I need help badly ! Lot of things happening around me

Hi hi !
I am still new in magick and everything, so I need some advices from people who knows way better than I do on that kind of stuff.
I’ve been really working on my astral senses since what, 3 months I would say, as I realised they were quite ass. It’s not that great now, but it’s definitely better than before.

Since 1-2 months, I keep having weird shits happening while I sleep, spirits messing with me and all that. The first time it happened it really spooked me, as I assumed it didn’t want to do good things to me (it was getting quite sexual, in a violent way). One of my guides had to give me a hand, or at least I think it was one of them, as it talked to me and said I should call Jared if I need to.
The next night I woke up feeling my blanket getting pulled, wasn’t able to move. And it was like someone was sitting on my stomach, really uncomfortable (sleep paralysis ?).

Things calmed down a bit after those 2, and then it started again at the beginning of this month. I would get touched during the night, still quite sexual. It even bit my foot :grimacing:
Few days after that (the 9th), I “wake up” again feeling someone removing my blanket fully from the bed. I panic a bit, get up from the bed and I don’t know, I fall on the floor. A man was standing in front of me, 30-40 years old and bald, or at least not much hair. He gives me his hand to help me get up, and bring me on the bed. I could feel he wanted something sexual, but I told him that I didn’t want. He didn’t insist, and talked with me for a bit. Said it wasn’t him last time, and that he was dead ? I also told him that I did not want anything negative.

So after that I was like “Alright, it’s getting serious”. Talked about it with my aunt, who is a kind of medium I guess, not really sure what she does honestly. But she did tell me to be careful, and to not let them in.
Now last week (the 15th), that same spirit came back. He put his hand on my side (that I could touch quite well) and kissed me a bit in the neck. Nothing violent, but still. We talked again for a bit after that, he said he was happy I accepted and stopped being afraid, that it would help me heal some things from the past. He also said it’s dangerous to have that kind of blockages in the etheric.

So yeah I am bit a confused, not sure what to do, not sure what that last guy wants AT ALL and who he is, he doesn’t seems to hurt me but how the fuck can I be sure of that. So please I need quite a bit of advices on that. I am not really afraid, but I do not want to let something in and then regreat it later, because I didn’t do anything to counter it/them. A bunch of other things happened, but those weren’t negative. Like some of my dead animals did visit me for example.
I will say it again, I am a beginner, I barely started to learn how to shield myself and all of that. I am also barely conscious when those things are happening.

Thanks A LOT for reading that wall of text, and for the future answers to my questions. :heart:

Yeah you’re gonna want some rituals.

Cut ties! Imagine their connections and power over you as a string, and CUT it. Sever ties, and burn the loose ends.

Declare they aren’t allowed to come back anywhere near you, COMMANDINGLY, to them.

Then, Grow in power, energetic resonance. IF he comes back, LEarn how to fucking eat him energetically and transmute his energy.

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@anon97554939 made a servitor that will be able to help you. You should check Luna out :point_down:t2:


I will try that before I go sleep in a bit, with a bunch of other things. Might aswell ask my guide to protect me again. Let’s hope he doesn’t come bother me again, I didn’t mind the talking part, but it’s getting a bit too sexual to my taste lol.

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Oh I didn’t see that topic, I will give it a try. Thank you friend.

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There are a few specific things you’re going to want to start doing. You were given some quick fix suggestions, so I’ll switch to the longer term approach that will set the stage for becoming better overall.

One is to learn a banishing ritual and practice it. It isn’t just for clearing or leveling out the energies of an area. It also help establish your magical practice and starts the process of learning to control it better.

Another is to start meditation. I don’t care if it’s using binaural beats, watching a candle flame or a guided meditation. Just start one and once you get used to it and try different methods, you’ll see what you respond to most.

The third is to find and connect with your inner divinity, that inner spark that is you. Start looking for it and, when you think you’ve found it, start connecting to it and gain the benefit of the added empowerment in your workings.

Finally, in my opinion, magic is a muscle that should be used to grow best.


I’ve been doing meditations since a while,a bit less now, as I am quite tired when I come back from work, but still doing it. I tried several things, but I know which one is for me now.
Do you have any good banishing ritual I could maybe try ? I heard about The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram, but I didn’t really take a good look at it. Would that be good ?

Thank you !

Edit : He came back again last night, even after I told him to not be around me, that I wanted him gone, and some other things. I did try to call Luna before I went to sleep, but I have no idea if it worked or not, I was really tired so maybe not.
I am not scared, but starting to get annoyed by that.