A banishing dilema

A friend of mine lives in a flat with her neice who is a teenager when the neice was little she could see ghosts which faded as she got older 10 years on she has started seeing ghosts in the flat one of which is a frightening looking woman who keeps sticking her tongue out at her and more recently has started to make her or persuade her to do things she doesn’t want to do. Also a certain amount of poltergeist activity is happening and now that it’s trying to influence her its getting dangerous
Her aunt is a jehovahs witness and they have refused help …So i was thinking of the vinassa banishing ritual on the JOS WEB SITE and do it straight after the full moon when the days and planetary hours are favourable
Has anyone anything to add that I may be able to take into account all thought gratefully received Thanks


I would do s basic banish and cleanse the individuals, just a salt bath should be fine. They can use scented Epsom salts that’ll do.

You could also try talking to the old woman and asking what her problem is, and tell her to stop messing with the kid. Whatever happens to her after that is on her, she had fair warning.


I have nothing much to add at this time, but I do have questions:

  • If your niece is truly being haunted by this, and her aunt is a Jehova’s Witness, does her aunt believe it to be true or is she in the typical denial mindset?
  • How do you intend to perform this banishment from outside the home when the aunt is against the offer of help?

If the aunt is unwilling to allow you to help, perhaps you could charge some sigils/charms and hide them in the home to assist. But I do not believe it is a good idea to attempt banishment from outside the home, no matter what anyone says. In my experience I have NEVER seen it work.

Jehova’s Witnesses tend to lean heavily on the Christian idea of the creator god which, as I am sure you know, is completely WRONG on every level. So this is touchy and you may end up making enemies out of your friends.


Banishing might not help. Your niece might be causing this activity at least the poltergeist part. Those with stronger natural psychic abilities around puberty and into their teens can often manifest such things unconsciously to vent excess energy. The ghost might be a thoughtform or entities attracted to this greater concentration of energy. You should first ascertain for sure the cause of these events as if it is your niece similar events might just keep happening until it dies down or she learns to control it.


I have found you can remotely perform an energetic banishing (or any spiritual banishing you choose to use, on a person or space-imagine it’s being done around them instead of you) if you either have knowledge of the person so that your mind knows who you are directing it to you, or if you can follower their energy backwards from say a user name like you might to give a tarot reading online.

I like to use the sword banishing on people who are aware I do this and are at a distance from me.

If you don’t feel confident doing this you can send a spirit to do it, but depending on the persons beliefs they may pray against the type of entity you choose or otherwise have protections that make it more difficult to do, even though it’s well intended.

Archangel Michael comes to mind but there’s many protective entities.

I’ve also have sent Luna (from this above link) to individuals who didn’t believe they could summon her themselves, or for someone trying to help a loved who whose eyes seemed to be closed to the issue.

Luna specializes in protection and shielding and warding and removing/killing parasites that can’t be sent away, repurposed or otherwise removed.

She was deigned to be used by those who have no idea they have a problem and as such she can usually figure out to navigate through an individuals defense systems in a manner that is not detrimental to the individual, particularly when they are inflicting self harm or not strong enough to help themselves.

Sometimes she needs sent repetitively over the course of several days to eradicate a deep seated issue. This seems to particularly true when the individual is feeding the issues with their responses and unaware of it.

I can’t speak as to which method would be the most effective for you, I would personally choose the one from everyone’s suggestions that feels like it had the best of odds of success or get a reading asking something like how should I handle this situation.


Thanks for that @Mulberry we will start with that although auntie is “jehovahs witness” she is becoming vary scared at the moment but it is living proof as to how when someone in that cursed religion needs help all of a sudden all help dissipates to nothing.
And yet being on this site with all the supposed "bad " people according to christianity I have in 12 hours recieved a lot of very useful and useable advise from @Eldred_Darkthorn and @anon97554939
We are definitely in the right place thank you all very Much will post on the final outcome when it arrives


If it were just poltergeist activity I wouldn’t worry much at all because teenagers ouija boards all that energy floating around I have been used to that for years. What is different here for me is the entity is now trying to influence this girl who has no idea how to protect herself .


The entity might be a thoughtform she unconsciously created. If that is the case banishing will not do anything as her unconscious will likely just manifest another instance of the entity. This is why you need to do some information gathering to determine the true cause of things. If it is an entity attracted by the psychic activity or a thoughtform she created and use that information to inform your next action.

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Very glad you brought this into the conversation. You raise a really good and valid point.

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