Help, I'm being attacked

i cant say all the things that are happening but its happing in my sleep and its very scary, i think its bc of the mantras ive been listening to (i posted one in my last post) its messing with my eyesight. how to i get the things to stop?

Demonic Incantation To Summon/Open The Powers Of Darkness · Dark Mantra Meditation (1 Hour) - YouTube is one of the videos i watched

Well, the first thing is to stop listening to things you don’t know the true purpose of. Not everything posted to YouTube is safe or trustworthy. There are risks to everything you find on the interwebs.

Second, learn to shield yourself and banish.

Third, call for help. Try this mantra from the archangel Michael, for example:

Fourth, set up some wards around your bed. This sigil can help:


According to the blurb on the video, the mantra was channelled by @C.Kendall , who happens to be a member here. Perhaps he can confirm if it is one of his, whether it may relate to the issues you are having and if so how best to remedy them.

I note that the audio has a continuous low frequency background noise. Sustained exposure to low frequency noises can effect your brain in all sorts of adverse ways. I recall reading a great deal a few years ago on this topic. Sustained exposure can produce all sorts of physical and perceptual issues. I was very interested in the subject a the time.
The eyesight reference is a big clue. Although the frequency is not low enough to be classed as infrasound, the principle likely extends to some degree.

Here is a study that was done on the effects of infrasound (very low frequency sound) on the visual functions of mice (I hate people who conduct experiments like this on animals as an aside note):
[Effects of infrasound on visual electrophysiology in mice] - PubMed.

I think you need to seriously consider the possibility that it is the background noise, not the words that is messing you up.

We may be able to offer more nuanced advice if you could elaborate a little more on what is happening in your sleep. ie, nightmares? Sleep paralysis? Physical sensations?

As darkest knight suggested, if you think what you have been listening to is the problem, stop listening to it and see if things improve over time.

As well as that, just to be sure, I suggest calling in our four legged friend Luna. She’s awesome.

Want to summon spirits, but scared/don’t have open senses? Start here! Safe Servitor for beginners/banishing/protector - Spirits, Evocation & Possession - Become A Living God


I’m going to summon Luna, how do I do so?

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Summon her like you would summon any other spirit.

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I havent succeded in summoning spirits to my knowledge so I think I need further instructions. Also I don’t know why you reposted that link because I’ve read it and it doesn’t have any summoning instructions

The thread does mention gazing at the sketch or the sigil and calling her name. And even if you don’t sense her doesn’t mean it didn’t work.

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‘And even if you don’t sense her doesn’t mean it didn’t work.’ I’m not convinced of this.

It just means you don’t have open senses, doesn’t mean the spirit didn’t come.


I know what you meant

There are people here who are trying to be helpful and courteous. I understand you have an urgent issue, but there’s no reason for you to be so rude. Given your attitude, I’m beginning to understand what’s going on. I don’t have anything else to add, so I’m muting this thread. Hopefully you get the answers you’re looking for.

Good luck.


Then don’t say you’re not convinced by the fact that just because you don’t have open senses doesn’t make an evocation unsuccessful.
If you continue to think that it won’t work no matter what why even bother to ask for help.

The link gives instructions, but they are not in the top post, they are later down in the chain.
But in brief, gaze at her image and her sigil for a little while. Let your eyes relax and your vision blur. Keep in mind your intention to summon her and then start repeating her name- with the intention of summoning her. Then ask her (politely) to come to you to do her work.
She is highly responsive and much more easily summoned than most other spirits (I suspect because she was designed for the purpose of being easily summoned).

Be sure to give her appreciation for coming and tell her that you love her (she likes this).
After you’ve worked with her a number of times, you will be sufficiently familiar with her picture and connected to her that you can just close your eyes and imagine her picture and call her straight in in just a few moments.
I call her in every night, not out of concern of any nasty goings on, but just to get rid of any negativity I’ve picked up during the day and also because I enjoy her company.


