Is Archangel Michael related to the Ancient Egypt?

True and I need to be more consistent, I don’t work on my senses regularly :face_with_peeking_eye:

:joy:… claircogniant? Is like when one uses of all his senses?

Yep I always close my eyes

I guess this will help me to be more aware?
I noticed focusing on your body, how you feel is even better than just sitting and to see with your mental eyes.

Sorry @anon97554939 I have a question that Is still popping in my mind, do you like to drink Grape :grapes: Juice a lot ?

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Basically clair knowing or just knowing. Have you ever had someone say to you…

man I don’t know how, but I just know… ?

This is claircognianze.

No, but grape juice means something to me from my childhood and I forget what it is…one of those things you think as a kid you’ll never forget it!

Also the vape pen in my hand could very well be grape, but I have no flying idea because I rarely think these funky strains taste like their names.

Sidenote, for the clowns in town: I just want to say, nosy much? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::eyes:

Lucky thou didn’t get bit by a my little pony! :rofl:

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Yes I have heard that
That is pretty cool and Especially helpful when taking difficult decisions

:joy::joy::joy: okay

Sorry I don’t get it what do you mean?

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The grape juice thing is like a memory trigger, but the memory related to the trigger is too faint to recall at this time. Like something was so funny I spit grape juice out my mouth and nose laughing.

But…idr what it was. The setting is when I was around 15ish? So like 20 years ago maybeish.

The rest was a joke! Except for the vape pen part, that was true and not a joke! :rofl:

Basically, someone was feeling my space out and I was making a reference to one of my servitors on the forum- making it into a joke and acknowledging it.

Hey I saw you, glad Luna didn’t bite you in the arse my friend.

Somedays I pretty much think I’m a comedian, but since no one gets my brand of humor, I can’t be! :rofl:

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I think you need consistency and make it a goal :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


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Ouch :face_with_head_bandage:

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I like how you turned that around on me!! :rofl::rofl:

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Wait a minute is that friend who failed to get his butt eaten me? Cause I maybe laughing while my arse is in danger

Yeah you right it is not important and was long time ago

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m sorry I’m laughing out loud because I was legitimately sitting here wondering if you were perhaps not going to get it.

This should explain it, more less:

I create and employ spirits that I have created. I was alerted just prior and assumed it was a one of those things I should maybe mention.

It’s a wise idea to be aware when checking someone else out, they may have designed a system that bites when their space is entered.

In a rough estimate I have about 66 servitors hanging around, learning, growing and preparing to fulfill their purpose.

And nagging the shit out me because I told them I need motivation and I’m truly a lazy somedays.

Okay they aren’t really a nagging bunch that’s a joke.

They are very respectful, I just say that because I thought it was hilarious and they do help me with motivation and figuring out why I don’t like to do things and how to make those things I hate doing easier for me to do.

They aren’t ever all present at once, but there’s usually at least one nearby serving as an alarm system. I also have one pretty much always around helping me with… remembering.

For example, when I know how to do something but whatever it is slips my mind.

I don’t need it constantly, but it’s constantly there when I need it.

I too fail at being fully aware all the time. I’ve gotten good at it for me, but I know I’ve not perfected it. I fill the gaps with my servitors.

The hardest times for me to maintain it are when I’m emotional, or really into something.

Damned shame, musta been funny! :rofl:

Maybe I’ll remember later! :rofl:

Also, my cat sometimes spazzes out at unannounced guests. :rofl:

I find it humorous when she does, however she doesn’t seem to think it’s funny, judging her general reaction. :rofl:

:joy::joy: it took time

You created them but they kinda separated from you, like they act independently from your thoughts?

Sorry I don’t think I did that on purpose, I was reading your cool advices on senses I got really excited then I saw a kind of violet color river, it really reminded me of Grape :grapes: Juice

:joy::joy: better as you specified cause I was wondering 66 servitors around you at the same time woow

They are very helpful. Do I need your permission to call your little Poney?

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They have their own souls like we do.

No, she’s basically a gift from me to anyone who needs or desires her services.

I found I am only human and can’t help every person that needs it, so I’ve given a few servitors to the forum to help out with this.

You got a cute army

She is like WTF :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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It’s quite alright. My little army has fairly good discernment and recognized it was not harmful or dangerous or even very intentional.

But they also felt it was something you should be aware of. Not everyone’s system is going to filter like this, some have designed their protection to not accept anything not requested so you’re going to want to practice not accidentally tapping into someone while you do these exercises.

It’s a control thing and takes practice, it’s really not a big deal and I essentially led you there without letting you know that as focused on my words a as you were you could unintentionally connect to me and my space.

This is why it’s important to be careful who you get readings from, who you give them to, who you let help you, who you take advice from, who you hit from etc.

Something’s aren’t as important as others if you get scammed, but all things spiritual are really important.

You want to ask who they are, what their motivations are, are they being honest, are they being real, what do other people with experience think etc.

That’s really great from you, thank you.

As i can’t see Luna for now, can she be felt energetically? Please How would I know it is her?

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Yes you can feel her. I find her emotionally warm, comforting, uplifting and soothing.

I would describe her energy as warm, feminine, caring and kind but downright ruthless when it comes to what she protects.

I often see blips of bright light as she enters my space, or if she audibly calls my name.

Many users have reported that even if they haven’t asked Luna for a sign they we heard that they somehow saw or heard her name, a my little pony image, clothing, meme etc.

She manages to find a way to let you know she has your back, regardless of where your senses are.

Hang on I’ll get a quote for your next question, it’s a harder one to explain.

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Hello :wave:, thank you for the post shared, they are really helpful

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Great, I am planning to work with tomorrow, hopefully she comes

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