Dangers with Demons (King Paimon Experience)

Hey everyone, so I had a question about an experience I recently had with King Paimon, which leads me to an overarching question about demons in general.
So I practice demon magick and different forms of black magick in general, and generally found working with demons to be safe, though chaotic. Though I will admit the circle of demons I actually do work with is small in comparison to the demons that are out there. The ones I work with typically fall within the realms of the more mainstream ones who are considered trustworthy (Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan, Satan, Lilith, etc). But recently I did a working with King Paimon for the first time. It was an evocation without any protection because I was under the belief that demons don’t take advantage of you if you show them the proper respect (Daemonolatry). I showed an immense amount of respect to King Paimon, giving him an extravagant offering that was what I felt he put into my mind as a request. And I just enjoyed being with his presence after he had answered my request (the request being certain information about the path. He answered me almost instantly!) But then strange things started to happen… Almost instantly after the ritual there were creepy synchronicities, along with an overarching feeling of dread, like something was around every corner of my room. I could feel King Paimon’s energy becoming very sinister. During the ritual and after, I had no fear of the entity that could cause such feelings or synchronicities. I went in with an approach of complete respect and positivity towards him, and yet King Paimon’s energy turned into that of something like that of a horror movie! And I wasn’t sure why… I then watched a pick a card reading where the reader claimed that there was a “snake in my circle”. That there was someone who wasn’t who they said they were. After a while I could tell this was King Paimon. Something about his energy became incredibly creepy and sinister. So I did what intuitively felt right and called my patron deity Odin to help me out. IMMEDIATLEY Odin’s energy came in and restricted King Paimon’s. It was very powerful, and the horrible feeling went away super quickly. I communicated with Odin about it and I felt him telling me that not every demon is a demon you want to trust. Some are completely untrustworthy, despite certain teachings like in Daemonolatry.
So I say all this to ask, are there demons that you want to watch out for? Any bad ones in particular that you can’t quite commune with without protection? Again, I’m not afraid to work with a demon if I feel their intensions are helpful to me and they are trustworthy. But I feel that that experience was meant to teach me that some truly cannot be trusted. What are your experiences with this question and what are some of your answers? I would love to hear them!


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no one or thing or entity can be trusted completely. not even your flesh and blood family. always side on safety caution working with the unknown.

The demon you evoke might not even be paimon. could be imposter.


I’ve evoked almost daily, frequently multiple times in a single day. Never had an experience like this. I’ve worked with King Paimon mostly for others, so I’m not a fanboy or anything. I don’t use rings of protection. I only claim my ritual space (the backyard).

Did.you call on a trusted entity to verify it was Paimon that came? Almost sounds like a test of sorts, though what kind, I’m not sure.


I’ve worked with King Paimon for nearly two years now and have learned that he is a great teacher of many things… Now not all demons are workable to ones own workings and things can just not mesh well with each other. Then again like what was stated earlier it may have been an imposter as King Paimon. You can always try to evoke King Paimon again and see if it was really him the first time around. Maybe he just had a lesson for you to learn out of this experince like facing things you may fear deep down inside of yourself…


I didn’t call upon a spirit to verify it, so it very well could have been an imposter. However, a seemingly advanced practitioner on YouTube known as Tomb of Scarab had a similar experience: Story time | Dangers of not doing Rituals Alone! (King Paimon and Anubis) - YouTube Granted, his experience was after a little while of working with him. Mine was right off the bat.

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Could be! Thank you!

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I don’t know if I quite believe that. I trust Odin and Lucifer with my life. They’ve never let me down, as well as all the spirits I mentioned in the post that I work with regularly.

This was my first guess based on your post. You had false contact.

The King Paimon I Know if he doesn’t like you he simply won’t entertain you. IF you offended the REAL King Paimon you’d most certainly know it. Little creepy feelings of dread and such are trademarks of parasites, tricksters and imposters…

If King Paimon wanted to smoke you you’d be smoked.

If you irritated him mildly he may give you a lesson or good dressing down.

That’s what I think.

Always Banish before the ritual to have a psychically sterile environment for the actual spirit you intend to make contact with. That’s be my advice.


Now that I think about it, that’s what it seems like it is! Maybe I should try again but with a better sequence of ritual steps with a little bit more research added.

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Just to echo others, I would personally question if you got the right entity, and try evoking again. I don’t personally use other entities to verify entities- but if you’re not sure your discernment is top notch that is a fine way to go. I don’t use circles but I do banish/shield and ward my home and self. Another option, if your communication is not crystal clear with the trusted entities, is a servitor I created to aid with this. I’ll link it for you, she banishes, wards and will ensure you only get the entities you intend to get, if you evoke her prior to evoking anything else.

The only caution I have is to be clear your intention is to evoke the real Paimon, and not necessarily the one you got previously. If you intend to evoke the entity you previously were unsure of, she will assume that is the one you intend to get and allow it to enter your space, but if you intend to evoke the true Paimon, she won’t let anything else enter your space, including whoever it was, if you were mislead originally.


Some entities are just not a good match for you, just as people.
After I watched the movie hereditary, I am scared as sh… of Paimon and I am not easily scared lol.
I would try someone else, don’t force someone to like you. Goes for people and demons

Funny that this same movie made me lose fear of King Paimon haha

I was somewhat afraid of King Paimon and one day a person who had zero idea that I’m into the occult nor even dreamt King Paimon is real called me out of the blue after we haven’t been talking for months and invited me to watch hereditary.
I had no idea it was about King Paimon, the sigil at the beginning just felt familiar and I felt drawn to it but wasn’t making any connections. On the morning after that night while waking up I heard many men chanting in vibrato on my left side and a whispering close to my right ear. I stopped being afraid of him, quite the opposite I got closer to him.


That scene with the mirror…uhm…
Great movie though.

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you want scary? you should watch asian horror. lol

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Yeah man korean and philippines horror is great stuff. Real different than ours

Paimon can very well hurt you if he wishes, I’ve never had issues with him personally, I think this was an impostor