There could be any number of explanations from the scientific to the mundane to the spiritual.

In order to assist further what have you tried to resolve this problem

It could be spiritual harassment as @DarkestKnight has suggested in which case banishing and shielding are examples of good spiritual hygiene

It could be infrasound as @Ragepanda has suggested

@QueenMustang and @Monica7 have already provided very helpful information as to who you can summon to assist you

I echo what each of them has said but I would also add that if you have tried these things and they have still not helped then you can get yourself tested to see If it’s something biological that is affecting you rather than spiritual

However it’s hard to provide advice without knowing (a) what you have tried out of the advice already given and (b) what’s been happening in your sleep


can you tell when she’s been summoned?

I can, yes. Whether you will be able to will depend on the acuity of your senses. Some people see her or hear her. I don’t. I do however feel her. My senses are particularly sensitive to energies, so when I call her in, I feel her coming in. She has her own energy and I have become familiar with how it feels.

If you haven’t yet developed one or more of your senses to a point that you can perceive her in a sensory manner, you may well know that she has been due to changes in your situation.
IF your situation is due to the presence of adverse energies, parasites or something of that nature, it is very likely that you will notice a considerable change once she has been through and done her thing.

Do you have anything to lose by trying?

I think this can be helpful for you.Read this,and be ready to give something as a gift,if she agree to help you.

Naamah Nahemoth Nahema, Liftoach Shaari ha-Sitra Ahra!

O mighty dark goddess, you who are the mistress of the black earth, I, NN, who seek the mysteries of the Nightside call upon you!

Demonic seductress, you whose lustful incantations made the most brilliant stars of heaven fall down to the earth, in order to awaken our spirits with their dark Luciferic light, I summon you!

Naamah, you who are the Pleasant One, who garbed in the scarlet dress of the blood rides the seven-headed serpent of fire, hear my call and open wide both the inner and the outer dark gates to your kingdom within and beyond!

O sinful Nahema, you who are the empress of the kliffotic shadow of this world of manifestations, let the hidden path to Nahemoth be revealed to me, and through the nightmarish terrors that your mere presence brings forth grant me the dark illumination of Sitra Ahra!

Beautiful and deadly Goddess Naamah, allow me to enter your blazing darkness and reveal to me the forbidden truth that is kept hidden behind the thin and illusory veils of causal existence!

Grant me in visions the sight of your bloodstained webs of death, with whose black threads you rule the kings and the mighty men of this world like your dancing marionettes, and bestow upon me the wisdom and the power to weave my own self-made web of destiny!

Demonic goddess of harlotry, you who grants all who are prepared to pay the bloody price you demand, entrance to your innermost hidden secrets, let me, who are ready to sacrifice everything on the altar of forbidden knowledge, bask in your radiant darkness!

Mighty Nahema, let your nocturnal sighs awaken the coiling fire within the salt sea of my blood and ride forth on the seven-headed Hydra that slumbers within the depths of my soul! Let the chthonic Chaos of Nahemoth rise up from the abyss and with the full wrath of the Nightside mercilessly rape the false virginity of the frigid Malkuth!

Fearful goddess, you who are the visible face of Ama Lilith, let the essence of my true self receive force and strength from your black fires and open the ever hungry grave that is your womb, and receive all the weaknesses of my false ego that I sacrifice and slay for your greater glory and honour!

Let me be purified through the death to all weaknesses that you bring and through your blessings grant me the power to transcend all imposed laws and limitations of this sephirotic realm!

Naamah, Goddess of the darkness and of all the terrors of Nahemoth, in the name of Lord Satan and Ama Lilith, hear now the invocations of your faithful child and allow me to open the gate and tread the burning path to your dark and glorious kingdom in Sitra Ahra!

Naamah Nahemoth Nahema, Liftoach Shaari ha-Sitra Ahra!“


… how would that help?

I really wanted to help you,but this is my last post on this topic.Read that post,and she will come.Ask her to help you with your problems.You must have faith.