I am possessed

Thank you, I will check it out.

I like a good death curse in this situation. For peaceful people it usually acts to simply remove the person from your life as if he was dead to you, but they’re fine in themselves.

I also like Robert Bruce’s book Practical Psychic Defense Handbook.
More here:


Thank you Mulberry, I will devote some time to this too.

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I would be interested in a book or rituals to perform to get my life on the right track. I know there is an individual who hates me and is actively attacking me with baneful tactics.

Thank you for your recommendation.

In addition to suggestions already made, I would like to add two:

-The book Magickal Protection by Damon Brand. If you get this one, I would suggest concurrently utilising the Remove Curse ritual and Master protection ritual (both are 33 days). I would also suggest adopting the twice daily Sword Banishing ritual (once you get used to it, you can do it in like 12-15 seconds).

-Luna. Luna is a servitor designed to see of parasites and unwanted energies in your space. She was created for the forum by one of its members and can be found here. Safe Servitor for beginners, banishing, protection, shielding and warding - Spirits, Evocation & Possession - Become A Living God

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Hey! I’m aware you’re a beginner with these things, or so it seems, but I am linking this ritual someone did for breaking a curse on their family, because even without utilizing deities, the bones of the ritual helped inform me a lot about how to break an energetic connection, using candles, intent, and ritual baths, to do so. To strengthen and protect yourself. Maybe it could also give you some ideas as well.

Of course, never summon deities you don’t research or have proper experience with before a ritual with them, which is why I’m just sharing for the basic idea they had. I wish you SO much luck and health in the future. Be well.


I like Ant’harratu for general life building. He touches all areas from relaionships to work to wellness.

Thank you for your insight everyone, I’ll look into everything as time permits. He is being horrible this week and sleep hasn’t been great since I found this site! Lol omg

The good news, I figured out Daemon tongue is the bases of the incantations which is exciting. Baby steps

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hell yes. combat techniques for freedoms

I am also possessed. For the past 7 months I have been chanting mantras to God’s and Goddesses and reading hymns from the Rig Veda. This has helped me A LOT I am at the point where I can function again.

The mantras I chant everyday are these.
Om, Ushase Namah, chanted at dawn
Om, Suryaya Namah, chanted in the morning, afternoon and again before sunset.
Om, Ratryai Namah, chanted at night.

If you need I can give you other mantras/incantations.

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My favorite way is to reverse times infinity, and the way to do this is, think of the possession and hold that in your mind then think “Reverse Times Infinity NOw” if that doesn’t seem to work simply think “Destroy Everything NOw, System Reset NOw, System Upgrade NOw.” This will wipe your system clean, resets it, as well as upgrade it, like getting the new latest and greatest smart phone.

May people are running their original system without upgrading it. It’s like driving the original Ford Model TT, compared to driving the Super Duty® F-350® Limited

We are all nuclear biological robots, computers were designed modeling the mind, we can control our existence the same way we control a computer. Learning the design process of apps gives us a better understanding of how to modify our reality to get what we want from life. Like learning the basics of python gives us more understanding of what we are all capable of doing.


I have never dealt with this kind of thing before… How would you feel about contacting Lilith? If you go to her I am willing to bet she’ll sort you out. The stronger relationship you can create with her the better. Give it a try.

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Thank you all for your time and insight on this unreal situation I find myself in. I appreciate all of your knowledge being shared with me and I will update my post when I am able to make head way. You are all great, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Hey do you have any updates? how have you been, have you been practicing/doing anything to protect/exorcise yourself from him?

Health and Happiness to you.

Hi, I have been making it through. As far as any of the matras go I haven’t been utilizing them. I had a call with E.A. Koetting and did what he recommended I do but other than that I sort of got lost in learning more of the language the incantations are spoken in. I learned more of the language he has been using to attack me, it is from an Arabic type dialect. A common beginning phrase is “Va Alla” and the next word is a noun/body part and the next would be the verb/what is done to it and some times a “Va (intensely), unsa, Ra (twist)”.

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That’s good to hear you have been doing well.

I really recommend reciting a mantra.
it doesn’t have to be any of the ones i posted but i strongly believe you need to recite a mantra to a God/Goddess. reciting a mantra to a deity will grant you their protection and will also act as an exorcism.

An update on how ive been is since March/April i have been doing a lot better, im not having Psychosis or any anxiety, im able to comprehend things, the demon does still try and does at times hurt me but i definitely feel that the demon is leaving me.


What is happening to me is due to people of follow the teachings of The Temple of Set…. I feel like an idiot for not coming to this conclusion sooner. I got all the hints, then I read this. “In Aquino’s view, the Temple of Set offers its followers an opportunity to raise their consciousness and to apprehend what exists in each individual to make him or her unique. Such awareness, according to the precepts of the Temple of Set, will permit its members to use this gift of expanded consciousness to make themselves stronger in all facets of their being.”

I guess I’m just waiting for it to be over so I can start my own journey :slight_smile:

Are you waiting for him to get bored and find a target with more feedback?

Did you get to try any of the astral combat ideas much?