine empowerment. Calling her could very possibly make matters worse.

I have a message:

You’re not going to die, but this is a lesson that you are going to have to learn here. Build relationships with any deity before blindly calling for them. This is something you are going to have to do for yourself. Once you get rid of them you need to start a spiritual hygiene routine and start studying Magick the proper way, not just blindly calling demons. It takes a lot of tome and work to build not only your own power but the relationships with these other beings. Remember the deities are usually strong then you and when working with them there is a mutual trust and respect. Until you earn that you will keep finding yourself in the same place. Both Lucifer and Lilith are dangerous in their own right and they make you work hella hard for their respect.


@Samuel_Haus activate Luna. I have a version of her I keep out in my home ever since I had a shadow person leave a gift of a knife dipped in red paint in my son’s room.

You have to do more work to get them out of you but this will take care of anything on the outside.


Thank you - What book are you refering too?

Have you tried the recommended steps?

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Not true at all, there are many spirits that can, just most here don’t attempt to experience entities outside of infernal demons or angels to notice. Lilith is a small fish with much bigger fish and even much more bigger fish than the bigger fish.

So given their situation it’s best to either get aid from the many bigger fish (if possible) or if it’s a parasite he can also use @anon97554939 servitor that may help. If he should avoid blind contacting random spirits.


Also to add you can get divination from a non-bias party to see what it is and what can be done parasite or no parasite.


Angelic protection magick


I will buy the book, that is the only magic I am Comfort with cause it is considert totally safe.

Do you know anyone who can do this. The most aweful thing is that I dont really know What Im dealing with.

I will only stick to Angelic protection magic. I wont dabble with anything else considering the mess Im in

Thank you, I take the message to heart. I will only study Angelic magick cause it is considerd totally safe.
I had a experience with Kali a year ago when she came in and cut my head slowly several times. Ofc, consider the confusion Im in I cant tell its here for sure but the act was very Kali like. I felt less ego like after that (it happend numerous times)

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She does lower your ego yes, she basically destroys it

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@anon88521623 and @anon97554939 tend to divine unbiased and @Dankquanicus if they’re willing to anyway.


If its a curse, call upon the angels of Gemini, Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel.
They can negate or nullify boomerang curses. A simple white candle and invocations (prayers can be used). You will need to look up the Shemhamphoresh to get the names of the Gemini angels, or I can try to get the names for you.


Ram Dass says she comsumes them as a loving act, its her lila, her way to show love

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Should someone scan him?

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