Spirit for protection

Here, i am not finding any demon or asking spells to ward of parasites.
Info about you if you knew an active spirit who protects from all harms.
No demons no angels
Something like
Hybrid spirits,

Although i don’t want to believe this but this one spirit is really bothering me.
Getting on my nerve.

This is succubus who is stealing my energy whenever she sees my protection is weak.

I done lot request for not bothering me.
Well, even promised her to change her race so she doesn’t need to feed off other people energy.
even performd Lilith ritual but not much help.

I can curse her to death but don’t want to.
It is bad.

So now i am protected but wanted some solution for permanent.

I know one type of spirit but problem is then after invoking that spirit that succubus surely die no matter what.

So any gentle defensive spirits.
No demons please
As i got this succubus attached because of Lilith.

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You can’t kill them really, you end up making it so they are “dead to you” and don’t exist in your corner of the universe.

But try this:

Lesh ta pak een lafa tu son - To Neutralise and Repel Negative or Harmful Energies

When using this mantra against psychic attack, chant out loud forcefully if possible. If using it against a toxic environment or person, chant mentally if you cannot do so vocally.

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Have you tried the Luna servitor?

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