Questions about servitors

I dnt use because tru history it’s a fact something is not told right,in Alexandra neal book she create a through form,not end well,in secrets of tarantula a French magician one of his friends secretly create a servitor,not end well,it’s been popular for years such Carl Nagel and more,create is easy,but it not tell the feedings,the offering ,sacrifice and the guard if it turn against us.better do the work tat expect something

If it’s a valid task for magic in general, then a servitor can probably do it, given the right programming.

Continuous wealth would likely be best fed with you satisfaction of monetary increases. You’d have to manually feed it u til then or teach it another method to sustain itself, say, like absorbing sunlight.

I created a servitor that continuously vampirizes a group of undesirables and send it to a piece of obsidian. It gets to keep a portion of the energy it takes to sustain itself and grow. The best method for feeding a servitor while keeping it task-focussed is to feed it through part of the task(s) you want it to do.

Think about what you’re doing - you’re imparting programming to the servitor by clarifying the roles and goal. A positive emphasizes they task. A negative leaves an imprint on the intent of that scenario, which you don’t want. That’s why they say to use positives. It avoids messaging conflicts.

“Without harming anyone” is better, but “using positive means and methods” may be preferred. Play with it a bit.

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That’s really up to the individual, but the standard is some form of cosmic energy, like the sun.

Sigils are a different application from the symbols used for programming a servitor, When casting sigils it is often said to only use positive statements because the symbol is implanted into the subconscious mind, and it is a common misconception that the subconscious doesn’t understand negatives (this is also a common idea with using affirmations; however, the subconscious does, in fact, understand negative statements).

You should be careful with phrasings like this because the servitor may not necessarily understand what you mean by “harm.” For example, it might not view causing an accident so you get an insurance payout as harm, even if you suffered emotional or psychological suffering.


how could be manually done the feeding?

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  • So, is fine to use both, negative and affirmative phrases¿

-If servitor perhaps doesn´t understand what “harm” means, then, how to formulate/express/describe exactly your intention of “no harming none”?

-Related to the last question: if servitor doesn´t understand what “harm” is, how can be sure that it understand properly and clearly what “wealth” (or other concepts) is?

-If you state that feeding is through sunlight(that is: a continuous, infinite and independent source), could that source(which is independent of you) cause at any time that servitor developed an independent way of thinking and acting and you could no can control it any more?

Send energy to it from yourself. Similar to the psiballs.

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Yes. I’ve used one instead of marketing, to find not only the right buyers so that the right people for my product are more likely to see it, but also to produce a static amount of extra money per month for almost two years. She can find the right fit or type of individual while dealing in other situations as well.

The best method is an automatic one. Rather several. You don’t have to understand how the energy from the room around you can be absorbed by your servitor for energy, but you do need to know that in order to be effective, they need to access to lots of energy, a source that won’t just run out or be forgotten because you forgot to feed them today etc.

It doesn’t matter how you word it. What matters is that you know clearly what you mean. If you aren’t sure that your two year old niece would get it, try to see if you can simplify how you view it and if simplistic terms still explain what you feel you mean.

It’s way better to have a simple set of rules than a complicated one. You want to define how it feeds, it’s kill switch, and the basics of what it can do.

I don’t use sigils for servitors anymore, I usually create them with artwork, or some sort of arts and craft because while I am creating all the energy I am putting into it, begins to form the actual energy system of the servitor.

I can’t personally put out as much energy into a sigil alone, unless I intentionally charge it. I did try using them with my drawn servitors anyways, they work- but it’s an extra step that isn’t needed since the images I create serve the same purpose- a visual focal point.


Simple. Only program it for what you want, and don’t confuse it with abstract concepts.

You have to define what wealth means in the programming. Remember, the servitor takes its information from its creator, so the more clearly defined terms, the easier it is for the servitor to follow.

No. It is very rare for a servitor to go rogue.


Did your servitor lose its strenght or accuracy, or continued doing the tasks?

Why, in your opinion, is best an automatic feeding method that a manual one?

What are the limits for a servitor´s tasks(number of tasks and type of tasks)?

your information about the servitor, perhaps, not clearly understanding all concepts you ask him/her/it to do, got me a little confused. How could you know exactly what a servitor knows in order to properly state your intentions? or could you, please, leave an example of phrasing? Thanks


Ambient energy.

There aren’t any. If it can be done with magic a servitor can do it. The limits so to speak, depend on how fast they can learn it. Each one is like a child, a little bit different but heavily empowered by my own skills and energy to get them started. Servitors learn faster however if you keep it simple and send them often for tasks without telling them what steps they have to take to do the job.

