Spirit to clean/slay an entity haunting a house?

Hi, a girl that I’m currently dating told me that recently she has been experiencing paranormal activity towards her. I mean she feels like something is haunting her and her family as well, not in a really “bad” way. just seeing shadows, lil poltergeist activty till the point she cannot get enough sleep (which makes me hate whatever is hauting her house)
Would appreciate any kind of help, tips, etc.
I have enough knowledge about evocation to work with any kind of spirit and i really want to do this.

Any psychopomp deities from Odin, Freyja, Freyr, Hel, Thanatos, Charon, etc.



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Fixed the spelling in your title. Entity singular, entities plural. Haunting with a n.

Might be that it’s attached to her, not the house. If so, cleansing the house won’t do much.
Get her to have a cleansing salt bath/shower or banish. then just call out and tell it to go away, smudge the place with wormwood or whatever.

You don’t generally call other spirits to cleanse for you, and there’s a high chance of a smart enough spirit to simply mimic whoever you’re calling, usurping the work, unless you have really good skills and experience to tell the difference and fix it.


If you have to call a spirit, I’d go for Archangel Michael because he’s great for cleansing and banishing any negative entities.

Other than that, I’d light a black candle in each room for banishing, burn palo santo making sure the smoke goes through every room one by one, and then (after the black candles are done burning) I’d light white candles for protection.


But do you have enough knowledge about banishing?



Call Luna: