And this is why Magick, parasites and shadow people are no joke

In late September, early October, I came across some shadow person/ parasite that is no joke. I won’t go into a ton of details, but I attracted it to me to protect a whole group of people. This thing seemed to like me so I “thought” I go rid of it. Since I normal banishing and do protection and wards to my home. A few days later my dog randomly growl while in the middle of the living room. My kid jokingly said oh he found the demon. We didn’t think much else about it since nothing seemed off.

The following week I had a little more paranormal activity then usual, but I live between two cemeteries so I figured it was because it was October and everything is more active this time of year. I saged, cleansed and banished in my home and reinforce my wards still not really seeing or sensing anything.

I am not a beginner and I have all my senses open so this thing was hiding out with whatever was already invited to my home. It was stay off of the radar for sure. I wasn’t seeing anything just that things were off and there was a little more activity.

My kid is sensitive and I noticed he was having issues sleeping but not really saying much else.
So I didn’t more banishing and cleansing etc. everything seemed fine until my kid found a knife in his room dipped in red paint like blood. This is when I mentioned it to a group of regulars.

@Keteriya told me to use Luna. She works amazingly and helped with a lot.

She help banish and keep out this thing but it wasn’t gone yet.

About a week ago I heard something call my name in the middle of the day that sound like my son. That’s not a good sign. That night my son had a nightmare that is most prized possession a stuff penguin was destroyed.

The finally I saw it. It was a shadow person that was banished but trying to get back it. He was able to get into my son’s dreams. This shadow person had all intentions to kill my son and I. They truly are no joke.

Luna and I were able to pianist him to across the street but I needed help. That is when @Keteriya, @anon39079500 and @ReyCuervo came in to help.

Norse900 is the real MVP of this whole event. Here’s all that he did for me.

My Shadow(nomicon) journey begins (Completed) - #103 by anon39079500

I am forever and a day thankful for him.

Like I said I am experienced and I have battled some tough things. My home is like a safe when I comes to protection and super hard to brake into. This shadow person wanted my son and I so badly that it kept finding loop holes and ways in.

If I didn’t ask for help I am 100% sure that I wouldn’t be in the condition I am in right now.

The morale of the story is no matter how good you think you are. How much protection and skills you have something can always get to you and your loved ones.

Learn all the basics for cleansing, banishing and wards as you learn magick.

If you get into true ask for help. There is always someone that is experienced in what your are struggling in and will be able to help you.


Wasn’t expecting that. Any time, my friend.


I was a crazy experience thank you so much for helping out the way that you did. It could have been way worse then some spooks and activities in the place.


I feel you. I deal with one this days. I get even scratches on my back and nightmares.
I was thinking on Pazuzu and now Luna. But i have a feeling that Pazuzu will do the job

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Luna is amazing just to have too. I’m keeping her active until I move in the beginning of the year just because of where this place is. I noticed my kid is sleeping a lot better since adding her to my banishment Arsenal.


Are you sure wasn’t a shadow guide?some of them are dead Ancestors who embraced the dark side


To leave a red paint cover knife in my kids room. No it was malicious. You can read Norse’s experience with it too.


Bump listen to her, she is such a protector, thank you, and a big shout out to @ReyCuervo, @anon39079500, @Keteriya, and @DarkestKnight, who all helped me. Thank you, and the BALG family


You are so welcome.
As long as you learned from the experience that is what is most important.


Very much so, no more finding strange symbols online that are not trusted, or I didn’t make my own


They wouldn’t feel anything like a shadow person or look like one.


And I would think they would speak to me and not be all creepy I want to kill you.


Thanks for the warnings (about evil spirits being no joke) even if we think we’re well protected. :+1:


That’s why I wanted to share this. We were almost going to be the plot line of a Hollywood Horror movie.

I think my greatest advice is just be care even in the little things like scanning or even readings.


I could make a movie of what happened to me. Honestly, I want to take a test w/some advanced technology so people would know I’m not lying. I’m talking crazy, out of this world type of stuff. Very, very nasty, dark stuff.

*technology stuff ~ I know there are machines that can determine if one is making stuff up or recalling it from memory

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You recived that because a reading?
I hope it wasn’t my fault :expressionless:

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No it was scanning someone with parasites to see what they were and a shadow person was sent.


I believe it.

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Greetings. Good to hear that you and your child are ok. I had some things happening to me after i joined that group. One of the things that happend was that i was talking with a friend and we heard like random 3 knocks on the door. But we were home alone… idk was kinda wierd lol.


Yea it could also just me normal paranormal activity too. This shadow person was very aggressive and really strong/hard to banish.

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