I have spent the last roughly two years creating them for others, here is some of my reference material from which I base my opinions on, it’s way easier than retyping answers to and basically repeating myself and not remembering who I told what :slight_smile:


I can’t speak to what the best methods are, only what works for me (usually). I’ve experimented with an increasing range of methods and prefer to give each servitor multiple methods. Here’s a few examples:
-My attention, awareness, acknowledgement, appreciation and gratitude (AAAG). This makes for a simple feeding method. I don’t recommend these as a sole source, but it is one that I use with all of my servitors (I am running quite a few) as it gives me a way of easily feeding all of them quickly
-The feeling of pressure on my left big toe, whether I notice it consciously or unconsciously (so it receives energy when I walk around)
-Energy generated when I pedal a stationary bike (I do this about 20-25 hours a week, so should add up). This particular one I’ve only added to my most recent servitor, so I can’t confirm efficacy. But given the toe method seems to be working well, it will likely be effective.
-Certain specified words when spoken to the servitor
-Any negative, harmful or otherwise adverse energies in my vicinity
-By draining beneficial energies from the target (if the servitor is for baneful purposes)
-The energy of any negative emotional states that I experience (just be sure to specify that the servitor is NOT to cause such states to generate emotions to feed on)
-Any other emotion or energy type I choose to offer up on an ad hoc basis. Be sure that you specify that the servitor is never to crave or develop dependence on an ad hoc source. This gives me latitude to be quite creative. Recently I’ve tried calling in Ublisi and asking him to give them all a boost of energy. Sometimes I share reiki with servitors during reiki sessions or feed them energy through other spirit attunements I’ve acquired. Sometimes I feed them from the energy generated whilst engaging in … personal drive reduction activity.

I am always keen to hear of other feeding methods. If anyone knows of mega-super-epic servitor superfood, I would definitely be interested to hear about it.


Nah you covered all my secret techniques, including mundane actions and empowerment from deities.

Except that you can also ask select (who knows maybe any that you can contact and make a deal with?) to permanently empower a servitor- so you never know the exact origin, only that it meets your criteria unless you ask what it is, AND some (who knows maybe all of them…) entities can even give your servitor a soul, rather than imbuing a piece of your own into it, assuming you are creating them like I do, with intention of them existing as life long familiars with specialities- basically. When I deal with imparting a soul into a servitor, it still has to meet my criteria, so I have interesting thoughts on how that works…but not that I can explain logically lol.

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I sometimes feel a big pull on my left big toe or second closest toe, is this something to be worried about? For the record I do have a succubus. This happens sparingly but has been increasing.

I noticed another post that this spot in particular opens an energy channel, helps with grounding, and if I’m reading right it’s a way to be drained?

That is a very random question. I don’t know if it is something to be worried about. But I do recognise what you are describing as very familiar.
Over a year ago, I experienced something similar for several months. Whenever I was lying on my bed, I got a strong sensation like someone was pulling on and slightly twisting either my left big toe or the toe next to it. It was a very strong sensation, like someone was actually there pulling on it (not painful though).
This persisted for several months. Then it was replaced by a feeling like a hand was strongly gripping my left foot (also not painful). This occurred whenever I lay down for a few months also.
You mention that it may be related to some energy channel. I suspect that this may be the case. My reasoning for this is that I started daily practice from the book “Energy work” by Robert Bruce some weeks prior to the toe pulling commencing, and I know a number of clogged or dormant energy channels opened up during that work, so I hypothesise that these sensations were related.

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Interesting idea and I like the concept. I think I should wait until my communicative senses improve first though as I suspect a conversation would be involved in making such an arrangement. I’m good at transmitting, but terrible at receiving, so to speak.

I have engaged with various entities to empower some of my more recent servitors, by petitioning them through various rituals. However, in the absence of two way comms, I don’t know if these requests were granted or if the servitor would have been just as able anyway.
I have two major handicaps in magickal progression at this time: 1). Emotional transmutation: I am not currently able to generate positive emotional states at will, and 2). I am direly lacking in terms of clairs (I feel energy very acutely, but as for the rest, I’m as deaf as a post).

Thanks for posting about Stormy too by the way. I thought I had found every servitor related post on this site, but strangely hadn’t found her before. I have tried working with her three times over the last few days. I feel her very strongly when she comes in, but have not yet had an experience (that I am aware of) after that. I suspect its my poor astral senses again.
For all I know my ancestors may have been slapping me in the face and shouting “Heeeeyyy idiiioooottttt! We’re heeerreeee! We’re heeerrreeeee!” and I was just lying there thinking “Hhhhm, yep, the inside of my eyelids are still just the inside of my eyelids…”.

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Thank you for the reply and time. Yes, it is random as I’m a little frantic by this. I am having the exact same experience. Even twisting, sometimes it becomes very hard. I’m just trying to figure out what is going on. Do you recommend I get that book to understand more ? Thank you

Also, I felt someone place their finger or hand on the center of my forehead and was pulling back or forth, soft pressure. I felt a little sore after, I wasn’t sure if it was an attack or help to awaken or activate something. It was right on my pituitary.

I did more research looked at chats. and the toes are for pituitary and sinus pressure points. My nose is stuffy in the mornings after this takes place. I feel a slight small pressure in my head.

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I can’t say for sure if your experience has the same causation as mine. But I do recommend the book as a good guide to getting your energy system flowing. Following the methods in it (which are very straightforward) you can unclog your energy system quite well. This does open up energetic routes that were previously stuck.
I worked it daily for some months. Many strange and sudden sensations occur. For example, it was not uncommon to feel a sudden very strong sensation in some part of the body, which then bursts out from that area to another area in an expanding sensation that’s like ice combined with pins and needles (but not painful).

Forehead sensations are common in energy work (or as a result of it), from my experience. I get strong forehead (within forehead as opposed to outer surface of forehead) sensations during any kind of energy work or when doing any kind of telepathic or magickal work.


Angel, you seem determined to not listen to anything because it’s not an answer you want to hear, as evident in your latest post. I’m not taking any more time to try to help you, when you don’t give adequate consideration to those with actual experience.

Best of luck.


What do you mean by abstract concepts?

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